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Two visions indeed

Originally Posted on The Blog of Progress

Yes tonight has definitely defined the State of our Union. While one speech dealt with Climate Change, a $9.00 Minimum Wage, Immigration Reform, and Gun Control. Another speech touched upon the finer points in life such as beleaguered rich people, no  taxes, and another rote defense of the “ 2nd Amendment. Today’s State of the Union speeches have shown two clearly different visions of our times. The evening has also clearly shown that not only are there two different visions but there is one path that is completely out of step and out of touch not just with America but with reality in general.

Tonight was a night of ideology. President Obama was but a simple mouthpiece of what could potentially be something greater. Yes we all know that this President is not the “harbinger of Progressive change”. Yes its true his foreign policy is a nightmare (mainly because it a replay of the Bush Administration). Yet tonight at least in rhetoric a couple of interesting themes emerged. Climate Change! The words sounded alien at first and we all half expected a third eye to appear on the President’s forehead. Climate change has not been acknowledged in Washington nor discussed in centuries. Yes the words free market solution were unfortunately tied to it. Yes the Green Capitalist engines are already licking their chops to make money off saving the Earth, but all cynicism aside to hear the words Climate Change coming from an American President was an astounding moment. (that sure enough was downplayed by the Corporate Media) still it lays out an idea which will gain more traction in the coming years and if a more Progressive Administration can seize the day in 2016 it can be something truly special.

Another interesting pathway to the future is a $9.00 minimum wage increase. Now granted this far from perfect but it would be a great immediate boost to stagnant wages. This will also pressure the states into raising their own minimum wages which end up raising overall salaries of all workers involved. The second interesting point is to potential for future purposes connect the Minimum wage increases with the cost of living. This is interesting in that if such a proposal would have been enacted, the income gap we see today would have never occurred. The bold attempt at some gun control is also a positive path for future change as is the long coming immigration reform which will help create a path to citizenship for many.

With every point there is a counterpoint. Enter Marco Rubio. The rising star and apparently very thirsty for power. Rubio once again showed more of the same a Cuban Mitt Romney with a faux hardluck story., the perfect way to humanize a Republican. Unfortunately the man lacks any speaking ability, contradicted himself numerous times first by railing on government, then praising it when it helps (surprise) his family or himself (the typical I got mine screw you mentality). The New Messiah failed in just about every aspect. He did not speak of any ground breaking progressive ideas, instead filled his speech with the same rhetoric of ,save the wealthy, kill the government (but not before you live off it yourself) oh and Business Uber Alles. Marco Rubio is nothing more than a Spanish Speaking Romney. The people of this Nation have been presented with a vision alright, that the Conservatives in this Nation have no vision nor do they care for the future generations to come. Instead they are too busy trying to get theirs while they can.

So there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen. The State of our Union. Two competing speeches. Two competing agendas for the heart of the Nation. Yet only one agenda showed any progress, only one agenda dares to take a correct path. The Conservatives in this Nation have failed once more and their path towards Regression continues full speed ahead.


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  •  Tip Jar (10+ / 0-)

    -Alberto Pupo The Blog Of Progress

    by Alberto Pupo on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 09:30:43 PM PST

  •  Rubio's speech was nothing but (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Lujane, LeftHandedMan, Linda1961

    Strawmen, excuses to Not Do Anything Ever, and empty generalizations w/o a clue on how to make them actually happen.

    Some of the strawmen were extremely bizarre as Rubio often accused the President of ignoring things that were mentioned in detain in the SotUS. The empty generalizations sounded pathetic in contrast to the list of specific bills and issues PBO tasked Congress to resolve.

    But the message of "Nothing Can Be Done So Give UpAll Hope" was the worst part of a horrible speech. The country is sick and tired of being told it sucks and is too inept to fix its own problems.

    Also... did I mention this bad speech was delivered with a few odd quirks? Those didn't help.

  •  Marco Rubio the Man vs Marco Rubio the Myth (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Syoho, rhedfish

    played out like Jindal the Man vs. Jindal the Myth.

    The reality is that Rubio is no visionary leader and no brave man who speaks truth to power. He's a hack. He's afraid to deviate from the same rhetoric that the rest of the GOP is slavishly devoted to spouting. Teality being bad for the Myth is good for the American people.

    Rubio is overrated. Period. The more you see of him, the more you see he's a creature of the beltway and Movement Conservatism's imagination. Fact of the matter is, the beltway and the wingnuts are in love with the idea of Marco Rubio. For the GOP, and the Village, the fantasy of a conservative who is both a serious man of substance and of color is more important than it being true.

    Time and time again, the myth is good enough for the guardians of our discourse and the Movement Conservative Bullshit Industrial Complex, but people who are not castrati or kool ade drinkers have reality staring them right in the face.

    Rubio is an overhyped paint-by-numbers Movement Conservative hack who happens to be a member of a sub section of a greater community of color that the GOP is in dire trouble with because of the GOP itself.

    There is this idea, this idiotic and silly idea, that if you take a person of color and have them spout the same tired RW talking points that white wingnuts spout, that person sharing the ethnic background of a targeted demographic will magically become persuadable.

    To win a GOP primary for President, Rubio has to essentially be a Bircher of Color. Appeal to communities of color that the GOP has pissed all over and pissed off, and the crazies who demand the pissing be done.

    Good luck with that.

    Also, the Village loves a vapid gaffe.

    Rubio's water show will be like Jindal's Kenny the Page demeanor. Easy to repeat as it is to mock.

    He might as well have loudly farted and paused for 30 seconds waving his hand around before starting to speak again.

    Nobody is happier tonight than Jeb Bush.

    Rubio must look like great VP bait.

    I am from the Elizabeth Warren and Darcy Burner wing of the Democratic Party

    by LeftHandedMan on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 10:31:30 PM PST

  •  The only thing I took from Rubio's speech (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    was that it could have been lifted fro any random episode of Hannity from 2009. More of the same vacuous horsesh** that "Obama wants [X]" and "Obama thinks [Y]" and "Obama believes in [Z]" that has no basis in reality, and makes even less sense to anyone who listened to the address Obama just finished giving.

    Republicans are just mailing it in at this point, reading the same script from the same ongoing improv act, pulling the string on the same See-N-Say thety've been using for four years. They are, in more sense than one, a broken record.

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