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On one level, I don't want to give this asshole any more attention. On another level, I find his pitiful rant about nobody liking him rather satisfying. So hell with it, I'm going to give him a little attention.

You may or may not have heard of Robert Oscar Lopez. If not, here's the rundown: He's a bisexual conservative who also happens to be an activist against marriage equality. Oh, but it gets even worse--he claims to have also been raised by a lesbian couple. Yes, a bisexual man supposedly raised by a lesbian couple is pouring his heart and soul into stopping marriage equality. Oh, and he's framing his argument against marriage equality around the dangers it poses to children. Wrap your head around that for just a moment. If that doesn't make you want to barf up your dinner, I don't know what will.

You may remember this clip I posted earlier this month of Lopez's testimony before the Minnesota House on Minnesota's marriage equality bill:

Lopez also joined forces with Doug Mainwaring, a gay man in Maryland, and signed an amicus brief for the Supreme Court in support of Prop 8. Actively fighting against his civil rights is something this guy takes very seriously.

Well, Lopez is back. This time, it's to complain that the press isn't rolling out the red carpet for him. In fact, nobody seems to even like him! Gasp! Shock! I just can't imagine why! Lopez writes for the American Thinker:

I never knew the extent of a lobby's power until fate called me to speak on behalf of children's rights.  Now, six months after having come forward with a logical, secular argument against same-sex parenting based on experience, broad research, and international law, I have been met with vicious attacks and something far worse than viciousness: a massive nationwide cold shoulder.  Both left and right are allied in a complete blackout of dissent from LGBT orthodoxy.

Doug Mainwaring is a gay father in Maryland; he and I jointly signed an amicus brief in support of Proposition 8.  Over the last six weeks, fifteen news organizations have rejected our editorials and refused to interview us; many, like Salon and the New Republic, gave major coverage to the pro-gay marriage side at the same time that they rejected our correspondence. Some of these publications are conservative, though I will strive not to burn bridges by naming them here.

I am, moreover, the only person reared by a same-sex couple who signed an amicus brief in support of Proposition 8.  Nonetheless, the Washington Post feels that it is newsworthy to report on two gay men holding a bake sale to raise money to pay a surrogate mother, while deeming the riposte from Mainwaring and me utterly insignificant.

Well, Mr. Lopez, that's because, aside from being utterly appalling and enough to make a person want to retch over a toilet bowl, what you call your "riposte" (LMAO) is insignificant. Wrap your head around this: Nobody cares what you think, unless it is to wonder aloud how you could have possibly turned out to be such a bigoted jackass. Congratulations--you are pouring your life into opposing the civil rights of members of your own community, and you're just going to lose in the end. And then what will you be left with?

Here you go, though. You were just reported on at Daily Kos. Now, have a waaambulance ride on me.

Originally posted to Chrislove on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 05:34 PM PDT.

Also republished by Angry Gays, Milk Men And Women, and LGBT Kos Community.

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