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The Quarterly

Samples of this 150 Diary Collection covering election related posts from the first quarter of 2013:

[MA-Sen] Markey is the clear choice for MA Dems by Left Out Loud - In the race to replace John Kerry in the U.S. Senate, it looks as though two members of the House of Representatives- Ed Markey of Massachusetts District 7 and Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts District 9 - will be the prominent contenders for the Democratic party nomination. As members of the House, Lynch and Markey offer starkly different visions of what it means to be a Massachusetts Democrat.

[SC-01] No Joke: Stephen Colbert's sister vs. Mr. Appalachian Trail for SC House seat by teresahill - Diarist has info on the special election in South Carolinas 1st district between Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (D) who is comedian Stephen Colberts sister & former Governor Mark Sanford (R).

[WI-Gov] Scott Walker Is Already Running for Re-Election in 2014 And More by Puddytat -7 months after "winning" his recall election Wisconson Governor Scott Walker (R-MoneyBuysElectionsLand) has kicked off his re-election bid for 2014 by picking a new campaign team. Sure, it's 2 years early, but when several of your top aides in your former elected office have been convicted of felonious conduct and you still have ongoing local and federal John Doe investigations into the activities in that office, you can't start too soon.

Mayoral Malarkey: A Guide to the Big City Mayor Races of 2013 by Darth Jeff - A very interesting diary with information on upcoming mayoral elections in U.S. cities with a population of at least 300,000 as of the 2011 census.

This inaugural quarterly edition of Election Diary Rescue covers rescued down-ticket election diaries published from January 1st to March 31st, 2013. We hope you enjoy the following gems dug up by our dedicated team of miners.

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Orange Squiggle of Down-Ticket Power

EDR typically compiles, describes and links election related diaries for down-ticket races through the closing months of election seasons. Down-ticket means any non-Presidential race. This is our first quarterly edition and the continuation of a front page series that has rescued diaries in every election since 2006.

EDR chronicles the passion, power and effectiveness of political engagement and shines a light on candidates and issues that might be missed during an action-packed election cycle. It gives quick access to races, hopefully inspires people to write about contests that interest them, and has become an archive for thousands of election related diaries over the years.

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This edition of EDR was made possible by the following miners and editors: Alma, eeff, Joieau, nomandates, Oke, randallt, Sylv, TruthOfAngels and turbonerd. • And a special thanks to diarist poopdogcomedy who has contributed so much to down ticket coverage!


[AK-Sen] AK-Sen: Mark Begich (D) Says No To Congressional Pay Raises by poopdogcomedy - Well like I mentioned in my past diaries that Senator Mark Begich (D) of Alaska has become my number one incumbent I will be fighting for in 2014. Actblue link included.

[AK-Sen] AK-Sen: Sen. Jon Tester (D. MT) Fundraises For Sen. Mark Begich (D) by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on the Alaska Senate race & Sen John Tester (D) Montana helping him out.

[AK-Sen] AK-Sen: Mark Begich (D) Calls Out GOP's Plan To Suppress The Native American Vote In Alaska by poopdogcomedy - The voter suppression efforts being pushed by Parnell, Treadwell, Lynn and the Alaska GOP are blatant efforts to steal Begich's seat and keep Democrats in the minority in the Alaskan state legislator.

[CO-Sen] CO-Sen: Mark Udall (D) Fights For Your Civil Liberties by poopdogcomedy – 2014 is just around the corner and this diary has great info on Mark Udall and an actblue link for the candidate.

[CO-Sen] CO-Sen: Birther Mike Coffman (R) Not Interested In Challenging Mark Udall (D) In 2014 by poopdogcomedy Rep. Mike Coffman said Wednesday he wasn’t planning to challenge Sen. Mark Udall for his seat in 2014.

[CO-Sen] CO-Sen: Mark Udall (D) Praises The Passing Of CO Civil Unions Bill by poopdogcomedy - Lot’s of reasons to help re-elect Sen. Udall.

[CO-Sen] CO-Sen: Mark Udall (D) Pushes For More Federal Funding For Firefighters by poopdogcomedy - A budget amendment that would prioritize funds for fighting wildfires passed the Senate this weekend by voice vote without objection, according to a statement from Sen. Mark Udall’s office. Udall's colleague, Senator Michael Bennet (D. CO) was also a co-sponsor of Udall and Barrasso's amendment. Included in the diary is an ActBlue link to support Senator Udall's 2014 re-election campaign.

[CO-Sen] CO-Sen: Mark Udall (D) Drafts Legislation To Protect Americans Privacy From Domestic Drones by poopdogcomedy - From the diarist, "I trust Udall in drafting legislation that will prohibit drone technology from violating our civil liberties and privacy. I look forward to his legislation. If you'd like to donate to Udall's 2014 campaign so he can continue to fight to protect our civil liberties, please donate to his 2014 re-election campaign." You can hit the ActBlue link inside.

