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Enjoy the fun around our campfires and cookouts at the ranch

Daily Kos is political website and, also, a network of digital campfires, each with its own circle of regulars who gather to be enlightened, challenged or entertained by the keeper of the flame. When an author dies, a campfire goes cold and the community that formed around it is displaced.

In Memoriam creates a new campfire where displaced communities of friends and admirers may gather to share memories of the fires that brought us together; of flamekeepers who linger in our minds and hearts.  In Memoriam gathers individual memorial diaries for republication and publishes the Memorial Roll Call, a comprehensive list of deceased Daily Kos members and links to their memorials.  (Thank you, In Memoriam group members, for your efforts that helped to bring this project to life.)

In the tradition of placing a pebble or flower on a gravesite, I invite all to post comments in remembrance of those listed below the fold.

And another regrettable thing about death
is the ceasing of your own brand of magic,
which took a whole life to develop and market--
the quips, the witticisms, the slant adjusted to just a few...
their response and your performance twinned...
Who will do it again? That's it: no one;
imitators and descendants aren't the same.

-- from "Perfection Wasted" by John Updike,
in Good Poems by Garrison Keillor (2002)

The Magic Makers

Arthur Wolf
bamabikeguy fka Theghostofkarlafayetucker
Ben Masel
Big Dan
Charlotte Lucas
Elizabeth Edwards
Fred in Vermont (profile tombstone pending)
Granny Doc
Jeff Huber
Julie Waters fka juliewolf
matt n nyc
Richard Meyers
station wagon
Steve Gilliard
william f harrison

Index of Memorial Diaries

An Orange County Progressive Giant Gone (aeolus) by joeesha, posted 2/13/2013
I lost a dear friend today by Ellinorianne, posted 2/13/2013
RIP alliedoc (Monday Night Cancer Club)
by peregrine kate, posted 9/17/2012

RIP AntKat by Sara R, posted 11/5/2012

Arthur Wolf

GUS: RIP Arthur Wolf
by aoeu, posted 8/3/2009


Badabing Has Passed Away
by slinkerwink, posted 1/4/2013

bamabikeguy aka theghostofkarlafayetucker

In memoriam:  bamabikeguy (theghostofkarlafayetucker) 1956 - 2010
by JaxDem, posted 3/17/2010


Kossack Barbwire has Passed Away
by TheFatLadySings, posted 12/18/2011


In Memoriam: Donovan Barks
by pegleghippie, posted 2/14/2008

Ben Masel

R.I.P. Ben Masel
by Meteor Blades, posted 4/30/2011

Ben Masel Has Passed Away
by tommurphy, posted 4/30/2011

My Friend Ben
by One Pissed Off Liberal, posted 4/30/2011

Some Further Thoughts on Ben Masel
by One Pissed Off Liberal, posted 5/22/2011

As Marijuana becomes legal here in Washington I'd like to say thanks to Ben Masel
by Lefty Coaster, posted 12/6/2012

This is a song about Ben Masel
by One Pissed Off Liberal, posted 1/20/2013

Big Dan

R.I.P. Dan Champion
by folkbum, posted 8/16/2005

Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte Lucas, 1913 to 2012
by Emmet, posted 5/20/2012

RIP, my dear friend, Charlotte Lucas
by luckylizard, posted 5/20/2012


Condolence Thread--drchelo
by blue jersey mom
posted 6/27/2009

Elizabeth Edwards

She's Gone: Elizabeth Edwards Has Died
by psychodrew, posted 12/7/2010

I'd like to honor Elizabeth Edwards
by hamm, posted 12/7/2010

Elizabeth Edwards has died
by Barbara Morrill, posted 12/7/2010

by Mimi Kennedy, posted 12/7/2010

Elizabeth Edwards: A commencement address
by chapel hill guy, posted 12/7/2010

RIP Elizabeth Edwards - thank you
by JeremiahFP, posted 12/7/2010

Remember the Bells: A Kossack Tribute to Elizabeth Edwards
by benny05, posted 12/12/2010

The Elizabeth Edwards I Remember
by Nonpartisan, posted 12/13/2010


R.I.P. Kris Froland (exmearden)
by Meteor Blades, posted 11/26/2010

The starlight formerly known as exmearden
by occams hatchet, posted 11/29/2010

Celebrating the life of Kris Froland (exmearden); 1958-2010
by Sara R, posted 11/29/2010

Nurse Kelley Sez: Keeping a promise to exmearden
by KelleyRN2, posted 12/7/2010

Request for a little help for exmearden’s daughters
by Sara R, posted 12/18/2010)

