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Political commentator and author Ann Coulter addresses the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, February 10, 2012.  REUTERS/Jim Bourg
If you thought SHE was crazy...
Ann Coulter:
Republicans don't control the U.S. Senate and they don't have the presidency. Instead of wasting time and energy in doomed efforts to defeat President Obama's Cabinet nominees or sucking up to illegal aliens, why not focus on issues where Republicans can be off-the-charts popular while forcing Democrats into taking stupid positions?
There's no such thing as an "off-the-charts popular" Republican policy, so this is bound to be hilarious.
At the risk of joining the Republicans' circular firing squad when we ought to be fighting Democrats, here's how I think Republicans should be looking at things:

-- Pushing amnesty for illegal aliens: 80 percent of Americans ferociously oppose you.

Actually, immigration reform is wildly popular, even among Republicans.
-- Pointlessly opposing Obama's Cabinet nominees: 99 percent of Americans need a constant supply of NoDoz just to listen.

-- Staking out an Amnesty International position on a president's hypothetical ability to use a drone against an "American citizen" (named Anwar al-Awlaki) about to launch a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil: 70 percent of Americans are against you.

It doesn't matter because the name was Muslim.
-- Opposing the Democrats' idiotic proposals on gun control: 60-70 percent of Americans support you, but the other 30 to 40 percent will hate you because they want to "Do Something."
Wrong. But if 70 percent really supported Republicans on guns, why would Coulter demand they go with the minority? Weird.
-- Proposing the involuntary commitment of dangerous psychotics and implementing measures to prevent them from obtaining guns: 83 percent of Americans support you and will be furious at Democrats for trying to undercut such laws.
It wasn't Democrats who eliminated funding for mental health clinics, and it wouldn't be Democrats fighting to reinstate such funding. But in any case, head below the fold to see how the natives took her suggestions.

Also, I'm adding a poll -- now that I've done this three weeks, here's another chance to decide whether I should continue this feature. I already spend significant time reading right-wing sites and their comments. The question is whether you want to be dragged into this world every Saturday.

strange how the imbeciles that adore and adulate messiah hussein are blind to what is happening around them. In their delusion they still want to believe that after 4 years of failure, suddenly their messiah will finally make things work in America

The problem is they think that his announced plan to spend the next 20 months on the campaign trail will return the house to madamn piglosdi's control and that with total control of the govt to messiah hussein and he can finish his job of destroying America and bring about the socialist nirvana they have wet dreams over

meanwhile, the economy can't wait, not that imbecile hussein understands that or cares

They should really go with "piglosi". I'm sure it'll be a super duper winner.
How about: "Maybe Republicans Should Try Being Christian"
They aren't?
GEORGE W. BUSH ................ HE DID IT

JOHN KERRY ......................... HE DID IT

AL GORE ................................. HE DID IT

REAGAN .................................. HE DID IT

Oddly it is.... mediocre Obama, dullard Harry Reid, doltish Nancy Pelosi, dainty Barney Frank, ditsy Barbara Mikulski, dumpling Jim Moran and a plethora of other lackluster d-list members that parade in Congress while masquerading as 'progressives.... that do so having never released their college transcripts. Gee..... I wonder why? Like Obama is each embarrassed in having been but an "affirmative" ????

Gee... if stellar as students.. i wonder why (and so should you)

That one proved really popular in 2012. Please stick with it.
Ann, you haven't shown the greatest wisdom propping up Christie.

Join the Tea Party, truely, or go away !!! We hate RINOs.

