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Not that I should be shocked by anything Ann Coulter says. However, I was just watching Larry Kudlow and he was interviewing Ann Coulter live from CPAC. They were discussing the current war within the Republican party.

While Larry Kudlow seemed generally concerned about the war between Libertarians and Social Conservatives. Ann Coulter brushed it off.

I'll have to paraphrase but, her answer to that problem basically was:

"Dems are pushing for gun control so they'll lose in 2014 and 2016... because Soccer Mom's agree with us, Let's lock up the mentally ill."
I don't know about you, but I certainly don't know many mom's that want to have folks locked up simply because they were born with mental impairments. I don't see many mom's that want to see their autistic child locked up.

Ann Coulter didn't say we need more funding for research or treatment. She wants to lock up the "mentally ill"

For a party that proclaims to be for personal freedom and small government... and for a party that has Glenn Beck on their side constantly fear mongering about eugenics. They sure love a big government that would lock up those they consider undesirable. And even though they claim to be fiscally conservative... it is a well known fact that it costs taxpayers far more money to house people in institutions and prisions rather than provide healthcare and proper treatment.

Again. It's not news that Ann Coulter just said something completely offensive. It's just the fact these people actually believe this crap and still are treated as serious people in the public square.


I will update if/when then video becomes available.  


p.s. Just a personal note. By no means am I equating children with autism to being "mentally ill" ...that is just one condition that has been bantered about unfairly in this recent debate that I used as an example. An example of how ridiculous the statement by Ann Coulter is.


Here is the video. It's 9 minutes and 38 seconds long and her comment I wrote about is around the 9:30 mark.

Here is part of the transcript.

ANN COULTER: we can win on various fights. we're going to win on guns. if we don't win on guns then look for big victories in 2014 and a big victory in 2016. even the most depressing polls on guns this is just one example where, you know, you get the soccer moms saying we should ban the guns. when they ask about intensity of their feeling on this it's the anti-gun people will you vote on this yeah. 20%. pro gun people 90% are voting on guns. this happened in 1994. if democrats are stupid enough to push these gun control measures, which are idiotic and will do nothing to stop manslaughter --

LARRY KUDLOW: i got michelle caruso-cabrera. she wants to ask you a question.

MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA: my twitter feed that i'm following that comes from cpac almost a war is going on there between the libertarian arm, the cal conservatives who are tired of the social conservatives controlling the agenda. am i reading that wrong or is that because who i follow on twitter?

ANN COULTER: i haven't been here that long. what you're describing is describing the conservative movement and republicans the way i see it right now. all of these pointless stupid fights and i hate to see right-wingers fighting so i've been ignoring it all. i really just do think it's a result of us losing the last election. it reminds me of what people say how professors at universities get in fights. the fights are so vicious because the stakes are so low. we have one half of one branch of government and we're attacking one another. i wish they would stop that and look at the emy and look at where the american people are with us. the soccer moms are with us on locking up the mentally ill. that's what's causing mass shootings, not the presence of a gun. we have issues we can win on. we're not going to win on the cabinet fights. they have the presidency and senate. we won't win on repealing obama care until we get a veto proof majority in the senate. there are fights we can win.

Sorry the text being lower case but I just copied and pasted it from

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