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I promised myself to never write a serious diary. And as you can see with this one, I keep my promises. I can't do serious writing. Whatever I say, it's not the right way to say things around here. But, believe it or not, I AM DEAD SERIOUS, even though I am out of my wits of how to incite you to use your index finger and push this "We Pay" button.  

Go to the WePay page to support the Okiciyap Food Pantry

Because we have this wonderful quilt to offer:

Okiciyap Quilt 2013
And it is for a very worthy cause.

And no, I won't repeat everything others said about it before me.

They said it in the most sensitive, thoughtful, heart-felt ways they could master.

The time to make you read is OVER.

The time to make a donation is NOW.

Now, that is, not later. You have no time now?

Now you make me feel like a snake oil merchant. But what can a non-writing nobody do to touch YOUR WALLET?

Jump, push, follow me.

Update: I just wanted to thank everybody who has donated and commented and apologize if I haven't seen them yet. I have a hard time keeping up reading. So, I hope, if I miss something, you are so kind to kosmail me and make sure I get you all in "my books". Thank You, again for everything.

Do you know how many of the best writers dailykos has to offer have written their hearts out, collected every fact there is, analyzed each of the quilt blocks from every view point you can think of, poured their souls out and opened up to you about the most intimate feelings they have ... just to MAKE YOU to PUSH the WE PAY Button

Oh, in case you can't find the donate button (if you are like me you never find the right buttons to push to get where want to go, that's just life), I make it easy for you. Here you go, south of here to be precise:

Go to the WePay page to support the Okiciyap Food Pantry

Still confused?          

Well, then, let me tell you about all the challenges that haven't been met yet.

Weck has still three more $10.00 donations to receive for him to post his matching fund of $100.00.

I have still three mor $10.00 donation to receive for me to post my matching funds of $50.00.

And I sit still on nine silverspoons my mother (from her grave) wants me to donate in her name for a $ 70.00 donation each.

Don't mess with my mom, please. She was the best thing that happened to me in my life. Make the donation, will you, please, pretty please?

Don't tell me you didn't read my comment before. You didn't?  Now you shame me into repeating myself.

It looks like it's time to offer you another of my fruitless efforts to offer an incentive. For the good of the Okiciyap (we help) project.

Oh, before I forget, did I tell you were you can find the donation button? Not to make you angry, just for making sure you can orientate yourself in the right direction, here you go (still south right?):

Go to the WePay page to support the Okiciyap Food Pantry

Don't make me pull your teeth.

Make me pull my silverspoons out of my treasure chest.

They are yours, you special honorable kossack, YOU, who sweeps his accounts to make a $70.00 donation. Yes.

You don't believe me?

If you really need to know, that's what they look like.

spoon -il_fullxfull_295227233

BTW, they are still sealed in their package. The yearly spoons are from 1978 to 1988.


But you really shouldn't need to know how they look, because YOU are the most honorable of all donors and will offer the spoons to the ladies, who quilted all these beautiful quilt blocks, right?

Just imagine how difficult it is to stich these beautiful pieces of art together out of nowhere. It's like making chicken soup out of stones. That's soul food! They are magicians and they could use some silverspoons to eat their chicken soup.

If you know the names of the quilting ladies, who made these blocks, please mention them in the comment thread, because I would like them to be honored.

Okiciyap Quilt 2013  top left block
Okiciyap Quilt  2013   top center block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  top right block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  second row left block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  second row center block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  second row right block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013 third row left block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  third row center
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  third row right block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  bottom row left block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013  bottom row center block
Okiciyap Quilt 2013    bottom row right block
So make a donation of $70.00. I have nine spoons to go. One has been taken.
After that please join us again at 6 pm EDT for (if I understand it correctly) the last fundraising diary by Pam from Calif before the big finish.

Thank you for your patience and as one would say in German: "Nichts fur Ungut" for my lousy writing style. I didn't mean to be mean. Just a little pushy. In case you are not convinced about my pushing capabilities, let me prove it again:

Go to the WePay page to support the Okiciyap Food Pantry

(This felt like giving birth, but as with childbirth, it makes you happy after everything is over. Push, push harder!)
The We Pay button, duh...

Originally posted to Okiciyap (we help) on Sun Apr 07, 2013 at 01:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos Quilt Guild Auction Alliance, Community Fundraisers, DK Quilt Guild, and Positive Intention and Lovingkindness.


Did YOU push the button?

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20%3 votes
13%2 votes
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