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Some important #GunFAIL events this week:

I believe this week's entry from El Dorado, Kansas, is the first post-12/14 instance of an armed security guard accidentally shooting a student. It's happened before, but this is the first time since the NRA has ramped up its push for armed guards in schools.

From East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, comes a cautionary tale about how you can go in an instant from training to be the "good guy with a gun" so you can stop things like school shootings, to becoming an alleged "school shooter" yourself. Only guns make it possible!

In summary: I found 18 people who accidentally shot themselves, eight who shared their liberty projectiles with neighbors and/or their neighborhood, four who let arguments or road rage incidents escalate into gunplay, two carriers who shot themselves on the draw, seven who had accidental discharges while cleaning loaded guns, four cops or armed guards involved in accidents, three children who found guns and shot themselves or others, and two people who drew weapons in a fight and quickly found themselves disarmed.

One special note: I believe Tennessee has shattered all #GunFAIL records this week, with a total of seven listings.

This week's dishonor roll appears below the fold.

  1. REEDLEY, CA, 3/25/13: Police reported at 12:50 a.m. that two men were possibly involved in a disturbance at Church and Olson avenues that involved negligent discharge of a firearm. A police log provided no other details.
  2. CANTON, MI, 3/31/13: A 69-year-old man notified police after he accidentally fired a round from a .40-caliber revolver he had bought, a police report said. The man told police he had bought the revolver but hadn't yet registered it with the Canton Police Department's records bureau. He notified police after he accidentally fired a round through his bedroom window while trying to secure a safety mechanism on the gun, the police report said.
  3. MIDVALE, UT, 3/31/13: A Holladay man faces criminal charges for allegedly shooting his friend in the stomach. He and a friend got into an argument at the friend’s uncle’s house in Midvale on Sunday when the man pulled out a gun and put it to his friend’s head, according to the charges. The friend grabbed the barrel of the gun and tried to move it away when it went off, shooting him in the stomach.
  4. WHITE MARSH, MD, 3/31/13: A man accidentally shot himself after dropping his father’s .22 Dickson Cheyene Revolver.
  5. VINELAND, NJ, 4/02/13: Yet another idiot who won't keep his bullets on his own property. Shot through the floor while moving his .357, left a hollow point bullet in his downstairs neighbor's couch.
  6. FRIEDENS, PA, 4/03/13: Martin’s friend was interviewed about 30 minutes later. His friend said that just prior to midnight he was at Martin’s home trying to calm him down from an argument with his wife, according to the affidavit. He was leaving the residence when Martin’s sister ran out of the house and yelled that Martin had a gun. His friend went back into the residence and saw Martin sitting at the kitchen table with the rifle between his legs, the muzzle pointed toward the floor, police said. His friend told police that Martin was on the phone arguing with his wife. The rifle accidentally discharged into the floor. Police said the round went through the floor and into a home heating fuel tank in the basement.
  7. ORLANDO, FL, 4/03/13: A 40-year-old man is the latest person to be arrested in the Orlando International Airport after TSA agents said he was caught trying to carry a loaded handgun though a security checkpoint. OIA Federal Security Director Jerry Henderson said it's becoming a a serious issue in Orlando. Adolfo Requena's 9mm handgun is the 11th gun TSA has intercepted this year, authorities said.
  8. WORTHINGTON, OH, 4/03/13: Another concealed carry ninja has shot herself on the draw. Good luck in a crowded theater!
  9. BISMARCK, ND, 4/04/13: Another Patriot has Freedomed a Liberty Projectile into a neighbor's home and been greeted as a liberator. This time with an AK-47 that he "did not know" was loaded. Show me in the Constitution where it says I have to know!
  10. TRAVERSE CITY, MI, 4/04/13: A woman is recovering after authorities believe her boyfriend accidentally shot her in the leg. The woman and her boyfriend were discussing different shooting scenarios. The man took a 9mm handgun out of a holster to demonstrate something when it discharged.