[DE-Sen] DE-Sen: Chris Coons (D) Gets Ready To Fight For The Voting Rights Act by poopdogcomedy - Coons has been a very loud advocate for not only protecting our right to vote but also improving the way we vote. He is the author of the The Fair, Accurate, Secure and Timely (FAST) Voting Act that he reintroduced to the Senate in late January.

[GA-Sen] GA-Sen: Choo Choo! The Tea Party Express Is Coming For You, Saxby Chambliss (R)! by poopdogcomedy - Well it looks like Amy Kremer, chairman of the national Tea Party Express and a Georgia resident shares my hatred for Chambliss as well but for different reasons:

[GA-Sen] GA-Sen: Rep. Paul Broun (R) Throws The First Punch At Saxby Chambliss (R) Over Taxes & Spending by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on the Georgia Senate race with Saxby Chambliss (R) being challenged by Paul Broun (R).

[GA-Sen GA-Sen, GA-11: Phil Gingrey trusted to be as entertaining as Broun by pistolSO - "And now the count of jokers that somehow got a medical degree is two for the Republicans in the Georgia Senate race now that noted Todd Akin defender Phil Gingrey has officially announced his candidacy for Senate.

[HI-Sen] HI Sen: Will Environmental Issues Help Brian Schatz (D) Keep His Senate Seat? by poopdogcomedy - Appointed Senator Brian Schatz (D) might be in store for a primary battle. An interesting look at Hawaii.

[HI-Sen] HI-Sen: League Of Conservation Voters Endorses Brian Schatz (D) for U.S. Senate by poopdogcomedy -  Appointed Senator Brian Schatz (D) has received the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters for the 2014 Hawaii Special Election. The diary includes background on Schatz's environmental bonafides and an ActBlue link.

[IA-Sen] IA-Sen: Tom Harkin (D-IA) to retire at the end of the 113th Congress by- JGibson The 73-year-old Harkin tells The Associated Press in an interview, "It's just time to step aside," because by the time he would finish a sixth term, he would be 81.

[IA-Sen] IA-Sen: Tom Harkin (D), "Don't underestimate Steve King (R)" by poopdogcomedy - Ok, I know the idea of Tea Party Congressman Steve King (R. IA-4) excites us because we'll have a chance to see the Republican Party continue to devour its self and hand the race to our star candidate, Congressman Bruce Braley (D. IA-1). Link to help Braley included.

[IA-Sen] Steve King for Senate? by cocinero - Earlier today (3/25) Steve King (R IA04) told reporters that his odds of running for the open senate seat being vacated by Tom Harkin are "a little more than 50-50." Congressman Bruce Braley (D IA01) has already announced his candidacy. A Public Policy poll shows that Braley would beat King by 11 points.

[IA-Sen] IA-Sen: Join Bruce Braley (D) For Facebook Live Chat On March 29th by poopdogcomedy - Donation link and information on Braley's endorsements inside.

[IA-Sen] IA-Sen: Martin Heinrich (D. NM) Fundraises For Bruce Braley (D. IA) by poopdogcomedy - Congressman Bruce Braley (D) (IA-01) picked up the endorsements of Senator Martin Heinrich, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald. Senator Heinrich sent out a fundraising appeal for Braley. You can access the link inside the diary.

[IA-Sen] IA-Sen: Steve King (R) To Karl Rove At CPAC, "I'm still standing" by poopdogcomdey - Diarist has info on the 2014 Senate race in Iowa.

[IL-Sen] IL-Sen: Dick Durbin (D) Will Run For Re-Election In 2014 by poopdogcomedy - With so many senate retirements it’s good to know Sen. Durbin is in for another election.

[KY-Sen] KY Sen: Rep. John Yarmouth Says Ashley Judd May Run for Office (Senate?) by pipsorcle – Let’s give Mitch McConnell a run for his money.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Mitch McConnell targeted by conservative front groups by DownstateDemocrat - The conservative front group For America intends to run web ads in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's home state of Kentucky tying McConnell to President Obama and Vice President Biden.

[KY-Sen] Naomi Judd: Ashley Judd Still Mulling Senate run Against Mitch McConnell by pipsorcle - Here's Ashley Judd's mother, Naomi, on Larry King NOW giving her view on whether or not Ashley will make a run for the U.S. Senate against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Is Mitch McConnell (R) Safe From Both Democrats & The Tea Party? by poopdogcomedy - Ok, so in regards to Senate Minority Leader Mitch "Yurdle the Turtle" McConnell (R), I keep hearing people go back and forth about whether or not McConnell is safe or in danger of a Tea Party uprising.

