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Several earthquakes hit Oklahoma last night and today.

Shallow ones that cause more damage than deeper ones of the same magnitude but these don't seem to have caused any perceptible damage.

The largest one was a 4.3.

Itzl alerted on it because we've been in earthquakes before. Oklahoma is not a stranger to them. We don't generally have large ones that cause massive damage, but we do get a lot of them, sometimes hundreds in a year.

With so many earthquakes, you'd think Okies would be prepped for them.  Not so.  If you asked most Okies, they wouldn't even be aware that we had earthquakes if the news didn't tell them so.

If they are generally so mild, why even prep for them?

Because now and then, we get a real shaker. If you haven't practiced and planned and prepared for the earthquake that is larger and damaging, then you panic.  Panic in a survival situation is a Bad Thing.

One of the reasons I've learned how to do so many things, to be prepared, to make plans, is so I have the skills and confidence when things happen. I didn't learn t all in a few days - I've spent years researching, practicing, learning, and refining the equipment needed so that I wouldn't have to think about it.  Everything was ready, set up, in place.  If nothing happened, I got to have fun.  If something did happen, I'd get it done and then get back to having fun.

For an earthquake, you'd have your basic survival kit:  water, food, first aid, flashlights, radio, money, clothing, blankets, cooking equipment, pet supplies, spare sturdy clothes and shoes.  

You've learned basic first aid and CPR from the fire station or Red Cross or local hospital, right?

You'd prep the house - strap in your hot water heater, learn the safe spots and the unsafe spots, learn how to shut off your gas, electric, and water if necessary, make sure your house is bolted to the foundation, and that chimneys, walls, and roofs are secure. Move heavy items to the lower shelves or the floor, and keep flammables, cleaning supplies, pesticides, and paints in secured cabinets.

During a quake, if indoors, find a secure spot - the corner, under or beside a heavy table or cabinet.  If outdoors, get away from trees, buildings, walls, and power lines. If driving, pull over, avoiding power lines and overpasses. If you're in a crowded place, don't rush for the exit.  Get beside a heavy piece of furniture if possible, crouch and cover your head. If you're in a high rise, stay away from windows and the elevator.

Stay there until the shaking stops.

After the quake, check for gas and water leaks.  Shut the gas or water off if needed.  Check for downed lines  Contact your utility companies with the information - they should have told you how to do this.

Check our building for cracks - roof, chimneys, foundation, as well as exterior walls.

Be prepared for the aftershocks.

Repairs, clean-up, and rebuilding takes place afterwards.  Be sure your insurance papers are in order and that you have current phone numbers and emails for those agencies and businesses that can help you.

If you're lucky, your quakes will be the shallow light ones we mostly get in Oklahoma. and if you get more powerful quakes, you'll be ready to handle whatever happens.

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