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The Conspiracy to Commit Sequestration:
Its now less than 48 hours left before the United States triggers arbitrary budget cuts that funds the government. The clock is ticking louder by the moment. If everyone plays their roles per instructions, the grand scheme should go off without a hitch. "Operation Sequestration" is about to be activated against "We the People".

The plan has been hatched, the spin has been spun and they now sit in the situation room to watch. Will the suckers buy it they wonder to themselves. If they don't, how loudly will they scream? Do we have a strong civil unrest response in place? Fringe thinking and whacky conspiracy chitter chatter you say? Maybe. But what the hell, lets have some fun at the expense of those living large at our expense.

We started our coverage of this Sequestration Bull Shit from the very premise of a grand conspiracy concocted between the White House and the GOP. We asked our audience to suspend the use of logic to contemplate the slim possibility of collusion. Considering the Obama administration and the GOP have yet to publicly agree on the time of day, the idea of these sworn combatants cooperating long enough to collaborate on a conspiracy seems ludicrous. But, therein lies the genious of the Con!

We think the backstabbing cowards are playing "We the People" with the most elaborately laid, time consuming, confidence performance in the history of the grifter's game. While 85 billion is no petty swindle, the slickest cons avoid sticker shock by not nailing the mark all at once. Gauging the mood and temperament of those still paying attention through constant polling, they must have determined the docile dolts were finally fooled enough to be fleeced. Those responsible for easing the first tranche of austerity measures in through the backdoor have succeeded.

Defying warnings from nearly every respected global economic analyst, the United States will bullheadedly force-feed America "job killing" austerity measures the rest of the world is rejecting. In our opinion, failing to develop and deliver viable growth options, the United States' leadership and legislators simply disguised and or repackaged said austerity measures to be sold as Sequestration.

Hey, we couldn't help ourselves they'll disingenuously claim. Everybody knows by now we're dysfunctional, they can argue with genuine believability. If Barack Obama has to flash that million dollar smile or John Boehner starts wailing like a jailhouse bitch, they'll have the average Joe/Jane Sap in the palm of their hands. Still, we submit sequestration was always the backdoor to austerity.

Well aware most of Europe have shown their disgust for the harsh, inhumane, punishing and proven ineffective solution to their stubbornly sluggish economies, a government bankrupt of ideas and principles had no other options left but lies. Do we have any secret audio of a conference call between President Obama and John Boehner discussing how to scam the nation? Hell no! But anyone still having confidence in America's legislators will probably believe anything, so you might as well believe us too.

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    to Let It Happen.

    I can't wait to see if Democrats are going to respond as effectively as they over the 2000 election. I'm sure some are lining up their sternly worded letters now.

    When 1% take 121% of the gains from "recovery", people actually recovering from lost employment are trading down on wages and benefits. Current strategies by moderates don't even consider winning the Class War.

    by Words In Action on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 07:24:37 AM PST

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