Let's keep the love for exmearden going!
by Dem in the heart of Texas, posted 12/19/2010

A Celebration of the Life of Kris Froland: exmearden
by navajo, posted 5/7/2011

Nurse Kelley Sez: flowers for exmearden (w/ update)
by KelleyRN2, posted 5/17/2011

Nurse Kelley Sez: flowers for exmearden
by navajo, posted 5/18/2011

The after party of the life of exmearden
by doingbusinessas
posted 5/21/2011

The Celebration of the Life of Kris Froland: exmearden (Photos)
by navajo, posted 5/23/2011

Encore: Sign exmearden's remembrance book
by Kitsap River, posted 6/24/2011

Fred in Vermont

Fred in Vermont
by kos, posted 6/17/2008

Granny Doc

R.I.P. Granny Doc
by leftcenterlibertarian, posted 1/20/2012


Terun Sabre Weed aka GreenMountainBoy02: 1964-2013
by commonmass, posted 2/8/2013

Where Things Are Now: Friday, 3pm, Cathedral Church of St. Luke by common mass, posted 2/11/2013


GOTV for Grndrush- it's what he would have wanted
by Spedwybabs, posted 10/27/2010


Nurse Kelley Sez: RIP - Anne E. Reuter
by KelleyRN2, posted 9/15/2011


In Remembrance of One of Our Own: Isaac Bonewits
by smellybeast, posted 8/12/2010


jaysea's obituary
by Renee in Ohio, posted 5/26/2007

Jeff Huber

The Passing of a Kossack ~ Jeff Huber
by TheMomCat, posted 3/4/2012


Attention Kossacks.. I rec'd a Kos mail Jimreyn passed away
by Vetwife, posted 3/4/2012

Thank You Isn't Enough
by tngirl, posted 4/19/2012


R.I.P. JohnnyRook
by Meteor Blades, posted 3/5/2009

Julie Waters fka juliewolf

Nurse Kelley Sez: Julie Waters has passed away (updated)
by KelleyRN2, posted 4/8/2012

June was Myasthenia Gravis Awareness month, for Julie Waters by MoonWomyn, posted 7/1/2012

Julie Waters-In Memoriam
by Horace Boothroyd III, posted 4/9/2012

In Memory of Julie Waters: A Clean, Well Lighted Place
by radical simplicity, posted 4/11/2012

Dawn Chorus: Julie
by lineatus, posted 4/15/2012

matt n nyc

RE: matt n nyc
by matt n nyc, posted 8/9/2007

“matt-n-nyc at your service”
by Marie, posted 8/10/2007


Nurse Kelley Sez: RIP, moe99
by KelleyRN2, posted 4/14/2012


We mourn as a community
by kos, posted 9/26/2007

An open letter to DailyKos from Newdirection's wife
by Randgrithr, posted 10/12/2007


nudger, our dear friend has left us
by N in Seattle, posted 2/25/2011


RIP Othniel
by Sandia Blanca, posted 9/15/2012

Richard Meyers

Update 3x: Richard Myers RIP
by Mentatmark, posted 12/14/2012

Richard Myers in pictures
by ProgLegs, posted 1/23/2013

For Fellow Worker Richard Myers: A Commemoration in Music and Theater
by JayRaye, posted 1/24/2013

Richard Myers: A Memorial to Celebrate the Life of an Unforgettable Wobbly (repost)
by ProgLegs, posted 2/6/2013

A Memorial For Richard Myers This Sunday * And Some Personal Memories Of A Lovely Man
by Leslie Salzillo, posted 2/8/2013


SciMathGuy Has Died
by Yasuragi, posted 7/22/2011


Monday Night Cancer Club: Sad News about shadowplayer, Plus and Open Thread on Cancer Advocacy
by peregrine kate, posted 7/9/2012

station wagon

Brothers and sisters (Updated w/SW Memorial Information)
by pastordan, posted 6/3/2007

station wagon bids us farewell
by smintheus, posted 6/3/2007

Steve Gilliard

Steve Gilliard has died
by Rosebuddear, posted 6/2/2007

Steve Gilliard - R.I.P.
by Meteor Blades, posted 6/2/2007

One Great Piece from Steve Gilliard
by Meteor Blades, posted 6/2/2007

Steve Gilliard's "I'm a Fighting Liberal"
by PsiFighter37, posted 6/2/2007

by kos, posted 6/3/2007

Steve Gilliard Writing About Brooklyn
by mole333, posted 6/3/2007

Steve Gilliard: Proposed Deletion from Wikipedia as "Non-Notable Blogger"
by dave1021, posted 6/3/2007

