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In pro wrestling, wrestlers are actually actors who act like they hate each other.  They appear to fight ferociously for their audience, kicking and screaming and yelling.  They make bold claims about ripping one another to shreads but the reality is much different.  In reality, every fight is choreographed, every winner is predetermined and every detail, down to the outfits and injuries predetermined by the actual owners of the show. At the end of the day, they all go out to eat together and share in the profits.  Show business at its finest (at least to some).  However, to this day, there are believers who will argue with you about whether it is real or not.  I have been to a pro wrestling show back in the eighties in North Carolina and believe me, those people believed.  I saw a guy who didn't weigh 160 lbs soaking wet jump from the audience into the ring and punch Ivan Koloff because he was patriotic or something.  I watched the cops take him out and beat the crap out of him for it.  There was my friend's grandma who used to tell me that they didn't let high schoolers like me REALLY wrestle.  You had to be a professional before they let you REALLY wrestle.

What if our government was like that?  What if they pretended to fight for our sake but in reality, every fight had a scripted ending.  What if they actually agreed on everything but knew that if we didn't think there was a difference, we would start a new opposition party.  What if at the end of the day, they all go out and have dinner together and split up the profits.  How would we know?  How would it look any different than what we have here today?  How would we be any different than all of those suckers aguing about whether Ivan Koloff can beat Rick Flair or whatever?  Do we look as silly fighting for our candidate as that 160 lb kid looked jumping into the ring against that mountain of a man?

What is it that makes us believe that this is not exactly what is happening in our government today?  From that perspective, maybe Linda McMahon doesn't seem like such an idiotic candidate after all.



Is politics in America like Professional Wrestling?

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