  11. WARRENVILLE, SC, 4/04/13: A Warrenville man accidentally shot himself in the arm while cleaning his semi-automatic pistol on Thursday, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
  12. COLUMBIA, TN, 4/04/13: Epic #GunFAIL on every level. A man draws a gun on his wife during a domestic dispute (way to "protect the family," there, chief!), but ends up shooting himself in the knee.
  13. OZAWKIE, KS, 4/05/13: A 22-year-old Topeka man was injured in an accidental shooting at Perry Lake Friday morning. Brace A. Turbot had been camping with friends in Perry State Park, on the west side of the lake, and had been drinking, according to a news release from Herrig's office. While attempting to take apart his handgun, he shot himself in the leg.
  14. BLOOMINGTON, IN, 4/05/13: Another bathroom-related shooting! Sort of. Yet another guy who "didn't realize his shotgun was loaded" accidentally shot through the bathroom door and hit his roommate in the knee. His tyra-knee, that is! Get it! Ha ha! Laugh or I'll shoot you!
  15. NASHVILLE, TN, 4/05/13: Yet another a-hole has decided to clean a loaded gun, and Freedomed a Liberty Projectile into his neighbor's home. But because he ha a permit, no charges are being filed! F you, private property! I have a gun, and I don't know how to use it!
  16. COLUMBUS, GA, 4/05/13: A Columbus woman was arrested near Lakebottom Park Friday after she was seen waving a gun during a dispute with another woman, police said. Vaughn, 32, said she was walking in the area when she and Mulrain started a conversation about a missed birthday party for a child. The dispute escalated into an argument. “She ran and got a gun out of the front seat of the car and was waving the gun at me and coming toward me with the gun,” Vaughn said Saturday.
  17. TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH, 4/06/13: A Twinsburg Township teen is hospitalized after he was accidentally shot Saturday night. The Summit County Sheriff's department received the call around 7:40pm for a 16-year-old male from Alexa Court in Twinsburg Township with a gun shot wound to his chest. Then teen was taken to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland by medical helicopter and is expected to survive. The teen may have shot himself while cleaning the gun and the incident is currently being investigated as an accidental shooting.
  18. EL CAJON, CA, 4/06/13: According to officers, a man in his 20s was sitting with friends in the back of a parked Ford Focus when he decided to play with a loaded gun. The man told police that he removed the clip of the handgun and thought it was "clear," and then pulled the trigger discharging the weapon. Officers said the bullet went through his hand and then through his leg. A cameraman at the scene said the man's friends were seen laughing about the incident. By the way, did you say "clip?" How dare you? You're never allowed to own guns or participate in the debate again!
  19. COLUMBUS, OH, 4/06/13: While chasing a suspect and attempting to jump a fence, Officer Anthony Pray accidentally discharged his handgun into the ground, according to police.
  20. RESERVE, LA, 4/06/13: "We were standing around, joking around and laughing, then the shooting started on East 23rd Street, six or seven rounds it sounded like," James said. "One of the guys who was standing near us said some guys were after him because of some type of altercation from the night before." Milton James said the man told him and his brother that he had gotten into a fight at Blondie's, a bar on Airline Highway in LaPlace, the night before, and suspected the shots were retaliatory. "The guys standing with us started shooting back. That was, somehow, he shot my brother in the head. He jumped in his car, and he was gone. I think it was an accident -- I don't think he meant to -- but he still killed my brother," Milton James said.
  21. RICHMOND, KY, 4/06/13: Another one of your basic "guy who obviously shouldn't be trusted with a gun" stories. Guy gets in an argument at a restaurant, apparently can't handle it, and pulls a gun, threatening to shoot. Then he gets his ass kicked and is handed over to the cops. One, let's not all produce weapons at the drop of a hat. And two, you're lucky you weren't arguing with someone inclined to shoot your dumb ass with your own gun.
