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The blog post itself is inoffensive. The commenters, as you'll see below the fold, don't follow suit. Gay marriage and conservatism will be a toxic mix for a long, long time even at places like Hot Air, which is actually one of the mellower outposts of right wingnutistan.

This is really becoming very humorous at this point. All of this evolution based on polls not prayer. All one needs to do is read a bible or the Torah and the choice is very clear. Man and women. Be fruitful and multiply is very difficult to achieve otherwise.
Homo sapiens were fruitful and multiplied long before marriage ever existed.
The “evolution” is occurring under the power of the State Media so it is handled as “normal” in the media the LIVs consume.

In reality, you only normally see this sort of movement in a state that is either non-representative or is in the last stages of changing into an authoritarian state.

North Korea allows marriage equality?
Hari Seldon has conclusively shown that trying to predict the little details of the future is a fool’s game. But the broad sweep of history is another story. I predict more control over churches, occasional slapdowns by the courts, and bigger government until it collapses.
I predict that decades from now, despite any evidence in support, conservatives will still be claiming churches will be "controlled" by the government and overrun with lawsuits from the homosexual lobby.

My prediction is better.

Watching the GOP slowly destroy itself on this issue is not going to be pleasant. The more Republicans in Congress and elsewhere that come out for gay marriage, the more they ensure their defeat in future elections. Social Conservatives like myself will oppose this every step of the way. If the GOP is ever dumb enough to try and make their Presidential candidate a gay marriage supporter, kiss that election goodbye. I would also say that you need to drop your opposition to ObamaCare, because the mandate in that and the mandate that will result from gay marriage are two fronts on the same war. Embrace ObamaCare folks, you are undermining the opposition to it by embracing gay marriage.
If a Republican nominee embraces equality, kiss that election goodbye.

If a Republican nominee opposes equality, kiss that election goodbye.

Delicious, isn't it?

There have been a number of rumors that Mark Kirk is “queerer than a $3 bill” which was a major reason for his divorce.
Does that make his support for equality ... bad?
All that needs to be done is to collect and post the rantings of antireligious bigots like ZachV who openly admit they intend to use gay-sex marriage to sue and destroy churches, and Kirk is toast.

Call them what they are, which is bigots. Every single gay-sex marriage supporter endorses antireligious bigotry and opposes freedom of religious belief and speech. Every one.

My religion believes conservatives shouldn't have the vote. When will Republicans respect my religious freedom?
The most amazing side of these sudden conversions is that voters see them as normal, and continue to reelect the creeps. “Land of the sheep and home of the slave”, indeed.
When you're in the minority fringe, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your idea of "normal".
SSM? Fine. Just be sure the first churches sued by gay couples they turn down are either predominantly Black or Hispanic. Get lawyers now looking for nice Hispanic and Black gay couples who want to get married at Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe or MLK Street Missionary Baptist Church, and help them file.

A) Nothing sounds as sweet as whining when a coalition partner has to eat the dog food they voted for.

B) The churches the gays were hoping to target get to stand with the likes of Ebenezer Baptist Church, poisoning the whole sue-churches-into-silence tactic.

C) Oh Bla-acks and Laaa–tiiiinoooos yoo-hoo, what happened to your Lord and Savior 0bama having your backs, after all you did for him? Ain’t that a shame. Youuuuuu voted for it! Maybe y’all should re-think that bussing folks to the polls just because X candidate is darker than a paper bag, guys.

D) Oh Gaa-aays, why should the Democrats you bought and paid for fair and square pander to those Wal-Mart shopping boors who break into your cars when you park them on the street? Fair is fair, and their churches should get used to the twenty-first century, right?

A) Get with it people! It's only been YEARS since equality was achieved in states like Iowa, Massachusetts, and Vermont and still no brown church has been sued! What's everyone waiting for?

B) Um. Huh?

C) African Americans and Latino voters are cool with it. They aren't bigots.

D) Um. Huh?

There is a scene in In & Out where the community rallies around the newly out teacher (played by Kevin Kline) at a school assembly by standing up and declaring that they too are gay. First it is one student, then another, the fire department, the teacher’s parents, etc.

That’s the sense I get here. Particularly for Democrats, they have to get out in front of a camera and affirm their gay cred. It has become a thing because the sodomites were sure that their lifestyle choice would be legitimized as the same as marriage by the end of 2009 and were bitterly disappointed with the pace of the rat-eared devil’s evolution. How convenient for his re-election that it kicked in just before November. As he was walking away, you could almost here him mutter something about evolution should shut the queens up and make them vote Democrat. In other words this is all show and not much more.

Help me out with the analogy ... so the students standing up for the rat-eared gay teacher at the school assembly did it for show?
I object to the term, evolve.

It is devolution – from the natural and normal, to the unnatural and abnormal.

To embrace abomination.

They can do what they want, to whom they want – and it won’t change the truth.

Oh, many people will believe the lies, and they will embrace the demands of the homosexuals – but the truth will always remain.

Objection overruled.
It is so sadly ironic that we elect these politicians as leaders yet they fall in line like sheep. Pathetic political whores.
I'm old enough to remember when "a majority of the American people oppose gay marriage, so the politicians better follow suit!" was their argument.
I’m 54, and I’ve never seen America so sick. So lost and without direction. So desirous of being controlled, told what to do and what to embrace.

So utterly vile.

Isn't that the whole point of religion?
GOP – Gutless : Obtuse : Puerile.

Not a leader among them.

Ted Cruz is feeling like chopped liver.
The more we endorse behaviors which violate god’s principles the less of God’s protection we will enjoy.

Embrace this deviancy at our nation’s peril.

God already doesn't allow miracles in America. Damn Africans getting all of god's protections!
I’ve been a homosexual my entire life; and as such, I know it’s entirely plausible that one does not have to change the fundamental definition of an institution in order to have an open mind and respect for others. This is one time I wish I were an openly gay senator so I could proudly proclaim, “I am not in favor of gay marriage. Let gay couples register their unions at city hall, have a party… whatever, but do not call what they have ‘marriage,’ because it’s an impossibility.”
The destruction of the family unit is almost complete. The destruction started long before “Gay Marriage.” The amount of children born out of wedlock is astounding. Change is here and more is on the way. Change is not always for the better. Liberals never understand survival of the fittest. Natural law will win in the end.
Kids born out of wedlock is bad. So gay marriage ... will make it worse?

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Kossacks for Marriage Equality.

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