[KY-Sen] KY-SEN: Kentucky Democrats Not Entirely Sold on Ashley Judd's Candidacy - Really? by pipsorcle Diarist has questions for the Dems in Kentucky about why they don't think Judd could get the job done.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Rep. John Yarmuth on Ashley Judd - "She'd Fit Right In" by pipsorcle - Diarist has political opinions on Ashley Judd (D) challenging Mitch McConnell in the Senate race in Kentucky.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen Mitch GOP "Not The Party Of Billionaires" McConnell (R) Fundraises With Billionaires by poopdogcomedy - Oh the irony. Talk about calling the kettle black. This, from Mother Jones 3/18/13 is telling. Fundraising is McConnell's specialty. As former Sen. Alan Simpson once observed, "When he asked for money, his eyes would shine like diamonds. He obviously loved it." Don't think for a moment McConnell will let his defense of the GOP get in the way of his chase for millionaires' and billionaires' money.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Bill Clinton gets involved in the Kentucky Senate Race by poopdogcomedy - In case you didn't know, the big dog is playing a role in the 2014 Kentucky U.S. Senate race.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Daily Beast Reports Ashley Judd Could Beat Mitch McConnell by pipsorcle - Diarist has info on the chances for the Kentucky Senate election of Ashley Judd (D) challenging Mitch McConnell (R).

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Kentucky "Democrats" are Still Fearing Ashley Judd - Are they REALLY Democrats? by pipsorcle - Diarist covers the latest on the race for Kentuckys Senate race.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen BREAKING: Ashley Judd NOT Running for Senate by Brainwrap - "A source close to Judd said that Secretary of State Allison Grimes' interest in potential race made the decision not to run easier."

[LA-Sen] LA-Sen: Vice President Biden to Campaign For Mary Landrieu (D) in New Orleans on Jan. 26th by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info about VP Joe Biden campaigning in Louisiana for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D)

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Barney Frank endorses Ed Markey for Senate, thinks that Capuano won't run by pistolSO – Lot’s of linky goodness so you can help support Rep. Markey in bid for this senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Scott Brown (R) Hasn't Even Entered The Race & He's Already Attacking Ed Markey (D) by poopdogcomedy - I feel good about Markey's candidacy. So does Kerry, Vicki Kennedy and the DSCC.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: And now we have a primary!! UPDATE: Is Lynch running? by AnotherMassachusettsLiberal - Stephen Lynch announced today that he's throwing his hat into the ring for John Ketty's senate seat.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D) Warns Supporters Of A Possible Scott Brown (R) Comeback by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on the Massachusetts Senate Race to replace John Kerry (D)

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Michael Capuano says that he is not running by pistolSO - Diarist has info on the Massachusetts Senate race to replace Sen John Kerry (D)

[MA-Sen] The Bay State's Political Regions- Breaking Down Massachusetts' 2012 US Senate Election Results by IllinoyedR - Diarist has studied Massachusetts 2012 Senate race.

[MA-Sen] Markey is the clear choice for MA Dems by Left Out Loud - In the race to replace John Kerry in the U.S. Senate, it looks as though two members of the House of Representatives- Ed Markey of Massachusetts District 7 and Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts District 9 - will be the prominent contenders for the Democratic party nomination. As members of the House, Lynch and Markey offer starkly different visions of what it means to be a Massachusetts Democrat.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Ed Markey (D) Joins Alan Grayson (D) and Mark Takano (D) to Save Our Seniors by poopdogcomedy - Ed Markey is a natural successor to the Kennedy legacy in Massachusetts and this is why. He has the courage to stand up to the Republicans and his own Party when the lives and dignity of average working families are at stake. Blue America believes that this is the kind of courage we need more of in the US Congress.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Democracy For America Endorses Ed Markey (D) For U.S. Senate by poopdogcomedy - U.S. Senate candidate, Congressman Ed Markey (D. MA-5), just picked up another big endorsement from Democracy For America.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Sign Ed Markey's (D) Petition To End Big Oil's Free Ride by poopdogcomedy - Congressman Markey will make a fantastic senator.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: MBTC President Styler's letter to Lynch and what's with the ice truck thing? by 51percent - As the editor of this diary, I want to say unequivocally I am a supporter of unions - especially building trade unions. However, I am disappointed in the need for the organization that encompasses all building trades unions in MA to endorse Stephen Lynch simply because he was an Ironworker.

[MA-Sen] First Markey vs Lynch Debate (MA Senate-D) Tonight! by jplanner  - Diarist takes a look at the Democratic primary for the Massachusetts Special Election to replace John Kerry detailing some of Ed Markey's  progressive ratings and contrasting with the conservative Steven Lynch.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Check Out Ed Markey's (D) Ad Going After BP by poopdogcomedy - Video of Ed Markey's Ad which highlight's his work to hold BP accountable for the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf. Link to donate to the Markey campaign for the special Massachusetts Special Election included.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: In back-to-back debates for both partys' primaries, Markey appeared to be the only Democrat by 51percent - In the primary debate for the Massachusetts Special Senate Election, the Democrats - Ed Markey and Steven Lynch followed the Republicans. However, it seemed as if there was only one Democrat up there. Link to video of the debates at the bottom of the diary.

