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Let's start with this ...

An story: 'Obama Now Global Head of Al-Qaeda'
... and then get to the comments, below the fold.

Carpet baggers came down after the south lost and put “upity negros” into leadership positions to piss of the white southerners. Well … it’s now morphed into a real life “Planet Of The Apes !!!” It’s WAY past time for secession and Civil War II.
Someone forgot to "rebrand" this morning!
A porch monkey who hates America, hates whites, hates christianity, loves globalists and dictators, who has no birth certificate, no social security # and no soul …. has been elected by a dumbed down sports watching Oprah watching hip hop listening to pot head bunch of brainwashed libs.

What did you THINK would happen ???

Oof. Not rebrand-y. Please work on that.
Its funny how Obaaamaaa morphs between dark and lighter shades of black…is it simply a lighting effect…or a function of how much demonic possession he is under at a particular moment?
Demonic possession is a pretty good theory.

OR Did Osama killed Osama….

3,22 33 years birth day of the guide stones 3,22 2013 = ? 322 SKULL AND CROSSBONES TODAY IS THE BEARER OF LIGHT, TODAY IS A FRIDAY ?, BEWARE TODAY.
Thanks for the warning!
While I agree with the sentiment in this article I wanted to make a scholarly point. You mentioned that Obama is the ‘progenitor’ of al-Qaeda when he is in reality the ‘proliferator’ of al-Qaeda. The group was created by western intelligence well before Obama, he has simply continued using the same false-flag tactics as the former administrations because such tactics are effective in producing instability.
That was very scholarly!
Why does this not surprise me.

I was trying to explain to a friend yesterday, all of the DHS purchases and their build-up for civilian oppression, but she literally refused to believe it. Like many ignorant or scared sheeple, she’d prefer to bury her head in the sand and ignore the facts than to see the President’s regime for what it really is – Tyranny.

Poor friend.
There is an Alien agenda to turn Man on Earth into savage animals — is that what Obama is supporting.

He is a let-down to humanity in general — by trying to appease the false god. Has Obama and his crew no sense of right and wrong, or do they occupy their minds with the words of the snake-people.

Maybe Obama was re-incarnated; to come back and make all the same mistakes. He should get-off of his war-horse and seek real peace, not some form of surrender to evil trolls manifest in human form. Why do members of congress applaud the Mad-Dog agenda, is it because crooks and criminals seek an enabling factor — to make it easy to serve the devil against humanity. What a bunch of worthless peaces of shit the congress have become seeking the path and idols of destruction. They want to bomb out former trading partners to perpetrate a crooked dollar, they have succumb to delusional economic theories, and live in a Peter Pan land of false-hoods. They don’t even have the brains to know who has no brains. Thus is the corrupt warrior clan, thinking it is fun to be stupid and start many wars.

Aliens and reincarnation and idols and the devil, and the sheeple WON'T LISTEN!!1!
How well do they fight for the SUB-human agenda, is it for pollution control. In primitive society, tribal warfare is used as the limiting factor to limit population versus resources. But now with the central bank debt slavery system, all non-aligned countries are seen as resources to be plundered — for the benefit of the central bank oligarchies. It is made deadly by a Marxist Communist agenda — to fool people they might actually be winning something, but they are self justified retards.
I'm not sure what this has to do with Obama's new leadership role at Al Qaeda, but sure!
The whole things going to blow up and cook all of us very soon. Theory is we win bullshit we die they win.Im so sick of people who think we survive this shit.
Optimists suck.
OMG. If this was not true I suppose the goverment should shut down in question of hours. So I’ve got to suppose this is true. Praise God to have mercy of us if this is true…
I think you have that backwards ...
He’ll need more than an army to take out me and my boys with our big guns!


... or one drone strike.
I never thought of Obama as being the head of al-Qaeda, but that is an interesting way of looking at it.

It’s a shame that our leaders can’t be trusted at all.

It's interesting because some random crank on the internet said it!
We need to go to the White House en mass and haul his butt out and hold court and put him on trial for treason.

I am going to D.C. this weekend and will PROUDLY wear my Obama TREASON shirt. Search for Obama Treason Shirt. It simply says Treason on it and the O is Obama’s campaign symbol. I can’t tell you how many people I have enraged or made laugh and give a thumb’s up when they see it.

No fucking way, you're wearing what? Whoooooweee you're a badass!

Don't forget to haul Obama out of the White House, and make sure it's on his butt!

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