Steve Gilliard's "Colonial Warfare" Series
by boor, posted 6/3/2007

How Steve Gilliard Changed My Life
by grog, posted 6/5/2007

Susan Nunes wants Steve Gilliard’s Wikipedia entry deleted.
by seronimous, posted 6/5/2007

Steve Gilliard's NY Times Obituary
by kos, posted 6/6/2007

D-Day, a New Yorker's Story - for Steve - UPDATED
by sponson, posted 6/6/2007

Steve Gilliard Obituaries
by Pacific John, posted 6/6/2007

"The Gilliard Family's Obituary for Steve" now up on The News Blog
by PLS, posted 6/7/2007

A Show For Steve: Radio Tribute To Steve Gilliard Friday At Noon.
by jamesboyce, posted 6/7/2007

Endow a 'Steve Gilliard' chair for Daily Kos?
by Shadan7, posted 6/8/2007

Preserving Steve Gilliard's Legacy
by LunkHead, posted 6/18/2007

Steve Gilliard's family seeks to gather and publish his work
by louisville lisa, posted 6/21/2007

Steve Gilliard's Online Family: We Fight On!
by Terri, posted 7/2/2007

Happy Rememberance and Birthday Steve Gilliard, wherever you are...
by the littlest gator, posted 11/14/2007

Steve Gilliard in the NYT's "The Lives They Lived"
by kos, posted 12/29/2007

A year without Steve Gilliard
by desmoinesdem, posted 2/27/2008

Top Comments: Steve Gilliard on Daily Kos, part 1
by sardonyx, posted 3/19/2008

Top Comments: Steve Gilliard on Daily Kos, part 2
by sardonyx, posted 3/21/2008

Top Comments: Steve Gilliard on Daily Kos, part 3
by sardonyx, posted 5/20/2008

Top Comments: Steve Gilliard on Daily Kos, part 4
by sardonyx, posted 5/30/2008

Blast from the Past: Steve Gilliard, June 1, 2003
by Meteor Blades, posted 6/1/2008

Top Comments: Steve Gilliard on Daily Kos, part 5
by sardonyx, posted 6/3/2008

Steve Gilliard on Daily Kos, part 6
by sardonyx, posted 6/3/2008

Steve Gilliard on Leaving Iraq
by Meteor Blades, posted 6/19/2008

For Steve Gilliard
by RKS, posted 11/3/2008

In Honor of Steve Gilliard
by The Truth, posted 11/5/2008

Steve G. -- I wish you could have seen this.
by Upper West, posted 11/6/2008

Two years without Steve Gilliard
by desmoinesdem, posted 2/19/2009

On This Historic Day: Steve Gilliard's "I'm A Fighting Liberal"
by sponson, posted 3/25/2010

Remembering Steve Gilliard (RIP)
by tbrucegodfrey, posted 6/6/2010

I'm a Fighting Liberal
by LunkHead, posted 3/10/2011

Steve Gilliard's Message for President Obama and the Democratic Party
by Angie in WA State, posted 4/13/2011

In memory of Steve Gilliard, 1966 - 2007: FTFY
by Richard Cranium, posted 10/6/2011


Celebrating the life of Gerry "stumpy" Richardson, 1947-2010
by Sara R, posted 10/28/2010

We buried Stumpy with Honors....
by Otteray Scribe, posted 1/30/2011


Dave Smith (Translator) Has Passed
by zircon the twisted, posted 1/22/2013

Favorite Songs: Tribute To Translator Edition
by blueoregon, posted 1/22/2013

Happy birthday, Translator...
by 1864 House, posted 3/2/2013


Nurse Kelley Sez: ulookarmless has passed away
by KelleyRN2, posted 9/30/2012

KosAbility: The Astonishing Life of Colin John Campbell, 1944-2012 by KelleyRN2, posted 10/7/2012


Nurse Kelley Sez: R.I.P. Will Barber (willb48)
by KelleyRN2, posted 12/11/2010

william f harrison

RIP, Dr. William Harrison
by Tenn Wisc Dem, posted 9/24/2010

R.I.P. Dr. William F. Harrison, Hero
by Meteor Blades
posted 9/25/2010

"Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain
Questionable or Premature Death Reports:

kwickkick (2009)

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
― Thomas Campbell

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