[MI-Sen] MI-Sen: If Carl Levin (D) Decides To Retire, I Say We Draft Jennifer Granholm (D) To Run For Senate by poopdogcomedy - Granholm is also a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley but once we hear if incumbent U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D. MI) decides to retire, I think she needs to return to Michigan for a higher calling.

[MI-Sen] MI-Sen: Tea Party Congressman Justin Amash (R), "If Carl Levin (D) retires, I'll run for Senate" by poopdogcomdey - Diarist has info for the Michigan Senate race.

[MN-Sen] Invincible Al Franken? by The Big E - The National Journal, preeminent RWNJ magazine and website, thinks that Al Franken may not have a strong challenger when he runs for reelection in 2014. They may have a point.

[MN-Sen] MN-Sen: Al Franken (D), "More Mental Health Professionals In Schools" by poopdogcomedy - Help Al keep fighting for common sense solutions to our problems and restoring education funding.

[MN-Sen] MN-Sen: Al Franken (D) In Great Shape For 2014, Michele Bachmann (R) Top Choice For GOP Voters by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on the Minnesota Senate Race With incumbent Al Franken (D).

[MN-Sen] MN-Sen: Al Franken (D), Protecting You From Being Tracked On Your Cell Phone & Online History by poopdogcomedy - Diarist reports that Minnesota Sen. Al Franken (D) has earned the term "privacy hawk" for his ongoing efforts to protect consumers privacy from large corporations. Links to donate included.

[MN-Sen] MN-Sen: Win A Chance To Have Brunch With Al Franken (D) & Conan O'Brien In Los Angeles! by poopdogcomedy - Diarist reports on fundraising e-mail from MN Senator Al Franken (D) and provides link to donate. Al Franken/Conan O'Brien videos are included as well.

[MN-Sen] MN-Sen: Al Franken (D) Presses Eric Holder on Aaron Swartz Prosecution by poopdogcomedy - Senator Al Franken (D) has joined the fight to find out more about prosecution of Reddit founder, Aaron Swartz, that lead to his suicide. The diary includes Senator Franken's letter to Eric Holder, additional information and an Al Franken for Senate 2014 donation link.

[MT-Sen] MT-Sen: Champ Edmunds (R) So Far Might Be The Craziest Candidate Of The 2014 Election Cycle by poopdogcomedy - I know my title sounds premature and I know there aren't any die hard supporters of Senator Max Baucus (D. MT) in this community (and you can count me as one of them) but I'm now starting to take interest in this race as one local Republican has expressed interest in challenging Baucus in 2014.

[NC-Sen] NC-Sen: Will The Pope Foundation Screw Up The GOP's Chances Of Taking Kay Hagan's (D) Seat? by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info On Kay Hagan's (D) re-election and who might challenge her.

[NC-Sen] NC-Sen: As The GOP Primary Is About To Get Crowded, Kay Hagan (D) Gears Up For 2014 by poopdogcomedy - Figured I'd give you all an update on the upcoming U.S. Senate race in North Carolina. So late last month, Senator Kay Hagan (D) received her first GOP opponent for the 2014 Senate race.

[NC-Sen] NC-Sen: Kay Hagan (D) Finally Comes Out For Gay Marriage by poopdogcomedy - Following up on supporting expanding background checks for gun purchases, Senator Kay Hagan (D) posted to Facebook that, "after much thought and prayer, I have come to my own personal conclusion that we shouldn't tell people who they can love or who they can marry." ActBlue link inside.

[NH-Sen] NH-Sen: Keep The NH Delegation In Women's Hands, Help Jeanne Shaheen (D) Win Re-Election In 2014 by poopdogcomedy - 2012 was a victorious election year for women around the country. Female Democratic politicians picked up seats in the House and Senate. But the one state where women scored big time was in New Hampshire.

[NH-Sen] NH-Sen: Shaheen (D) Urges Defense Secretary Hagel To Look Into Overturned Sex Assault Conviction by poopdogcomedy - And if you would like to donate to Shaheen's 2014 campaign, you can do so at the actblue link in the diary.

[NH-Sen] NH-Sen: Jeanne Shaheen (D), "Don't Let The GOP Privatize Medicare!" by poopdogcomedy - Yet another reason to support Ms. Shaheen.

[NH-Sen] NH-Sen: Debbie Stabenow (D. MI) Campaigns For Jeanne Shaheen (D) by poopdogcomedy - Diarist shares an email from Senator Debbie Stabenow. ActBlue link for Senator Shaheen included.

[NH-Sen] NH-Sen: Jeanne Shaheen (D) Co-Sponsors The Protecting America's Workers Act by poopdogcomedy - Along with information on PAWA, which works to address workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths and would expand OSHA protections to cover more workers the diarist has provided an ActBlue link for Senator Shaheen and some interesting coverage of New England Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork.

[NJ-Sen] NJ-Sen: Cory Booker (D) Vs. Frank Lautenberg (D) In The Battle For The Garden State by poopdogcomedy – A look at some possibilities for the 2014 race.

