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The Power Of The Consumer...
Quicken Loans representatives were busy on their Facebook page, Sunday Night, 'quicky' and publicly stating they no longer advertise with Rush Limbaugh. Their ads have been tracked by StopRush since April 2012, and hundreds, possibly thousands, of concerned consumers, and FlushRush volunteers, have been writing the company, asking them to remove their ads from Rush Limbaugh's show.

This is a big win for the StopRush/FlushRush folks who recently celebrated one year of success. []

Early Sunday evening, the public contact information for Quicken Loans was posted on the Facebook group page called, 'Boycott Rush Limbaugh Sponsors To Shut Him Down'  Some of the group's members began contacting the company. This time, within minutes, Quicken Loans responded with, "We do not advertise on or sponsor Rush Limbaugh's show." A more accurate statement would be, "We no longer advertise on or sponsor Rush Limbaugh's show." (We assume they mean it this time)

Below are a few of Sunday's comments from Quicken Loans to consumers on Facebook. In their responses below and on their Facebook page, one might be led to believe they 'never' advertised with Limbaugh, or 'they didn't know' and would 'look in to it'. At least 75 ad reports were documented by StopRush to prove otherwise. Here is a bit of Quicken Loans' advertising history documented in the StopRush database: proving they are, and were, very aware of their ads.
More comments can be found on their Facebook page:

(Comment from XXX)
Not sure why Quicken thinks it is important to advertise on Rush Limbaugh's show, as controversial as he is. The two are linked for me though.
Like ·  · 26 minutes ago

*(From) Quicken Loans Hi XXX, we do not advertise on Rush Limbaugh's show.
23 minutes ago · Like

(Comment from XXX)
And you support Rush Limbaugh? Really? You sure don't want any customers, then. Or was that a mistake you are correcting . . .
Like ·  · 29 minutes ago

(From) Quicken Loans Hi XXX we do not advertise on or sponsor Rush Limbaugh's show.
23 minutes ago · Like

(Comment From XXX)
Get rid of Rush Limbaugh. He is a divisive force in American life. To say he is a revolting pig insults hogs. Do not support his druggy lifestyle. Boot him!
Like ·  · 31 minutes ago

Quicken Loans: Hi XXX, we do not sponsor or advertise on Rush Limbaugh's show.
29 minutes ago · Like

To become more involved in this national boycott movement:

Visit: StopRush:
Join: Flush Rush:
Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor Petition:


Other groups involved with this cause:

Boycott Rush Limbaugh:
Being Liberal:
Media Matters:


Thank you, Richard Myers. We are finishing the work. Rest in peace.

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