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Gun Owners of America, an outfit even more nuts than the NRA, is very worried. Their President Larry Pratt appeared on the Talk to Solomon Show along with crazy conservative blogger Greg W. Howard to warn Stan Solomon's listeners that President Obama is working on a dastardly plan. He maintains the President will soon begin confiscating guns in order to provoke a violent response in the mold of Waco or Ruby Ridge, all to justify further oppression. Solomon went him one further and insisted that the President will begin recruiting an army of scary black people to engage in a race war with good upstanding white folks. Hundreds of thousands of white people will be thrown into weapon-free prison zones and presumably forced to learn Ebonics.

Some highlights:

Pratt: Obama's stated objective in the '08 campaign was to have a civilian force equal in strength to the military. And so this buying of guns is wholesale and the buying of ammunition in astronomical amounts indicates that the Obama Administration is proceeding apace with that goal in mind. Now if they really want to provoke a violent confrontation, I can't think of a better way that to try to go door to door to confiscate guns.

Solomon: I believe they will put together a racial force to go against an opposite race resistance, basically a black force to go against a white resistance, and then they will claim anyone resisting the black force they are doing it because they are racist.

Howard: You may be right because he has been sowing the seeds of racial hatred; we were healing quite well as a nation on racial issues until Obama came along and now we have a lot of racial discord.

If Obama can take your guns away he can take your car, he can take your home, he can take your bank account, he can take your very life.

Pratt: I do agree that the Obama administration would definitely be capable of something as evil as you were suggesting.

Did you get all that? First of all, all those people buying guns and ammunition? Liberals (blacks) and the President himself! Further, President Obama has been covertly sowing the seeds of racial hatred by having the audacity to get elected while being black. Why, we were doing just dandy getting along with our black folks until one of them got so damned uppity as to steal the election away from that American hero John McCain and his hotty side-kick Sarah Palin.

And we all know if those blacks steal an inch they will steal a ding dang mile. Obama may be stupid but he is cagy. He knows he will need an army of darkness to achieve his nefarious goals of confiscating your Dodge Ram and your joint Christmas accounts. You won't even be able to hide in your house. They are going to get that too and there goes the neighborhood.

Remember back when Bush was President and the wingnuts went on and on about what they called Bush Derangement Syndrome? It is true, the man drove me nuts. I literally couldn't stand to even look at him. However, if I ended up deranged as a result, I was driven there. These people started out deranged and have taken it to a whole new level.

Originally posted to Steven Payne on Fri Feb 22, 2013 at 04:05 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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