[NJ-Sen] NJ-Sen: Frank Lautenberg (D) Exits With A Joke by poopdogcomedy - Diarist covers Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) announcement he would not seek re-election.

[NM-Sen] NM-Sen: Organized Labor & Sierra Club Back Udall-Merkley-Harkin Filibuster Reform by poopdogcomedy – It’s never too early to get info on candidates for their 2014 elections.  Actblue link for Tom Udall included.

[NM-Sen] NM-Sen: Tom Udall's (D) Uranium Cleanup Bill Passes Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee by poopdogcomedy - NM Senator Tom Udall's (D) uranium mining cleanup bill, which he co-authored with NM Senator Martin Heinrich (D), passed the Senate Energy and Resources Committee that he serves on. Udall and Democratic Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-3) have been the leading voices in Washington, D.C. in cleaning up and preserving our public lands and making mining companies accountable for their actions.

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Will Hold Town Hall Meetings With Constituents on Jan. 9th & 10th by poopdogcomedy – While the event might be over I’m sure the actblue link is still working if you are interested in supporting him for his 2014 run.

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Campaigns For Jeff Merkley (D) by poopdogcomedy - Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH), is campaigning for fellow progressive hero, Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR)

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D), "The idea that some banks are 'too big to jail' is outrageous!" by poopdogcomedy - I figured you all would like this. Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore.  Actblue link included.

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Renews The Call For Filibuster Reform by poopdogcomedy - Another reason to use the actblue link to help re-elect Sen. Merkley.

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Sign Merkley's (D) Petition Telling Senate GOP To Give Richard Cordray Up-Or-Down Vote by poopdogcomedy - Sen. Merkley is on the right side of things again.  An actblue link included so you can help get him re-elected.

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Tammy Baldwin (D. WI) Fundraises For Jeff Merkley (D) by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on Oregons Senate Race.

[OR-Sen] OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Pushes President Obama To End The War In Afghanistan by poopdogcomedy - Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) has joined Senators Sherrod Brown (D. OH) and Rand Paul (R. KY) in urging President Obama to end the war in Afghanistan. Details and ActBlue link to help keep Senator Merkley in the Senate included.

[PA-Sen] PA-Gov: Treasurer Rob McCord (D) Hires Sen. Casey's (D. PA) Finance Director by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on the Pennsylvania Governors race.

[RI-Sen] RI-Sen: Carl Levin (D. MI) Endorses Jack Reed (D) For Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee by poopdogcomedy - With Senator Carl Levin (D. MI) retiring and Senator Tim Johnson (D. SD) still needing to decide about his political future, Senator Jack Reed (D. RI) could be in store for two big promotions.

[RI-Sen] RI-Sen: Jack Reed (D) Secures Funding For LWCF & Housing Assistance Programs by poopdogcomedy - Two big scores for Senator Jack Reed (D). Even though he's safe for re-election, how about donating to Reed's re-election campaign as a way of saying thanks. Link inside.

[SC-Sen] A Message To Mark Sanford From God by Paul Bibeau - This Recommended diary lists the Eleven Commandments of why Mark Sanford should not run for Senate.

[SC-Sen] SC-Sen: Lindsey Graham (R) "If I Can Sell Immigration Reform In South Carolina, It Will Pass" by poopdogcomedy - After an in-depth look at Senator Graham on immigration reform the diarist includes the information that on March 26th, Businessman Jeremy M "Jay" Stamper (D) will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Senate 2014 race. Some background on Stamper included.

[SD-Sen] SD-Sen: Gov. Daugaard (R) Appoints Ethanol Crony To Buy Senate Election For Mike Rounds (R) by poopdogcomedy - In an effort to help secure and buy the Senate seat for his old boss, Former Governor and U.S. Senate candidate, Mike "Abortion Ban" Rounds (R. SD), current Governor Dennis Dugaard (R. SD) has appointed former Rounds Chief of Staff, Rob Skjonsberg, to the South Dakota Board of Economic Development.

[SD-Sen] South Dakota Senate Race: Conventional Wisdom is Wrong by Michael Lux - Diarist takes a look at the likely Democratic primary voters in South Dakota and explains why the conventional wisdom that Stephanie Herseth Sandlin might be the strongest candidate in the 2014 Senate race might be wrong - that Tim Johnson's son, US Attorney Brendan Johnson would be a more progressive and perhaps stronger candidate.

[SD-Sen] SD-Sen: Tim Johnson (D) Urges President Obama To Not Negotiate On The Debt Ceiling by poopdogcomedy - Diarist covers Tim Johnson (D) re-election decision in the South Dakota Senate race.

[VA-Sen] VA-Sen: Senators Warner (D) & Kaine (D) Condemn VA Senate GOP by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has the story of VA senators taking a vote when one of the Dem Senators was in Washington for the Inauguration on 1-21-2013.

[VA-Sen] VA-Sen: Mark Warner (D) Comes Out For Marriage Equality by poopdogcomedy - Following on Senator Warner's public support for gay marriage in a post on Facebook this diary provides an ActBlue link for Senator Warner's 2014 re-election campaign.

