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As she puts it in this brief post at her blog:  

In a blinding flash of insight, he sees the pattern on the rug of the corporate reform movement.
She is referring to A Confederacy of Reformers by the brilliant Louisiana blogger Crazy Catfish.   Trust me, he really nails the corporate "reform" movement in education in this post.

Here is the conclusion:

What I am seeing is a purposeful plot to destroy public schools, and to profit from the destruction. These folks say they are data conscious and want to rely on “data driven decisions” but if that were true the data already readily available shows that everything they are doing is having the opposite effect of what they are purporting to provide. There is too much coordination for this to be accidental, and they are too successful for me to believe they are simply not competent enough to understand the data that disproves everything they claim. These groups have gone out of their way to spin the data, falsify the data, or simply hide or destroy the data to prevent people from seeing what is going on. These groups are fully aware of what they are doing – destroying public education in our country. Some of them are doing it purely for profit driven motives, but there is more going on here. These are some of the puzzle pieces I have and what I see. Now if we allow this to continue, what do you see?
I see the pattern,  and so will you.

Go read his post.

Make it go viral.

Originally posted to teacherken on Mon Mar 25, 2013 at 07:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by Education Alternatives, Teachers Lounge, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and American Legislative Transparency Project.

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