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Well...okay, maybe not EVERY business in the US is lazy, but given the attitude many have had in the past three decades, I'd say that many businesses here are criminal or semi-criminal in how they operate.

Just look at how they treat workers both here and abroad. Over here, after about 10 or 15 years of being on the job and busting their asses for a company, many American workers are fired just so these same companies can hire younger workers on the cheap. Some of those veterans are allowed to return, but for entry level wages. They also lose their retirement benefits that they worked their asses off for in many cases.

It's worse overseas. American companies offshore production so they can pay overseas workers pennies on the dollar compared to what they pay American workers. Just look at the case with Apple and Foxconn. Working conditions there were so bad that workers were driven to suicide. The company was so desperate to put a stop to it that they put up safety nets in order to stop them. Keep in mind that many workers in these factories are children who, when they reach adulthood, are crippled because the work they did was nothing more than 12 to 18 hours of repetitive movements PER DAY.

What I've just described above is nothing new. It's been going on since the industrial revolution. The fact of the matter is that American Businesses are pushing night and day to put the entire world in a Foxconn like situation, with no rights, nearly no pay, and no real reason for living for the majority of workers everywhere.

Anytime you hear someone running for office talk about running your town, your county or state like a business, it is NEVER, EVER to your benefit. Anytime these corporate assholes gets elected to office, they do everything they can to manipulate the laws so that their businesses can make a bigger profit. Rick Scott's actions against welfare recipients are a perfect example of this. It wasn't about whether or not welfare recipients were using drugs, but instead it was about whether or not he could put more money in HIS POCKETS, with his wife being the beneficiary of course.

Let me put this another way. After thirty years of stupid economic policies, businesses in America are literally REQUIRED to be lazy, because the only thing that matters is profit. Businesses here will do whatever it takes to make the shareholders and CEOs another dollar in their dividend checks, whether it's rewriting laws, or even going as far as buying out entire state and local governments so they'll do their bidding.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how they get away with this shit. They do everything they can to make us fight amongst ourselves so they can rob us blind during the fighting. They do it by demonizing workers, minorities, gays, women, liberals, Democrats, college students, seniors, Non-Christians or any other phantom enemy they can dream up to keep the imaginary stalemate going.

The way we fight back is by doing what they did. Start locally. Participate in your local elections and primaries, because it is at those times some of the most ridiculous things get passed (Especially their redistricting bullshit). We also need to either find or start worker-owned businesses so we can hit these plutocrats where it hurts.

Perhaps I'm going a bit off the deep end here, but keep in mind, I'm having to deal with the frustration of a county economy with no pulse, and I'm sick and tired of seeing the environment ripped apart by people whose motto is "Every man for himself, anything for a buck."

See you around,


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