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Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. To join, read this diary and visit the Guild web site to put in an application. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.
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Continuing my proud, longtime tradition of shamelessly cribbing the weekly post's content from whatever happens to be going on at the time, here is a post from our Guild Leader, Dkosmama, regarding raiding and the Wreck List:

"Mama, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Sure, what's up?

"I'd really like to do some raiding in MoP. Where do I sign up for that?"

As I hope everyone remembers from the Declaration of Purpose and Principles as well as from the application for membership in the guild, the Wreck List is not a raiding guild. Which means that while the guild encourages any members who are interested in raiding to go ahead, the guild as such is not here to organize the raids nor is any member guaranteed a raid spot. Not even me. The scheduling and raid rosters are completely in the hands of those who work so hard to organize these things — and believe me, organizing an ongoing raid is an exercise in ongoing frustration. I know a number of former guild leaders who burned out which means that their guild eventually fell apart. I know first hand of other guilds that were ripped apart by raiding drama. I'm sure that you do, too. That is not going to happen to the Wreck List.

"That's good to know, Mama. What else should I know?"

A little history. We did the whole guild raiding thing in Wrath. While our raiding was very successful, it was also highly stressful. So at the beginning of Cata, I made some initial attempts at providing a framework for raiding, but left the responsibility for the actual organizing of the raids up to the individuals who were keen to raid. And that worked great. As our guild matures, I recognize that we are unlike any other guild. Our raison d'etre is not raiding; it's to provide a haven for leftists, progressives, Democrats, liberals, socialists, and even commies.

"Well, Mama, that's all good, but I still think I'd like to raid with the guild. What are my options?"

So here's the deal. Kaels leads a raid group. Pamena and Rubidum run a raid group. They are both very good groups. Kaels' group started very early in Cata and so were slightly ahead of the PamRubi group, although last night PamRubi got the Achievement "Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider" so maybe not so much any more. They also have different schedules and different raiding styles. From time to time each of these groups needs a new member or two as well as people to be there for back-up. These are each 10 person raid groups. All decisions about rosters are up to the raid leaders and are based on things like class needs, attendance and play style. To raid with either of these groups, talk to the raid leaders about what their needs and expectations are. Whatever their decisions, I support them unconditionally.

If anyone is interested in starting another raid group for Mists, please feel free. The only thing that the guild expects is that raid groups do not poach each others members.

"Why is that, Mama? I mean I shouldn't I be able to get the best players for my group, too?"

Poaching is out of the question because it is likely to cause drama. While I understand that personal issues arise from time to time between people, any drama that is related to raiding will not be tolerated. If raiding is more important than being part of this guild then there are literally thousands of other guilds out there. And I have absolutely no problem with anyone having toons in a raiding guild and having toons in the Wreck List. What I do have a problem when someone does start raiding with another guild and then attempts to take other members of their former Wreck List raid with them. Not cool.

"Mama. I get it. No Drama. But why are you posting this now?"

Because the current raid organizers are tying themselves in knots right now. They'd like to expand their rosters a bit for MoP but do it in a way that does not set the stage for potential guild drama. I'm posting this here now because the responsibility is not a one way street. I expect everyone in the guild to act with maturity and to remember that organizing a raid is much much much harder than actual raiding, even on heroic. I want Keals and Pamena and Rubidum to feel free to do what they need to do without fear of hurting feelings or disappointing people. And if more people are seriously interested in guild progression raiding than Kaels or PamRubi are able to accommodate, then I encourage those who don't end up working with either of them to talk to me about other options. You do not need my permission to organize a third guild raiding group or to move a raiding toon to another guild, but I would very much like to know first, and to insure that everyone knows the ground rules and that there are no misunderstanding that could lead to drama. I want raiding to be a win-win for everyone involved.

"Mama, can I have a pony and a sammich?"

I want to take the opportunity to chime in on my own as well. I know a lot of these weekly reports are about raiding. For one thing, those are the only reports that I get. Also, I was one of those WotLK raiders, and I hope to get on the third team - but if the DSL connection has too much latency, if I can't negotiate the time, if I'm too late, or if I'm just not good enough I promise you now that you won't see drama about it here. I'm always willing to jump in and help as an alternate, and I try to  keep gearing my main up to be able to help out, but I don't assume I have a spot on any team and I shouldn't.

Because we are not a raiding guild. We're a liberal guild that also raids. We have two great raid teams, and soon we'll have a third, and I look forward to copy and pasting a new report in to the weekly. But we don't have a "major league" and "minor league" team, and the Team That Has Not Been Named won't be treated any less here.

