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You know that creepy feeling you get when something is a bit out of place... a little unreal?  That's how I've been feeling.

A highly respected (and much-beloved by many of us) Daily Kos writer has been banned.  Not only was he banned, but his diary was deleted -- and not by him.  It is an extraordinary event when a diary is deleted by admins.  Because if a diarist doesn't delete their own piece, the only person who can remove it from public view is an administrator.

A question arose recently as to how often diaries are removed, and one of the administrative staff here replied:

Almost never. (6+ / 0-)

Only when something is just really vile. Usually multiple admins will confer.

Diarists delete their own diaries far more often. (In fact, I'm surprised how often diarists delete their own work.)

Frequently, banned users will then come and demand that we delete all their diaries; they want to take their marbles and go home. We almost always deny this request. The only time I can think of that we have done so was when the diaries were borderline child porn.

We also occasionally will edit a diary to remove a copyright violation or spam links. Usually the editor will leave a note in the text when that happens. Those diaries are not deleted.
by elfling on  Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 07:28:03 PM EST

The diary had around eight recs when I found the cached copy (now gone), and at that time it had only recommends and no fussing and fighting.  People went off to bed (including the diarist) when there were no hide-rates to the tip jar and no comments objecting to the content.  In the morning, the diarist found HRs and some arguments in the comments, replied to them, then suddenly found himself banned.  Shortly after that the diary disappeared.
  • None of his comments were hidden.
  • The diary was not hide-rated (though the tip jar was +14/-8).
  • The writer was banned.
  • Then the diary was deleted by an admin or admins.
  • No explanations have been forthcoming.
  • Those who presumably banned him have not replied to any queries from those of us who felt compelled to write questioning this extreme action.

This diarist has:
joined March 2, 2006
248 diaries

Common wisdom and advice call for a banned user to apologize for their misdemeanors (or felonies) and ask for reinstatement.  Since no reasons were given and no explanations made, how can this writer apologize?  One can't apologize for trespasses one hasn't been accused or even informed of.  (And I don't mean to imply the diarist feels he has anything to apologize for.  Just noting the absurdity of the rule under these circumstances.)

The diary appeared in that writer's own blog, so you can read it for yourselves if you have any doubts.

There is also this, from someone "explaining" the banning:

...blueness was banned because he attacked all who serve in the entire military, viciously and unjustifiably, and also because a forensic psychologist contacted the admins and offered a diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder. You’ll note that his last diary was deleted. Admins did that It was damaging to the site.
Who can possibly claim to make a credible psychiatric diagnosis by reading a writer's opinions on a blog?  Do they know what is hyperbole and what is not?  What is metaphor and what is not?  What is snark and what is not?  This strikes me as a shockingly reckless and spiteful act by a presumed professional.

So what is there to do?

Well... there's this:  If you are a fan of blueness,  you can rec this diary.  If you'd rather not rec me, or suspect this is just a ploy to boost my own mojo, you can write Admin requesting reinstatement.

As for blueness's writing, you can check his diaries and find out for yourself whether you appreciate it or not.  And please remember:  When a writer is given to using long, flowing, lyrical passages it's often a good time to take your time in reading them.  When a writer strategically uses links within his text, it's well worth checking them out.  When a writer uses fantastical phrases or references, it's a good time to consider not taking every word as fact but rather as imagery and license.

His most recommended diary was Walk This Way, which you can find here.  It's time well spent to also take a look at that.

We all have loves others can never understand.  Sometimes because they show us a side of themselves only in intimate moments, and sometimes because they speak to something that touches our soul in ways no one else does and many don't understand.  For me, this last was key in regard to blueness's diaries.  

Please note:
If you're not a fan of blueness, you needn't rec or comment.  This is not an invitation for debate.  It's simply an effort to get justice for a brilliant writer.  Because he was brilliant.  Because he was a fierce warrior against racism and senseless violence.  Because he spoke the truth even when it was dangerous.  Because he expressed his opinions, whether agreeable or not, vividly and in moving terms.

Please be aware that this diary is a group effort by those among us who love and value blueness's work.  I will not engage in lengthy debates with any who disregard the above paragraph.  I will not defend the opinions set forth in this diary.  I've made my (our) points, and you either agree and want to indicate your agreement with a rec or an e-mail to admin, or you disagree, in which case this diary isn't for you.

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