  22. LEBANON, TN, 4/06/13: Here's a trained law enforcement officer making exactly the kind of mistake we are assured they will never, ever, ever make in the schools we want to station them in. Showing off his guns to a relative at a family cookout, he manages to let a 3-year-old girl walk into the room, pick up a gun and kill his wife with it. One minute you're a Responsible Gun OwnerTM, and the next minute... you're not. And that's the way it goes. There is no un-screwing up a gun accident.
  23. LAVINIA, TN, 4/07/13: Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the mother Rekia Kid, 22 was shot in the stomach by her 2 year old son at her Lavinia home, Sunday. Investigators said the mother was sleeping with her three week old baby and toddler at the time of the shooting. Dickson said they believe the toddler accidentally shot his mother after finding a Glock 9 mm stored underneath Kid's pillow. "I've been with the Sheriffs Department for 20 years and never seen an accidental discharge like this. I have seen several accidental discharges but never one like this," said Sheriff Dickson." Excuse me, but what planet has this guy been living on?
  24. BROWNWOOD, TX, 4/07/13: A 4-year-old girl was shot and killed in her family's home Sunday night in what police are calling a "horrible tragedy." Brownwood Police Chief Mike Corley has confirmed an adult family member was cleaning a semi-automatic handgun that discharged. Police are not confirming the family's name, but neighbors say she was Gracie Morin. Corley said the bullet that killed the 4-year-old girl passed through a bedroom wall and struck the girl in the living room after the gun discharged.
  25. MANCHESTER, NH, 4/07/13: Road rage shooting. Again. It all started after the two cars collided on South Willow Street. After the collision, the Mazda fled the scene and the reporting party began following the Mazda. Near the area of Cilley Road and Fremont Street, the Mazda allegedly slowed and the woman “(pointed) a handgun out the driver’s window, firing a shot into the air.” Later, the woman, identified as McGratty, allegedly pointed the gun at the three people in the Subaru who ducked for cover “in fear they would be shot.”
  26. SWAINSBORO, GA, 4/07/13: Victim on Herndon Rd. stated that he was checking his Smith & Wesson pistol out when it accidentally discharged. The bullet went through the victim’s left hand and left leg. Victim was transported to Emanuel Medical Center, where later he was transported by helicopter to MCG Trauma Center.
  27. DOVER, DE, 4/07/13: A 23-year-old city man was charged with felony second-degree assault early Sunday morning after accidently shooting a friend with a revolver while “messing” with it, court records said.
  28. WINCHESTER, TN, 4/07/13: A Franklin County man accidentally shot himself while cleaning a gun Sunday night, according to the sheriff's department. The victim, whose name has not been released, later died from his injuries.
  29. CHARLESTON, WV, 4/08/13: Help! Police! A man tried to rob me and shot me in the hand! Well, what I mean is, there was no man and no robbery, and I shot myself. But as is often the case where stories change like this, police wonder whether the woman involved is perhaps covering for a boyfriend. UPDATE:  "They had made up a story about a fake robbery to cover the fact that she had accidentally shot herself due to fear of possible Child Protective Services becoming involved," said Cooper. At the time of the incident, their three kids were in the house as well.
  30. TOMS RIVER, NJ, 4/08/13: 4-year-old shoots 6-year-old neighbor in head in apparently accidental shooting. The shooting occurred about 7 p.m. in the yard of the younger child, who is believed to have retrieved the .22 caliber rifle from inside his home, Mastronardy said.
  31. EL DORADO, KS, 4/08/13: Armed guard accidentally shoots student. Seriously. El Dorado police are investigating a shooting where a private security officer reported that while he was handling a gun on duty, it accidentally fired, causing a minor injury to an 18-year-old college student.
