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On Youtube right now, there is a gentleman named David Andrew Christenson who is calling for the assassination of President Obama in his videos.   He isn't hiding this -- its right in the title of several of his videos.   He also calls for the assassination of lots of other people, too -- senators, former mayor Ray Nagin, pritate company CEOs.   He claims that all thesepeople know that the U.S. military used bioweapons against New Orleans during Katrina, resulting in something called the "Katrina Virus" being released and killing losts of people.

Normally, I don't get too upset when I see crazy on the internet -- except when it calls for terrorism, particularly against the President.  I worry about stochastic terrorism -- calls for violence which are designed to trigger action by lone wolves and otherwise deranged individuals, such as what happened with Gabby Giffords.   So, I decide to write Youtube and flag the video.   I figure, they'll take it down soon enough.

Nope.   36 hours later, they don't seem to care.   After all -- I'm but one dude, bitching about one video.   I'm at the bottom of the queue, and so what if the videos call for the death of the President?   So look-- I would ask that the Kossacks here check out the videos calling for the assassination of the President and then also "flag" the videos for inappropriate content.  Flagging is supposedly anonymous (you don't need to worry about him naming you next).    I'd also ask that you post a comment if you've flagged as I asked, so that I'll have an idea of how many people have actually flagged the videos.

My thought is that if YouTube gets enough complaints, they'll take down this insanity, or, at the very least, stop letting him use YouTube as a means of propagating his hate.   I've thrown in a couple of the other videos to try to get Youtube to recognize that calls for assassination against anyone should be taken down -- calls for assassination against the President, however, are simply beyond the pale.

The videos are:

V294 I hope and pray that Obama is assassinated to save your life and your families. Katrina Virus.

V269 (#2) Why I hope and pray that Obama and his family are assassinated.

V323 Pray that US Representative Cedric Richmond is assassinated to save your life Katrina Virus

V312 I pray that igak-12745-ref is assassinated to save your life Katrina Virus

I hope and pray that US Attorney Billy Gibbens is assassinated to save your life Katrina VirusO

There's tons more, but I figure if enough people flag these videos, YouTube will act.  

Please help.  



9:32 AM PT: Thank you for putting this on the rec list.   Please -- go to the videos and flag them for removal; you'll need to sign into google/gmail.  Every. Flag. Helps.   We need to stop Youtube from becoming a place where fatwas et issued.

Originally posted to Cthulhu on Sat Apr 13, 2013 at 07:33 AM PDT.

Also republished by RaceGender DiscrimiNATION.

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