[WV-Sen] Jay Rockefeller will not seek re-election in 2014 by blue aardvark – We need a good candidate here, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) has already announced her intention to run for the Senate seat.

[WV-Sen] Shelley Moore (R) Makes EMILY'S List Top 5 Anti Woman Targets for 2014. by poopdogcomedy – We need a good candidate here, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) has already announced her intention to run for the Senate seat.

[WV-Sen] WV-Sen: Carte Goodwin (D) Won't Run for Senate by poopdogcomedy - Former Sen. Carte Goodwin will not run for Jay Rockefeller's seat in the Senate. Goodwin had been appointed to replace Sen. Robert Byrd in July 2010, but chose not to run in the special election for the remainder of the term.


[CA-49] CA-49: It's About THAT time to Start Talking about Darrell "Darth Vader" Issa by pipsorcle – It’s never too early to talk about how we can defeat the death star.

[CA-49] CA-49: Profile of Darrell Issa as... Well, Darrell Issa by pipsorcle - Diartist covers Darrell Issa election 2014 chances.

[CA-49] CA-49: Darrell Issa Can't Stop Being Partisan and Crazy by pipsorcle - If you want to get involved in the efforts to hold Darrell Issa's feet to the fire and target him for re-election, I suggest you contact the San Diego County Democratic Party and join forces.

[CA-House] California House Races 2014 by Alibguy - A thorough look at a wide variety of California houses races. "Democrats have even more opportunities in 2014 though and can gain three more U.S. House seats if everything goes right."

[FL-09] Alan Grayson: Paul Ryan's Vision "a Nightmare for America" by eades - On Tuesday evening while discussing Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal on Current TV, Grayson gave Ryan the treatment he deserved and should receive from every Democrat in Washington. Campaign link for Grayson included.

[IL-02] Toi Hutchinson, The Progressive In IL-02 by downwithtyranny - Diarist has info on Toi Hutchinson for the race for IL-02.

[IL-02] IL-02: Hutchinson quits race, endorses Robin Kelly by brooklynbadboy - Diarist covers the special election in IL-02.

[IL-02] Toi Hutchinson to drop out of IL-02 race by Georgia Logothetis - Diarist has info on the Illinois 2nd district special election.

[IL-02] Debbie Halvorson complains to, FOX News and National Review about anti-NRA efforts by Georgia Logothetis - Diarist covers the special election in Illinois 2nd district.

[IL-02] Robin Kelly has 5,245 individuals donors and you can add to that total by Reading on Walden Bookstore - Diarist Has info on Robin Kelly (D) running for the Illinois 2nd District.

[MN-06] Taking Back The House 2014: Michele Bachmann by RVKU – Prospects: I would say that this list should begin with Jim Graves, who gave Bachmann the closest run for her seat. Graves is a small-business owner and a local Minnesotan who nearly won even by being outspent from 10:1 margin.

[NY-12] Swearing in the Congresswoman Who Gave us Sonia Sotomayor by mole333 - Diarist has a story about 2 wonderful Democrats form New York.

[OH-08] Boehner To Get A 2014 Democratic Challenger, Andrew Hounshell, - OH-8 by ItsSimpleSimon - Veteran and steelworker Andrew Hounshell (D) will be announcing his candidacy on April 5th. Donation, information and Facebook links inside the diary.

[SC-01] No Joke: Stephen Colbert's sister vs. Mr. Appalachian Trail for SC House seat by teresahill - Diarist has info on the special election in South Carolinas 1st district between Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (D) who is comedian Stephen Colberts sister & former Governor Mark Sanford (R)

[SC-01] SC-01: We May Never See A Colbert In The White House But We Can Send One To Congress by poopdogcomedy - How can you not love her? I believe in her, South Carolina Democrats believe in her, the DCCC believes in her, we should believe in her. Link for donating to her campaign included.

[SC-01] Taking Back The House 2014: Michael Grimm by RVKU - I’m a little bit less than halfway through my Spring Break and felt like taking a small break in-between making brackets for March Madness and following the primary results of the South Carolina Congressional District 1 race.  Yes, to me this is what qualifies as a “break” and yes, I really should be writing that paper.

[SC-01] SC-01: PPP, The Special Election Is A Toss Up! Lets Send A Colbert To Congress! by poopdogcomedy - PPP notes that the Republican voters who greatly dislike Sanford are more likely to vote for Colbert-Busch than just stay home.  Those who would like to volunteer and/or donate in this effort can hit the campaign link at the bottom of the diary.

[TN-05] Is there anyone who will step up to take on Jim Cooper in Tennessee's 5th congressional district? by Steve Singiser - Diarist covers Tennessee's 5th district & wonders if someone will take on Jim Cooper (D).

[Var] Start Preparing for 2014 Midterm Elections NOW by pipsorcle - I will refuse to sit still and let 2014 turn into another 2010, when the Democratic Party did probably the most horrible PR campaign ever with regards to the Affordable Healthcare Act and in turn, lost a considerable number of seats in Congress. Video heavy.

