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Cruelty is to stupid as Dick Cheney is to Sarah Palin.

Of all the things I have heard liberals called, cruel is not one of them.

But Conservatives revel in cruelty towards 'the other' be they the poor, the less fortunate, women, minorities, Americans in need and pretty much anyone who doesn't conform to the Republicaaner world view.

So I had to laugh when I saw this at, which is but a small snippet of James Carville stating the obvious . . .

Speaking on Morning Joe, Carville offered this pithy assessment of the problem Republicans face regarding the sequester.
   James Carville: The sequester, many people don't know what it is, but it sounds stupid and cruel, so they think it's a Republican thing."
We must CUT ALL THE SPENDING! This is the corner the far right has painted itself into, but now that their precious runaway bloated military spending is at risk those same CUT ALL THE SPENDING wingnuts are now making the claim that, get this, too much spending cuts might actually hurt the economy and cost America jobs!

This is what John Boehner demanded as part of getting 98% of what he wanted back in the Summer of 2011 so he could drag out this GOP cutting ourselves fetish on and on and on, ever seeking more concessions. And now this is all Obama's fault. The cuts are Obama's fault AND not being serious about making cuts is Obama's fault. Brilliant, is it not?

It's not. It is stupid.

See the puzzle logic? Wingnuts insist on cuts, cuts, cuts, then ADMIT that said cuts might hurt jobs and the overall economy. Then why the obsession with cuts? You just admitted too much might hurt the economy, but you are demanding that thing that you admit can hurt the economy?!?! Sounds stupid, doesn't it?

And then there is cruelty. Republican humor boils down to laughing at someone while you are kicking them when they are down. They support torture gleefully, they think nothing of cutting programs that help children, the poor, the hungry, the weakest people in society, many of whom have been made weaker due to low wages and rapacious corporate greed, those people can piss off, they are not True Republicans. The GOP has condensed into its' own brand of elitism, a special brand of white privilege, and the first oath one must swear is to repeat whatever the GOP talking point of the day, no matter how little sense it makes. The Sequester is one of those kind of things that makes zero sense other than it exhibits plainly the Republican intent to protect their cash cows like tax cuts for the rich, corporate welfare and military spending while enacting cruel and mindless spending cuts to everything in the budget that doesn't directly funnel tax dollars into the preferred pockets of the biggest GOP campaign donors. It doesn't make sense unless you are capable of the mental gymnastics and doublethink required to be a Republican in 2013. We must have cuts now across the board and if we do it will ruin the economy, that is what the GOP is saying.


So cutting the military budget will hurt jobs and the economy, but cutting school budgets does not. Right. Gotcha. Republicans are saying we MUST cut social security, but if we cut our bloated global war machine it will hurt jobs and the economy. At this point I believe the GOP knows pushing their ideas will only further hurt the economy to enrich the already wealthy, this creating outrage that they can direct at a certain Kenyan Socialist, so they have every incentive to fuck things up on purpose, and thus we see the stupidity ad cruelty in all of it's finest, purest wingnuttiest glory, because the cuts that Republicans are demanding have nothing to do with 'creating jobs' or 'growing the economy', it has everything to do with killing programs that benefit working class Americans so they can be privatized and turned into slush funds for our financial oligarchy. Republicans are saying that ALL of the cuts should come from social programs and non of the cuts should be made to our runaway military budget, and that if we cut the military budget it will hurt jobs but if we cut social programs it will not hurt jobs because of magic or something. We need suffering, the GOP is saying, and the weakest among us shall bear all of that suffering while the richest among us will get tax breaks. Riiiight.

You know what is cruel and stupid? Cutting programs for those in need and then shifting the tax burden off of the rich and onto the poor people who have no money. Then Republicans can whine about the economy and the need for 'growth'. The problem with the economy is that millions of working class people are working and struggling and still going broke, people are suffering,a nd the GOP in this Sequestration hootananny is saying we should punish the poor in order to enrich the rich, and that we must lose everything else that makes America a great place to live in order to keep our never ending wars. Cruel and stupid. Republicans are not trying to fix the economy, they are trying to rig it, which creates outrage that they use to blame on Government itself and evil liberal democrats.

This whole Sequestration kerfuffle is a farce, pure shock doctrine baloney, another politically constructed quasi-crisis that will necessitate another 11th hour deal where Republicans demand the same policies that failed under George W Bush only taken to an even more extreme point and Democrats are expected to acquiesce in some way for the good of the nation.

Cruel and stupid. It doesn't have to make sense, do liberals hate it? Is it the opposite of what Obama said yesterday? Military cuts bad, social safety net cuts good. Because. What are you, some kind of commie?


    Rant off

The floor is now yours.


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