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Megan Kelly on Fox News, chyron says
So yesterday, first lady Michelle Obama had a question and answer thing on Twitter ostensibly focused on her campaign for healthy kids. Healthy kids piss conservatives off more than anything, apparently, because they decided to use that opportunity to remind America exactly who and what they are. Fox News certainly enjoyed it, as you can see above, but for some reason they didn't include stuff like this:
#AskFLOTUS How come you look like a blood-drinking demon? Isn't your face a window to your soul?
@EricSaenz4 via web

And this:

#askFlotus FUCK YOU, you stupid Communist BITCH!...wait, that's not a question....
@BugoutAlley via Twitter for Android

And this:

Do you and Barry still drink malt liquor?  #AskFLOTUS
@gwilliams1967 via Twitter for Android

Much more below the fold, if you're in the mood.


#AskFLOTUS Sources say the White House smells like fried chicken and menthol cigarettes now. True?
@HateObamaSoMuch via web
#askflotus is your husband the first gay President?
@robson01 via Twitter for Android
#AskFLOTUS Ooga booga, u queen of jungle. u eat banana be healthy strong queen gorilla. eek eek eek AKK AKK AKK AKK
@HateObamaSoMuch via web
#AskFLOTUS... do you drink unfluoridated water, or do you enjoy fluoride's mind numbing qualities?
@Libertarian_ish via Osfoora HD
#AskFLOTUS What was it like working w/Redd Foxx on Sanford & Son playing Aunt Esther? "You old fish eyed fool."
@jigoku_aisatsu via Twitter for Android
Dear Moocher, is your ass bigger than the equator? Can I #askFLOTUS to sit on Barry's empty head until he passes out?
@FastEddie517 via web
Hmmmm. New study shows 75% of lesbians are FAT and your FAT. Connect the dots  #AskFLOTUS
@gwilliams1967 via Twitter for Android
When did being a #communist lawyer qualify someone as a nutritionist?  #AskFLOTUS
@seanspage via Twitter for Android
#askflotus How inflated of an ego do U have 2 have to think U should get a salary when so many BETTER FLOTUS preceding U didn't? #ghetto
@jasonsmook via Twitter for iPhone
#ASKFlotus How long did it take for you to get over the affair your husband had with Larry Sinclair?
@collenga via web
#askFLOTUS Do you think it's unjust to compare you and Barack to all other criminal lying and stealing negroes in this country? I don't!
@MadHatter_46 via TweetCaster for Android
@Mr2352Chris via web
#AskFLOTUS Will your tribe of Wookies attend your 50th birthday party?
@LloydChristmis via Twitter for iPad
#AskFlotus @MichelleObama why don't you & Barry Soetero move the hell back to Kenya or whereever he came from?
@izzyjsmom via web
Aren't you embarrassed to be used as a beard? Hope Barry found a good bath house in DC. The boys in Chicongo miss him. #askflotus
@FanOfJefferson via web
#AskFLOTUS what are your husbands relatives who are in this country illegally eating? Are they fat like you?
@RichardUSA via Twitter for iPhone

Originally posted to kos on Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 12:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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