[House General] 2014: Lay of the land in the House by slothlax - Diarist has searched the 2014 US House seats that are in play.

State and more-21

[AZ-Gov] AZ-Gov: Dr. Richard Carmona (D) For Governor by poopdogcomedy – “2012 Democratic Senate nominee and former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona is considering a 2014 gubernatorial bid in Arizona, he told the Arizona Capitol Times Wednesday.”

[CA-LA-Sch Bd] Is there a backlash now about all the billionaire donations in local school board races? by floridagal - A union-backed L.A. school board candidate beat one with huge donations from billionaire reformers.

[CA-40 St Sen] Tea Partier & accused fraudster still robocalling in CA Senate bid by WCWatch - Yesterday I got a robocall promoting Xanthi Gionis, a candidate for CA's 40th state senate district in the special election this week, and so decided to check her out.

[FL-Gov] Florida Gov. Rick Scott sees approval drop to 23% in latest poll by HoundDog – If we work hard we have a good shot at  taking this governorship in 2014.

[Houston-Mayor] Meeting Ben Hall, Mayoral Candidate for Houston by DAISHI - Houston mayoral candidate Ben Hall kept people waiting over two hours for a meet and greet, then spent only a few minutes at the gathering. From the diarist, "So listen up Houston. As of right now, Ben Hall doesn't really seem like he has the time to discuss policy with members of the community."

[MaricopaCo-Sheriff] SHERIFF JOE NEEDS OUR HELP! by se portland - Diarist has info on the recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

[MD-Gov] Governor O'Malley Proposes Early Voting Expansion in Maryland (Including Same Day Registration) by night cat - Governor O'Malley is proposing increasing the number of early voting days from six to eight, increasing the number of early voting locations in five Maryland Counties, increasing the hours per day for early voting during Presidential elections, and allowing same day registration during early voting.

[NH-Var] The New Biennium (in NH) by susanthe – Diarist’s annual look at some of the bills that have been filed by the 2013 NH legislature.

[NY-UM-Mayor] NYC Upper Manhattan Democratic Mayoral Candidate Forum by mole333 - I missed this event back in January, but I think it is worth plugging both the organization that put it on and the videos of the candidates. This particular candidate forum seems to be one of the most comprehensive candidate forums to date.

[PA-Gov] PA-Gov: Tell Gov. Corbett (R) & PA GOP To Stop Trying To Steal Elections by poopdogcomedy - Diarist covers The PA GOP trying to rig the next election in the GOP's favor.

[PA-Gov] PA-Gov: PPP Shows Tom Corbett (R) Trailing Allyson Schwartz (D) & Other Dems By 11 Points! by poopdogcomedy - Schwartz's long history on women's health and strong support for a woman's right to choose will be a key factor in taking out Corbett, who is nothing but a foot soldier in the GOP's War On Women.

[PA-Gov] PA-Gov: She's In! Allyson Schwartz (D) Will Run For Governor Of PA! by poopdogcomedy - Rep. Allyson Schwartz has decided to run for governor of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Democrats are hoping to avoid a crowded and expensive primary because they'll need the resources to beat Governor Tom Corbett (R-Koch Brother puppet). Several other Dems are considering running.

[SC-Gov] SC-Gov: South Carolina Democrats Are Getting Energized About A Vincent Sheheen (D) Comeback by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on south Carolina's Governor race in 2014.

[Seattle-Mayor] Seattle Teachers NO Mayor Burgess NO Mayor Murray by seabos84 - Diarist has info on the Seatle Washington Mayors race.

[VA-Gov] Cuccinelli Takes $2,000 From Group that Denies Marital Rape, Opposes Birth Control, Backed Todd Akin by lowkell - Diarist has info on Ken Cuccinelli's fund raising efforts in Virginia's Governors race.

[VA-Gov] VA Gov: Cuccinelli Continues Conveying Crazy Climate Conspiracies to Court by kindler - "Is Ken Cuccinelli moving to the center to win the Virginia governor's race? Um‚ No." If no other Democrats file by March 28th Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chairman will be the Democratic candidate in the general.

[VA-Lt Gov] VA LG Candidate Chopra swats down absurd GOP claim on Medicaid by davestroup - Tonight, Democratic candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Aneesh Chopra issued a strong response to a GOP claim that "it's better to be uninsured than to be on Medicaid."

[VA-ST-House] Photos: Fired-Up Howard Dean rips GOP "Crackpots," Kicks Off "Purple to Blue" Campaign by lowkell - Great video from the Howard Dean/DFA fundraiser on Capitol Hill for Virginia Democratic House of Delegates Democratic candidates Jennifer Boysko (District 86) and John Bell (District 87).