And I'll ask again: If there's anything else you want to see here, whether it's a PvP arena team or battleground report or whatever, let me know and I'll put it in.

Now back to our regular stolen provided content with the Team RubiPam/Saturday Night Massacre Report from Pamena:

Pamena's report:

Team RubiPam has battled some of the same issues as Team Kaels this week - loss of electricity and work aggro being chief among them - so we basically just worked on the Amber-Shaper in HOF THursday night for a while, and then on Monday, got Jin'rokh down again (without Elu's great dps it was more difficult but we did finally do it and thanks to Jantuk for subbing in with us) and then worked on Amber-Shaper some more. I am pretty sick of him now, so I am really hoping we will be at full strength tonight and get that fight done, so we can move on to Empress and then to Terrace. We are hoping to be geared enough to tackle Horridon, the second boss in TOT, by next Thursday perhaps or possibly the next week.

Sat Night Massacre: This week we went back to the Sha, but it was difficult to get enough pugs to fill in our raid. Alas, the Sha is no long the New Hotness. We returned to Dino Island and this time we found the big guy on the boat, War God something or other, and got him down. After that, 10 of us went to MSV, as Xoff still needs to run it for sigils for his legendary, about half of us from the existing raid groups, and half from the pool of people that Jantuk and Tvath will form their new raid group from, so it was good experience for those guys, and we did finally get the Stone Guard down (a horrible combination that night, jasper chains and amethyst pools and cobalt traps, yuck). I really would like to get some ideas for new stuff to do for SNM - it needs to be something everyone in the guild can participate in, at least from level 85 and up, so please think about it and post your ideas at the forum thread I set up at the web site.

New Raid Group: In case there's not a separate report on this from Jantuk or Tvath, I'm very happy to report that at long last a 3rd raid group looks like it's really going to come together, thanks to their energy, organization, and persistence. A very well attended vent meeting Tuesday night was a way for them to communicate their intentions and to urge people wanting to join the new team to go the web site, read their "manifesto" and take the poll they have set up to figure out a good time to try raiding. This group will be a great way for people who have been wanting to raid but have not been able to get a spot on either of the other two teams to get in on the action. So, Tvath and Jantuk are looking for 8 people who are not on either Team Kaels or Team RubiPam (and that's people, not toons) to join them in this new raiding adventure. We wish them well, and the whole guild stands ready to help with gear, supplies, advice and the occasional sub in by a Team K or Team RP member if necessary - but I am hoping that this new group will succeed on its own terms without the other teams looking over their shoulders. The best feeling in raiding is to work on a boss as a team, figure out how to beat the fight, and then do it as a team based on your own abilities and knowledge.

Something Mama has said about our raiding, in another context, I think is worth repeating here:

"We do not recruit people for raid spots nor do we bump people from raid groups when someone "better" comes along. For us, group dynamics and having fun with friends is what raiding is all about."

Here, here! So go Team [ name tba]!

And here's the Team Kaels report from Ninotchka that was there all along and I somehow managed to derp over:
Happy Equinox!

Team Kaels battled delays, absences, bad connections, family aggro and the Council of Elders for the last week, and last night we finally managed to defeat them all and finish off the trolls! It's a chaotic fight at first, but once you get the hang of things it starts to all fall together, and in the end when we broke through it was immensely satisfying. I am happily researching the next boss, Tortos, and hope to have more news of progress for you next week. Turtle kicking!

(not sure if you want to put this next bit in the diary, but I thought I'd bring it up)

[Yeah, why the hell not? - Moody]

Now that team Kaels has passed council, we've opened up an opportunity for the rest of the guild. The corridor between Horridon and Council of Elders will seem strangely familiar to you all. It's the same setting used for the Treasure Trove of the Thunder King mini-scenario. Only now that we've killed everything in there, it's safe to go back and explore stuff at our leisure. There won't be any handy treasure chests to practice jumping on, but it's nice to be able to take the time to look into corners and get a feel for the geography of the place without that five minute countdown clock staring you in the face.

So on Friday (tomorrow, 3/22/13) night before our raid time (somewhere around 9 PM EST), I'm thinking of forming a raid group and zoning in and exploring, and I invite anyone who's interested to join me. Note that you will zone in at the end of the scenario and will have to backtrack through the map to do your explorations.

You can do the same thing if you finish an LFR of the first wing, but if you don't have a character geared up to item level 480 yet (or if you just loathe and despise LFR with all your being) this is a viable alternative.

That's all I have this week. For the Horde!
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