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The consequences of the sequester.  POW.

Of course the Republican Party will blame the pain on President Obama.

But the GOP can't quit austerity and the puppet masters that demand austerity.  

Our U.S. government has obviously been bought by vulture capitalists and Libertarian self-serving opportunists like the Koch boys, and Pete Peterson.

Among many others, like Bob Perry and Harold Simmons and other numerous fat cats in Texas to name a few.

And then we have U.S. Congressmen who push for budget cuts but rant and rave about the outcome of the cuts, like releasing non-violent undocumented workers from U.S. detention centers.

Unfortunately the plutocrats hold all GOP peckers, as LBJ would say, in their pockets.

The pathology of crony capitalism of today's U.S. congress brings me to why the sequestration has become personal.

One of my younger sisters will pay the price for the cowardice of politicians that fail to serve the constituents in their districts.  I became motivated to write to our useless "representatives" after having read of the plight of other victims of the stupid and cruel sequester.

Please see my letter below the orange croissant.  

Cross posted on Texas Kaos.

March 4, 2013

To:  Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Ted Poe

From:      Me

Re:     Sequestration

Actually, Mr. Poe, I am not sure if I still live in your district.  For years, at least until 2010 I lived in U.S. TX-7.  The GOP’s gerrymandering efforts took certain precincts in district 7 and moved them into your district in 2011. Why?  Are you getting desperate and irrelevant? For all I know I could have been moved back to district 7 by now.  Maybe your colleague John Culberson is getting more desperate than you at this point in time.

I am writing to all three of you about the forthcoming sequester.  Please know that one of my sisters works for a U.S. Attorney’s office.  She will be furloughed for twenty two days. My sister and her husband recently bought a house.  They took out a home improvement loan.  My sister has not had a raise in two years.  The cut in her salary could not have come at a worse time.

My neighbor across the street works for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Houston.  He will very likely share the same burden as my sister. His daughter is in college.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories like these that are being told throughout this once great nation.  Hard working Americans are not very pleased, to say the least.

I am not sure what any of you were thinking when you failed to negotiate with the President to stop the sequester.  Why does it make more sense to you to let people like my sister take a pay cut so corporations can continue to take advantage of tax loopholes?  

Why is it legal for millionaires like Mitt Romney to hide his money in offshore tax havens?  

Why did you, Senator Cornyn, vote for President Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without raising revenues for neither of the above?

All members of the U.S. Senate who supported both wars put them on the national credit card with no payment plan.  

Why do all of you turn a blind eye to the gambling casinos on Wall St. that crashed the global economy in 2007 and 2008?  If not regulated, Wall St. will repeat the crime for which they have never been punished.    

Do all of you work for Grover Norquist instead of the constituents for whom you take an oath to serve?

Speaking of which, Senator Cruz, do you really think you are serving the best interests of the people in Texas when you malign the reputation of a U.S. veteran and war hero?  What wars have you fought in, Sir?  

Is your real purpose as a U.S. Senator is to harm and dismantle our federal government?  

Since all members of the U.S. Senate and Congress failed abysmally to do the work of the people, all deserve to likewise take a pay cut.  

The American people did not deserve the cuts they will endure. But all of you do.

I highly recommend the following for all lackeys for the 1%

1.    Return 20% of your salary to the U.S. Treasury: write a check.

2.    Return 20% of the campaign contributions you receive to those who sent them. Do not even hint they increase their contribution by 25% before you return 20% of it. Should a contributor elect to do so, return 36% to him/her.

3.    Cut your government-paid travel: sit in the main cabin. Go through TSA security the way the rest of us do, sans shoes, laptop, coat and everything in the pockets. Live among us. Feel like you deserve better? That's the signal you need to extend to the rest of us.

4.    Furlough 20% of your staff; tell them it's just a pittance.

The voting records and behavior of all of you convinced me (as if I needed more evidence) that your caucus has slipped its leash and is now wholly dependent on the wealthiest few in this country. On its current trajectory, your caucus will slip into obscurity, as the Whigs did before you.

Please know that I and others like me who are not blessed to be so endowed as the corporations that support you, will work to accelerate your caucus' movement into oblivion in the coming months.


Libby Shaw, also known as CSA.

Originally posted to Libby Shaw on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 07:37 AM PST.

Also republished by TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans and Houston Area Kossacks.

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