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Black and white photo of abandoned insane asylum
Future home of 210 million Americans.
Last week I retired Saturday Hate mail-a-palooza. Turns out conservatives are so dejected over their electoral and demographic impotence that they're tuning out.

In its stead, I'm testing a new feature—the Saturday Nutpick-a-palooza. For those of you who don't know, "nutpicking" is the art of finding stupid things people say on internet comment boards. And boy, conservatives deliver a treasure trove of material to work with. So head below the fold for this pilot edition, and let me know if I should pick up the series.

Let's start with bona fide nut Erik Rush:

We won’t know for certain until May, but given the history of the [American Psychiatric Association], I believe Americans have reason to be afraid. I believe that we shall see an increasing incidence of sinister provisions in Obamacare coming to light, and conflict within the medical and legal communities as to the government’s latitude in these areas.

In the area of mental illness, given the administration’s totalitarian bent, this could mean an era of atrocities galore. Have you ever suffered from anxiety? Depression? Had “anger issues?” Have you ever been treated for drug addiction or alcoholism? Had trouble sleeping? Any of these and a host of others might be used as a pretext for one’s designation as a mental defective. One might suddenly discover that due to some benign neurosis or psychological episode, perhaps in their distant past, their constitutional rights have been nullified overnight.

Such individuals may be detained by the government for an indeterminate length of time, “assessed,” and designated as suffering with some form of mental illness. They might then find themselves barred from owning or possessing a firearm, or obtaining driver’s or pilots licensees. Perhaps they will not be allowed to serve in the military or law enforcement, to work in government service, schools, day care centers, hospitals or medical clinics. And forget ever surviving an employment background check that requires security clearance [...]

In the case of those who pose the most dire threat to Obama’s designs – Christians – these will certainly be targeted. After all, who more demonstrably epitomizes mental instability in the eyes of the Marxist atheist than those who commune with and rely upon that which is unseen? To the Marxist, God is no more real than Elwood’s “Harvey,” and even more antiquated than the Constitution.

Damn! He's on to the FACT that something MAY happen with some organization that MIGHT have something to do with Obamacare that COULD potentially mean something or other that WILL DEFINITELY mean the round up of the 70 percent of Americans who call themselves Christians, all 210 million of them, to slam them into asylums. Sure, that would be a hell of a lot of asylums that would have to be built, and kind of a stretch for an administration that has fight to get its conservative Republican confirmed as secretary of state ... but nothing is impossible in the name of atheistic muslimhood!

But no matter how crazy something might be on the internet, the comments will always up the ante.

I have no doubt that Christians are the reason for Marxism not taking a more solid foothold in America. Jesus said He would establish His Church and hell shall not prevail against it. Considering that Jesus can keep hell from attacking us, it's a given that the use of the DSM-V holds even less power. Glory to God!

However, it will not always be that way. When Believers are taken from here in the Rapture, all hell will, literally, break loose. Being labeled with a "mental illness" will be the least of anyone's problems. Even if one is accounted mentally ill for praying to an unseen God, faith in Jesus is the only thing that will save anyone. Turn to Him while it is yet "today".

The scare quotes around "today" are the cherry on top!
He is both a "christian" (small "c") and a "muslim," (small "m"). As a New Ager, he can be both, in his own mind. Actually, he is neither so he is deceiving the Muslims even as he uses them to destroy the Christian West. He will eventually destroy Muslim civilization, also, because they will not worship him. As the Chicago New Age High Priestess, Whopper Nfries, said, "He is The One." The Ain'tIChrist.
He's a christian, muslim, New Ager (capitalized!) ... and an atheist? That Obama sure is multi-talented! Or schizophrenic.
At the top of the list of atrocities committed by Obama and his regime is the picking of who is or is not an enemy of America, and the sending of our sons and daughters to battle and sometimes to die to literally strengthen radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. The regime even provides arms to the enemy used to fight our military and neither Congress or the people do anything to stop it.

The Marxist/Communist takeover seems beyond the point at which it can or will be reversed.

Yup, too late. Things were lost when it became Obama's job to decide who was and wasn't our enemies, as opposed to Dick Cheney. Sigh. No reason to vote in 2014. Or beyond.
Mr. Rush, I don't think we need be unduly alarmed by the changes you anticipate in DSM-5. Yes, the APA has been unduly influenced by what they perceive as changes in social norms. However, those members, there should be many, who recognize these changes as being mere leftist political maneuvering and superficial, should also recognize the social destructiveness of these aberrations.

Those who have families will surely recognize that homosexuality leads to pedophilia and pedophilia leads to even lower abominable practices which are lower than even animals.
They're very likely now aware of what the atheist left has wrought- hell on earth.
But I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

Who knew Rick Santorum commented on internet forums?
I'm a God fearing, Bible toting, gun owning, Conservative voting, United States military veteran........I'm f--ked.
For more reasons than you can count ...
Great column as usual Eric! DHS has already judged Tea Partiers, Ron Paul supporters, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr and returning vets as “terrorists” so why not include all conservative Christian gun owners. We are in the battle of our lives and only the righteous will prevail.
Then you truly are f--ked!
Erik-Exactly correct. The elites get to classify anyone they want out of the way as mentally ill. Then they can do what they want with the "mentals" and what they want to do with the country. Napolitano in April 2009 labeled Christians who believe in biblical values like being against abortion or homosexual marriage as "right wing extremists." That means you're "mental." God, please help us all!
Hurricanes have screwed with the last two Republican conventions. I don't think god wants to help your team.
Christianity separated the man from the mass out of a duty to God. All life, and the attendant liberty attached to it, belong to our Creator. In this country, the God given rights of the citizen supersede the laws of the state. Of course Christianity is the avowed enemy of a totalitarian state. Liberty does not come from government.
I've yet to meet a theocrat who truly believes in that "liberty" thing, unless you're talking the "liberty" to believe what they believe, and nothing else.
The fact of the matter is that “birds of the feather flock together”. Masochistic Miscreants flock with others of their kind and feed off those who are oblivious to the fact that these individuals even exist. The sad part is that the “Christian Community” seems to also be oblivious to their existence and suffer under their control even though The Word has numerous expositions of their existence and is clear about how to deal with them, and putting them in positions of authority is considered to be, at the very least, folly of the most deadly kind.
As far as the Psychiatric associations are concerned, many of those associations consider Christians to be mentally ill, and therefore they are free to experiment on them or to eliminate them as a class “for the good of the children”. There is a place for those who consider others inferior, but that place should not be promoted in this country.
Miscreants write “history” books to satisfy their objectives, and then other miscreants make sure that we have to pay obscene prices for those books so that the children in the “public” “Schools” can be programmed to accept miscreants and their ways.
Those who fail to accept their ways are "mentally handicapped".
I thought I was fluent in wingnut, but woo-boy! I think the "Masochistic miscreants" are gay people, and the psychiatric associations that consider Christians to be mentally ill are a figment of Glenn Beck's imagination. But I'm not sure why the miscreants would price their history books obscenely high if the goal is to program the populace. You'd think they would price them at a reasonable, affordable level. Anyone figure this out?

So there you have it. Let me know if I should make this a regular feature.


What should I do with the Saturday Nutpick-a-palooza?

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