[WI-Gov] Scott Walker Is Already Running for Re-Election in 2014 And More by Puddytat -7 months after "winning" his recall election Wisconson Governor Scott Walker (R-MoneyBuysElectionsLand) has kicked off his re-election bid for 2014 by picking a new campaign team. Sure, it's 2 years early, but when several of your top aides in your former elected office have been convicted of felonious conduct and you still have ongoing local and federal John Doe investigations into the activities in that office, you can't start too soon.

[WI-Sup Ct] Wisconsin Supreme Court - Fallone has signatures to get on ballot! by WILawStudent - First off - A big thank you to everyone who helped in the signature collection efforts for Professor Ed Fallone. He collected over 3K signatures, with the nomination threshold needed at 2K.

[WI-Gov] WI-Gov: Is a Democratic challenger to Scott Walker anonymously tweeting right now? by DownstateDemocrat - Diarist has info on a possible challenger to Scott Walker (R) in Wisconsins Governors race.


Unrepresentative Democracy − The House of Representatives and the American Vote Not Represented by RobElders – Regardless of whether the Supreme Court, or the individual states, take any future steps to restrict the abuse of partisan gerrymandering, the Republican-dominated composition of the 113th House of Representatives that took their seats on January 3, 2013 did not reflect the will of the American electorate. The United States of America was the world’s first modern democracy and it has remained the world’s model democracy ever since.

Attacks on Voting Rights Continue by Kendra Marr Chaikind – It seems it never ends.  So we need to keep up with it kossacks.

Congress is less popular than Head Lice by jamess – I love a good poll.

This is how Joe Biden greets babies by Scarce – This mock swearing-in of Sen. Murphy is just too cute to pass up.

How the 2012 presidential results informs the 2014 House target list by Steve Singiser - Diarist examines who is Vulnerable in the 2014 election.

Larry Kudlow: Republicans will lose the House in 2014 if they don't cut spending EVEN MORE by DeadHead - Diarist covers a article by Larry Kudlow on the topic of more Budget Cuts needed for the GOP to retain the House.

Electoral College Reform: Senator Pileggi’s Plan Mirrors RNC Agenda to Steal Future Elections by S Kitchen - Diarist has info on the effort of the Republicans in Pennsylvania to change how Electorial Votes are rewarded.

Rigging the Rules: Republicans Working to Steal the Next Presidential Election by chloris creator - Diarist has info on the GOP effort to gerrymander Districts to rig the electorial vote.

Why Arizona Didn't Trend Blue in 2012: Presidential Results by Legislative District. by Xenocrypt -

Virginia Bills Tighten Voter ID Requirements (But Still Allow Concealed Weapons Permits as ID) by night cat - Diarist has info on Virginia's ID Requirements for voting.

A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2012 House of Representatives Elections by tqycolumbia - How many additional votes would Democrats have needed in order to win control of the House of Representatives? That is to say, what is the bare minimum additional votes Democrats would have needed in order to win exactly seventeen additional seats in the House, which would have given them the smallest possible majority?

San Antonio kicks off Battleground Texas - Hey, Rick Perry...GAME ON! by blue armadillo - Plans to turn Texas blue.

Political Geography Part 5: Mapping the US Congressional Elections and Comparing to Presidential by Stephen Wolf - In this latest installment, I take a look at the outcome of the 2012 elections for the US House of Representatives by district, state, and county as well as looking at where individual candidates performed differently than the presidential ticket.

2014 Congressional predictions- March 14, 2013 edition by pistolSO - Diarist posts a monthly (and eventually bi-weekly) series on the ever-changing 2014 Elections picture.

A Citizen's Letter RE: PA GOP Gerrymandering 2016 by PoconoPCDoctor - Diarist posts a letter written by a friend to a Republican State senator about the proposal to change the way Pennsylvania awards electoral college votes for 2016.

Stephen Colbert destroys right-wing's arguments against the Voting Rights Act by BruinKid - Diarist reports that Stephen Colbert took on the conservative arguments against the Voting Rights Act, and talked with Julian Bond about  it.

Mayoral Malarkey: A Guide to the Big City Mayor Races of 2013 by Darth Jeff - A very interesting diary with information on upcoming mayoral elections in U.S. cities with a population of at least 300,000 as of the 2011 census.

NC Assembly Bill to Restrict Early Voting & End Same Day Registration by davehouck - SB 428, the bill filed by state Senator Tillman would severely cut back on early voting hours and eleminate same-day registration. Included in the diary is a link to the bill and an action link to a petition against the bill.

Indians 101: Indian Voting in Montana (with Breaking News) by Ojibwa - The state of Montana has a long history of attempting to deny or reduce the Indian vote. In 2012, a federal judge denied a request to establish satellite election offices for American Indians on three Montana reservations. This week, civil rights attorneys from the U.S. Justice Department filed a friend-of-the-court brief contending that the elections offices were wrongly denied.

Purple to Blue by Gov Howard Dean MD -  I noticed some folks here at DailyKos have taken an interest in DFA's new Purple to Blue program (particular thanks to lowkell for the great write-up), so I want to share a message I sent to DFA members earlier.

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