  32. FT. WAYNE, IN, 4/08/13: A Fort Wayne man gave himself two wounds with one accidental shot from a 9 mm handgun. The man explained to police that he had forgotten the gun had a round in its chamber when he “decocked” it. The gun went off, and officers at the man's home reported that it appeared it went through his left wrist and left leg. Police report that the victim's girlfriend offered a succinct explanation. One officer wrote that she “stated the victim recently bought a new handgun and was '(messing) around with it.” The officer wrote that the victim's girlfriend explained that “the victim has had one previous accidental discharge but did not shoot anyone that time.”
  33. GREENEVILLE, TN, 4/08/13: A man accidentally shot himself through the right hand Monday afternoon while cleaning a .22 caliber rifle after target shooting, sheriff's Deputy David Love said in a report. Cameron Bolyard, 25, of 307 Horse Creek Road, said he was cleaning the rifle when it went off. "He was on his back porch cleaning his .22 rifle. He said he was holding the rifle in an upright position with the butt resting on the floor and was holding the barrel end with his right hand palmed over the end," the report said.
  34. KISSIMMEE, FL, 4/08/13: A man was arrested on manslaughter charges after he accidentally shot and killed his sister’s boyfriend while they were looking at a gun, Kissimmee police said. Detectives said Ortiz-Reyes removed a gun from a book bag in the front seat and showed it to Gonzalez-Galay.  As Gonzalez-Galay took the gun from Ortiz-Reyes, he put his finger within the gun’s trigger guard and accidentally fired it, striking Ortiz-Reyes on his right shoulder, police said. Officers said Gonzalez-Galay emptied the ammunition from the gun and threw it in a dumpster at the hospital, and also disposed of the ammunition in some bushes. Well, at least he finally learned to store the gun and ammo separately.
  35. SMYRNA, DE, 4/08/13: The victim said a masked man walked into the house toting a shotgun and wounded him in the back. A further investigation determined that the victim was accidentally wounded by another of the home’s occupants as he was firing at the intruders
  36. GREENVILLE, NC, 4/08/13: A Greenville teen was shot in the leg this morning, and the incident is under investigation, police said. Officers responded at 9 a.m. to 2815-A Best Road off of B's Barbecue Road and found Charles T. Highsmith, 17, with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg, according to Sgt. Joe Friday. Detectives this morning were interviewing the teen at Vidant Medical Center and investigating the possibility the incident occurred elsewhere and the possibility it may be an accidental self-inflicted wound, Friday said. Highsmith told detectives he neither heard nor saw anything and was "just shot." He has no idea how it happened, he told officers. Police said Highsmith has not been very helpful in the investigation.
  37. PARIS, ME, 4/08/13: Drunk couple gets in a fight. She grabs a gun, he punches her in the face and grabs the gun. She gets shot in the face. Both tell cops they think her finger was on the trigger during the scuffle, but cops think the trajectory says otherwise. This will all work out much better on college campuses, though, I'm pretty sure.
  38. TUPELO, MS, 4/09/13: Authorities say a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus elephant was hit by a bullet in a drive-by shooting. Circus spokeswoman Melinda Hartline says the elephant was not seriously hurt Tuesday. She says no other animals were harmed. Seems pretty Responsible. #HumanFAIL
  39. SUMTER, SC, 4/09/13: Police say a 3-year-old child has died after finding a gun in an apartment in Sumter. Investigators say someone in the apartment called 911 at around 10 a.m. Tuesday after the child found the gun and pulled the trigger.
  40. SPRINGFIELD, NJ, 4/09/13: Timothy Penna, 42, of Springfield, and Matthew McDarby, 44, of Bridgewater, were arrested after they fired about 15 rounds from a .45 semiautomatic handgun off Penna’s deck at various objects in the backyard, including a metal birdfeeder, said Lt. Judd Levenson, a spokesman for the Springfield Police Department. Police responding to reports of gunshots at around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday found McDarby on the deck of Penna’s Tooker Place home. McDarby ran inside the house after police noticed shell casings, Levenson said. When the police cruiser’s public address system failed to bring the men out of the house, Springfield Chief John Cook called in the Union County SWAT Team, Levenson said.
