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Scarborough threw everything at Mika short of telling her to "Stifle it" on yet another unwatchable edition of "Morning Joe".

Before I get to Archie's domineering tone toward Edith (which I believe should preclude this show from being aired anywhere that it's not currently 1950), let's cover Scarborough's moronic position on Bloomberg's big soda war. To paraphrase:

"I used to drink gallons of Coca-Cola, and I still drink a lot of it, and see? I'm not fat. So the pop isn't killing people, people are killing people."

This is the same old "Conservative" trope that states that individuals are purely responsible for their individual behaviors, and thus corporate actors that collectively manipulate broad swaths of society must not be held responsible for the collective destructiveness of their manipulations.

Because individuals are responsible for their own choices, and suffer the negative consequences of the choices they make (even when manipulated by barrages of advertising), corporations cannot be responsible for the poor choices they manipulate people into making, using said market-tested advertising.

And the government must not interfere in this feedback loop of exploitation and profiteering, or we're in a nanny state.

Simple isn't it?

Profit-takers, unaccountable. Victims, suck it.

Sound familiar?

Here's a diary published yesterday by jusjtim35 concerning his struggles and successes with his weight and thus his health.

Note how often in the diary jusjtim35 mentions being unable to control his compulsions toward certain foods. Now, where did those food compulsions come from? The diarist's despicable lack of self control? (insert righteous conservative sneer here) Or being bombarded, from Happy Meals to Snickers making Joe Pesci stop insulting coeds to hot girls in bikinis slobbering all over huge Carl's Jr burgers to Peyton hawking Papa John's to eat more eat more eat more eat more. Eat more foods that have been explicitly engineered to drive cravings to eat more eat more eat more.

One of Scarborough's most idiotic and un-self-aware comments (and really, do we need any other adjectives to describe Scarborough than idiotic and un-self-aware?), comes at the 08:35 mark where he states, "So don't overspeak on these things that we've all been eating for the last fifty years...".

Question: We have an obesity epidemic. We didn't fifty years ago. What changed?

This is what "Conservatism" has come to. You make your opponent's point for them while loudly blustering for them to shut up because you're "right".

Also, video games.

Now back to Archie abusing Edith.

Here's a quote from 07:10:

"STOP IT!  STOP IT! I think I've given you enough, like, lead here."

See? Joe's being nice, by not keeping Mika on too short a leash.

The dynamic between these two is unbearable.

What mystifies me is why any self-respecting woman would tolerate this idiot's behavior in 2013. Am I the only one who sees their interactions as a dysfunctional blue collar Mad Men-era relationship? Who is entertained by watching Joe berate Mika? Don't some of the guests on the show get creeped out by this?

It looks like she's one highball away from the battered women's shelter.

The final word, and all that ever needs to be said about Joe Scarborough, was stated by Mika's dad on Morning Joe on 30 December 2008 at the 01:00 mark:

"You know, you have such a stunningly superficial knowledge of what went on that it's almost embarrassing to listen to you."


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