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Even though it is recognized that the US legal system is based heavily on that of the UK as a Brit I would argue that yours is infinitely more complex and, unfortunately, full of weak links that compromise its ability to act as a truly independent judicial body that offers the citizens proper legal protections.

Inflammatory statement? I will go further..... Justice in the US is anything but blind, and has become a political and monied whorehouse best represented by the worst of a bad bunch - the SCOTUS.

I ain't just here to lob firebombs my US chums. Today, as I read in horror the latest greasy horrorshow determination made by the SCOTUS in respect of the Voting Rights Act, I would like to ask my US chums who have to live with this Keystone Kops Kourt and its decisions two questions:

1) Is there a mechanism by which the citizens of the US can impeach the SCOTUS for acting against its societal interests?
2) If there is, don't you think its time to do something about them?

Lets go for a stroll and a chat

In the UK the Bench, as we call the Judiciary, is not publicly elected in any way; has strict rules as to conduct that are rigorously enforced; may not profess political alignment or sympathies; must declare finances etc and is subject to strict rules on matters like stock ownership; and is subject to constant review by committees who monitor and review their determinations. Measures to strengthen these protection and regulation systems are constantly updated, in recent decades considerably so with the intent of making their appointments even less prone to politicians and their party whims.

Judges who breach rules are subject to severe censure, and can and do loose both position and profession (in the worst cases). Here is an example: Once upon a time not so long ago there was an utter asshat of a Judge called Pickles. In a rape case he stated in his judgement that it was in part the victims fault for dressing provocatively, and any woman who dressed so was asking for it. Result? Public outcry, shortly followed by his removal from the Bench....he was sacked in disgrace. Get caught having an affair? Sacked. Get caught holding undisclosed financial interests? Sacked. Speak at a political party rally or seminar? Sacked.

Yes they may dress up in pretty mad costumes and wear 18C wigs, yes they may be wrapped up in pomp and circumstance to an insane degree, and yes they may have to follow mad traditions like still wearing white gloves and carrying the "Black Cap" worn when delivering a death sentence into court despite the fact that capital punishment is now (largely) illegal. Yes they may be mostly old rich white guys. But at least they are legal professionals, strictly politically impartial, and actively monitored just in case.

Meanwhile, over in the US.....

When the SCOTUS ruled in Citizens United that corporations are people I expected heads to roll. errrr...... still waiting.

When Justice Thomas was caught playing fast and loose with his finances, and having a wife who was an active player in extreme right wing politics, and having accusations of sexual malpractice leveled against him I expected the hangman to come out and drop his sorry ass. Errrrr.....still waiting.

Justice Roberts  - dumped his Pfizer stock so he could determine cases involving Pfizer a few weeks later. Head on the block? Nope.

Scalia....well where do you begin with that douche? By his own words dripping with racist dog whistle phrases that come out of his flap whenever a journo is nearby he would have been long ago sacked by the UK Bench, let alone his laughably stupid political hackery dressed up as legal determinations.

But now.... The frickin Voting Rights Act?


To paraphrase the Joker.... THIS COURT NEEDS AN ENEMA

So.... back to the start.

Is there a mechanism to remove the asshats, and if there is, isn't it time to wield the headsman's axe?

Over to you my US chums.


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