How can Republicans be popular when they represent solid American values like self-reliance, respect for others, love of your country, acknowledgement of God (most of all) , and being a patriotic defender of what you stand for. These are things that the new gay/commie invasion of our lives thoroughly rejects because they allow for love and peace.
I don't think Republicans are going for "love and peace". Kind of the opposite, actually.
Amazing how a simplistic approach makes the best solution. Right now the Liberals keep the Republicans on the defense by creating issues to refocus the nations concerns by lighting little fires of issues, and keeping the Republican Party scurrying from one fire to another instead of resolving the obvious crimes of the Obama Administration.
Notice how the Fast and Furious, the Bengasi, and Obama’s eligibility are no longer the big issue.
The Republican Party can rise to the occasion by attempting to impeach each and every legislator and congress person that defiles their sworn oath to support the constitution., that would put the ball in different play.
Good points! A bunch of manufactured outrages no one gave a damn about are no longer the big issues that they never were!
1...U cannot defeat the arrogant apostles of socialism by silence.
2...U cannot win minds being told by opponents how to describe them.
3...U cannot win by patty-caking around versus thug socialists.dan
4...U cannot win minds without learning how to question/debate.
5...U cannot win if you fear a national pawn media. (of arrogant dimwits)
6...U cannot win by voting for "no chance" folks for spite or not voting.
7...U cannot win w/o boring into the GOP and implanting TP folks.
8...U cannot win when u cannot define conservatism. (25 words or less)
9..U cannot win playing defense 90% of every minute every day.
10.U cannot win following losers at the top concerned only with 35 year careers.
The Rove-ites doom the GOP
But U can win with diligent conservation of the letters "Y" and "O"!
They should indeed, Ann, but unfortunately our Republican party at the moment is run by pathetic, tepid RINOs that are clones of real-life-Charlie-Browns. Previous started changing in '10 though, and will continue changing in '14, as we in the TP methodically drum these gutless power wh*res out in the Primaries.
To the mentally sane, the positions taken by Democratic Party members proves their idiotic claim that they care about what you do in your life more than a little bit, therefore you should vote for all things related to what the Democrats want you to relate. In most cases the Democrats feel with a certain amount of certainty that you certainly should do all those things that the Progressive Party feels you should certainly be doing at the time they feel you should be doing them. Subscribe to that theme and you will buy into anything the leaders of the Democratic Party say you should and certainly the fate of the Constitutional Republic will be writ in very large letters for all to see and read. The choice is yours to make. Choose now!
To the mentally sane, that made no sense.
Like it or not, we elect people who are like us. The re-election of President Obama has shown me that our country is in serious trouble because we can't say that we did not know what we are getting this time around.
They got the not-Republican. On purpose.
when i seen a picture of the Baby-Killing, dog eating, snorting, Kenyan Boy, Barry Soetoro, with a shotgun at a firing range, that was really scary. Should a Firing Range employee give a shotgun to a Baby-Killing, dog eating, snorting, KENYAN BOY ???????
Now there's an idea... Give guns to a bunch of African Americans, watch conservatives clamor for restrictions.
Actually, there is 'transparency' coming out of our White House. It is cleary 'transparent' that mentally ill psycopaths have no problem causing PAIN to others. And those running the executive Branch of our Federal government HAVE BEEN and ARE INTENTIONALLY causing GREAT PAIN on and to the American People.
"Causing great pain on the American People"? Is that supposed to be English?
Republicans might try showing some good ol' All American balls, and start beatin' back these commie libtard wimps.
That would require, you know, winning elections. Good luck with that!
So Ann is arguing poll driven positions. I thought she hated the Clintons for doing that. How about a coherent principaled position that is generally accepted by all Republicans first, then move on to the rest of the electorate. The Repubs are all over the map, the Dems sing from the same hymnal no matter how absurd it gets. The Dems learned back in the 60's and 70's that constant in-fighting leads to losing elections. If Repubs want to fight back, then they need to get on the same page, which right now they are divided between Constitutionalists, Fiscal Conservs, Social Conservs, and Country Club types. Figure our a coherent message that brings most these folks together and then go public.
"No taxes". Glad I could help, even if that message isn't.
While I understand your premise, Ann, there is SO MUCH damage Obama's appointees could do in the remaining years of his Presidency. It would take at least two more terms of a conservative President and legislature to undo it all if, in fact, they could. However, there are surely some popular issues where the Republicans could stake out some claims and woo the press.
If only there was another way to keep those nominees out of the cabinet, like, you know, win the 2012 elections...
Rush was talking to a group of twenty somethings that are dedicated to homosexual marriage and that is the extent of their political knowledge. After questioning him, and hearing his answers they stated that everyone they know would agree with him and that he should articulate this message so people their age can hear him. He does so everyday for 3 hours. Truly they do not really care about what is happening to our country or they are too scared and embarrassed to say they listen to Rush and agree with Rush.
These twenty somethings were like, "OMG, Rush, we so totally agree with you about that slut Sandra Fluke, I mean, we didn't know until you told us that you have to take the pill every time you have sex!" And then they were like, "We were like so totally into multiculturalism, but then we heard your 'Barack the Magic Negro' song and now we want him impeached!" And finally, "Rush, we used to think that punishing violence against women was self-evidently good, but now that we heard you, we can't stand those feminazis for foisting their anti-violence agenda on real Americans!"

Rush is truly the key to unlocking youth support for the GOP. Won't someone please unleash him?

Democrats have always been evil. They are the party of slavery in this country and judging by the fact that our president wants the ability to summarily execute US citizens on US soil without due process and without even showing cause just on one man's order. So it would seem that the Democrats no longer even pretend to support civil rights and no think of both you and I as slaves that can be killed essentially for the amusement of the leadership of the democratic party. They've come out of the closet as the slavers they have always been so to speak.
Agreed! It is definitely bad that Democrats have shackled you up and made you work for free. I mean, that's what you're talking about, right?
Ann has completely lost her mind. I think she lost the ability to use common sense somewhere along the time we developed her crush on Krsipy Kreme Chris christy.
Before that, even.
Poor Ann. That is exactly what socialist RINO George Bush did for eight years and look where it got him and the Republicans! That is what RINO socialist Romney did and look where it got him! We need a Conservative Republican party with BALLS!
Like Richard Mourdock! Oh. Like Todd Akin! Oh. Like Sharrrrrron Angle! Oh. Like Christine O'Donnell! Oh. Like Linda McMahon! Oh. Like Ken Buck! Oh.

They were all probably RINOs anyway.

And then there is the Karl Rove/Ann Coulter wing of the GOP that want to keep nominating and supporting the same tired, spineless establishment candidates. I know numerous conservatives that stayed home from the polls because they could not stomach any more of the same ole', same ole'. Just keep telling yourself the things that matter to conservatives are not important and we will keep losing and losing and losing--much to the delight of progressives.
True dat. Lots of delight.
Had Romney recognized the groundswell of support for marriage that was evident during the Chick-Fil-A matter last summer and offered at least moral support, if he had reached out to and embraced that never-wavering decades old staunch Republican constituency - the pro-life community, if he had reached out to and embraced the Tea Party, his primary rivals (and their corresponding supporters) and Sarah Palin's many followers - the objectives of which are shared by a majority of Americans - he'd have won.

So, yes Ann - popular is good. The problem is that RINOs and "moderates" define it differently, and they want to be "popular" with all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

So ... RINOs and moderates define "popular" as "the person that most people like", which is totally not the right kind of popularity conservatives should aspire to because it's for the wrong reason? Rather, they should focus on being popular with the denizens of crazy conservative sites because that would be for the right reasons?

Um. Okay. I'm aboard.


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