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My wife and I are looking to add a room to our home, so we decided to get bids from a few independent contractors.

We did our due dilligence and came up with what we felt was a good list of contractors and called them--based on recommendations from friends and Internet research.

Eventually, the contractors started coming by the house and telling us how much it would cost and how long it would take. Suffice it to say, we were shocked by the estimates. Amazing how much adding a room can cost--even in these days where our economy is still recovering.

Anyway, this one guy came by and he seemed responsible and accommodating. He had a great personality, too.  His estimate was right in the middle and I could sense that my wife liked him, too. We were both giving each other those glances that said, "We're liking this dude.  This is the one."

I was about to hire him. Then we walked toward his truck, which was parked in front of the house.  That's when I noticed the NRA sticker on his truck and instantly changed my mind about doing business with him.

I abruptly shook his hand and told him we'd be in touch. Both he and my wife were both giving me incredulous looks...but I just sort of rushed him on his way without telling him why I had the change of heart.

As soon as he was gone my wife asked me what was up? I told her: "He's a member of the NRA. No way we're giving any of our money to anyone who's a part of that organization."

My wife asked, "Why didn't you just tell him that?"

I responded, "I was afraid of getting shot."  And she just sat there nodding her head in wide-eyed silent agreement.

Originally posted to Kwik on Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 10:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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