  41. MARTINEZ, CA, 4/09/13: Around 1 p.m., a resident on Trailview Cr. heard a gunshot and had a bullet come flying through the kitchen window. The resident suspected that neighbor had shot the gun. Oh, thank you, Mr. Patriot, for making my neighborhood safer by protecting it with your guns!
  42. MCALLEN, TX, 4/10/13: Authorities are investigating an accidental shooting that ended with a 2-year-old boy being rushed to a hospital early Wednesday morning. McAllen police told Action 4 News that there was an "accidental discharge" from a gun inside the home with a bullet hitting a 2-year-old boy.
  43. CHICAGO, IL, 4/10/13: Here's a relatively successful defense story, though there's also some FAIL involved. Souvenir shop owner Luis Quizhpe's fought back when his store was robbed at gunpoint. He grabbed a baseball bat and started swinging. His brother-in-law threw a chair and a fire extinguisher. The robbers got a few shots off, and went 1 & 1. That is, one bullet in Luis, and one in one of the robbers.
  44. LONDONDERRY, NH, 4/10/13: A Londonderry man was arrested Wednesday for firing what appeared to be a handgun at the end of his driveway and then hitching a ride to the Manchester/Boston Regional Airport, police said. Units were dispatched to Valley Street to set up a perimeter, but while waiting for SWAT, police received a call from someone claiming they had picked up Pearson and dropped him off at the airport.
  45. WICHITA, KS, 4/10/13: Wichita police now believe a 34-year-old woman accidentally shot herself with a handgun at a north side home Wednesday evening.  The woman was found shortly before 8:30 at 19th and Volutsia, where she had stopped another woman to get help.  She was hospitalized in serious condition with a gunshot wound to her upper stomach area.
  46. LYNCHBURG, VA, 4/10/13: Good guy with a gun is stopped from stopping a bad guy with a gun by another good guy with a gun. Gaines is wanted for several drug charges and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Lynchburg police say the officer shot in the shoulder Wednesday night was shot by another police officer by accident. Hilber was shot while he was while executing a search warrant at the McCausland Ridge apartment complex off Langhorne Road Wednesday night. Police say Hilber was trying to arrest a man for drugs when another officer accidentally shot him. Police are still looking for the suspect that started the chain events. They say David Perry Gaines Jr., 24, fled the scene on foot.
  47. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, 4/10/13: Colorado Springs police say a man who arrived at Memorial Hospital Central with a gunshot wound Wednesday night accidentally shot himself. “Officers arrived and their investigation revealed the person shot himself in the leg while carrying a pistol in his sweatshirt,” police spokeswoman Barbara Miller said Thursday.
  48. EAST STROUDSBURG, PA, 4/11/13: This is a story about how, basically, once you loose the bullets from your gun, whatever your intentions may have been, you can never really predict where they'll end up. The lesson being: fire as few of them as possible. Four people are facing charges for reckless endangerment after a bullet they fired during target practice hit a school. The school was placed on lock down while police investigated. Practicing to be the good guy with the gun, but all of a sudden, you're a "school shooter." It can go wrong that fast.
  49. NASHVILLE, TN, 4/11/13: A record-shattering 7th entry for Tennessee this week! This time, a woman accidentally shot in the stomach by her future son-in-law. That bodes pretty well for the marriage, I'd say.
  50. ALTOONA, PA, 4/12/13: One man was accidently shot at the Pioneer Gun Sales shop Friday morning, Altoona police said. Bob Buchannan was working on extraction problems from a gun when it went off, hitting him in the upper body.
  51. ORLANDO, FL, 4/12/13: A man has died after Orange County deputies said he accidentally shot himself in the head at the Oak Ridge Gun Range.

Originally posted to David Waldman on Fri Apr 12, 2013 at 12:03 PM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), Shut Down the NRA, and Daily Kos.


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