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     I'm glad to be back on Daily Kos. For My first diary entry, I am formally declaring war upon the 2013 version of the Republican party, to include the Tea Party, the Birther movement, Fox news, the myriad loud-mouth leeches that identify with them, and any fantasy-based idiot that believe the millions of stupid internet rumors that float around. now, more than ever, we Liberal Progressives, who voted for change and want to see this country moving forward, have to fight this scourge head-on.

    I am a huge believer in the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King. It was his belief in the power of non-violence to change the world. He stood up for the rights of Black people, and was able to build a coalition of people of every race and creed to stand up for the rights of the oppressed people of color. he is a worldwide hero, and he deserves every accolade ever given to him.

and, right now, his model of protest is completely unsuited for America 2013.

     While Liberals have made strides to make the country equal and fair (electing our first Black president, coming close to electing our first female president, legalizing same-sex marriage, keeping abortion safe and legal, embracing immigrants and finding ways to make the illegal ones legal, expanding programs for the poorest among us,) the Right wing, and every racist, sexist, homophobic, uber-christian that affiliates with  them, has slowly rotted this country.
     The Republican-led state houses of several states have done everything within their power to roll back a woman's right to choose (even going so far as to declare life beginning before a woman has intercourse.) they have slashed the social safety net to the point that it creates more poverty than it solves. they have openly discussed the cruelest ways in which to deal with immigration (electrified fences,) and demonized Latinos as some sort of invading menace. they have denied gay couples the rights that straights have enjoyed ( and abused) for centuries, then picket dead soldiers' funerals to protest even more. they have created such fear of black people that now we've seen high-profile deaths and "stand your ground" laws.  they protested the health care law with hidden (and not-so-hidden) racist signs and slogans aimed squarely at our president. they do this under the guise of "loving America" more than the "Commie-Pinko, Stalin-loving,  Liberal Hollywood Elite," that is bashed night in and night out on their favorite propaganda machine Fox "news." and for years now, Liberals have sat silently, protesting and sitting in, politely fighting fire with flowers, OK in the knowledge that we were right and they were wrong.

No More.

if we are ever going to move this country into the direction of peace and prosperity, we need to get very dirty and as ugly as the other side. the time for polite debate amongst equals has passed. these people mean to make the country into a 1950's utopia, even if it never was. the time has come to confront these people, armed with logic and facts, and to give them exactly what the deserve; a mirror.

Liberals fought for civil rights, not conservatives!
Liberals fought for equal rights for women, not conservatives!
Liberals embrace anyone willing to work hard and succeed, regardless where they're from, not conservatives!
Liberals believe love has no color or gender, and that a committed gay couple is as important and vital to this country as a committed straight couple!
Liberals believe that education, not fantasy, will make our country better, not conservatives!
guns don't make you a patriot, it makes to scared!
The Tea party is a racist organization funded by big business to fight against their own well-being. they are ignorant, and shouldn't be treated like they're a movement!
Creationism isn't science. it is a way to bypass the separation of church and state!
Corporations aren't people! and, they need to pay their fair share, and stop hiding behind the "job creators" label!

I may be talking to myself, alone against the tide. but i will not allow my beliefs to be defined by people that proclaim to love this country more than me. the Right's Freedom of speech doesn't stop mine, and i will not be silent anymore. They have been begging for this fight since at least President Clinton's time in office.

It's time to give it to them.

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