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Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. To join, read this diary and visit the Guild web site to put in an application. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.
More below the fold:

I know it's been a very eventful week, but the way we give in to terrorism is to let them cow us and make us afraid. Therefore, going on with the routine and helping the Wreck List to stay Boston strong.

We have a PvP event this Sunday at 7:00 PM server time. Posted and organized by Heinkel, this will be a casual, gearing-up session to get people familiar with battlegrounds and working together as a team in PvP.

About the best I'd be able to do to help the Wreck List out is to get on my Alliance toon and put in my best effort, but as it will be Socialism Sunday for me if you insist on me helping I will do what I can.

With that, let's go on to our raid reports, starting with Ninotchka for Team Kaels:

Team Kaels has defeated the hydra (which has the name of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MYTHOLOGICAL GREEK MONSTER)(Blizzard learn 2 encyclopedia) Megaera. We went in and beat it last week, then smooshed it again fairly easily last night. We won't go in to other encounters which are theoretically in farm status but which we only managed to beat by a couple of seconds with a few last raid members alive. I'm going to miss our highly anticipated run-in with the giant chicken this coming weekend, but I hope to have more success to report to you next week. We took a short look at this encounter and we feel confident in our plans to approach it. Of course, once we've done the chicken dance the next monster in the dungeon is the dreaded Beholder Of Doom with the purple swirly maze of death. But I have high hopes that everyone in the raid is going to continue to forge forward towards the Thunder King while I'm off camping with the Girl Scouts this weekend.
Here's Pamena's report for Team RubiPam:
After all our successes last week, this week has proven to be a bit quieter for Team RP. On Thursday, we did kill Jin'rokh again, after some wipes, and then got in some work on Horridon. I think we got to the third door on one pull, so we were making progress, but we need to work on switching healers around to get dispels off fast enough, so it may take a few more tries before we get this. On Monday night, over some grumbling from the masses. Rubidium led us back to farm Terrace of the Endless Spring, which proved to be pretty easy for us now, even doing Protectors on "elite" mode or whatever it's called. And wouldn't you know it, Rubidium was exactly right about getting upgrades in there - good gear dropped for at least half the raid on those fights, so it was well worth doing and will put us in a better position to go back to TOT. As Baelz said, just do what Rubi says!! I anticipate we will try Horridon again tonight, after downing Jin'rokh, so wish us luck! Monday night, we will be missing a couple of people to travel related stuff, including Xoff our stalwart pally tank, so not sure what we'll do then, but we'll see.
And here's the Team Z report from Moodyloner:
We're working on Elegon. Mostly it's getting the dance down, and we were getting him down about halfway at the end of the night.

Our problem seems to be, paradoxically, that we're DPSing a little too much and getting a Raidwiping Protector right at the start of a Draw Power phase. We're going to have to throttle our DPS somewhat until Phase 3, a skill that I personally haven't had to use since WotLK when aggro was important.

As far as Saturday Night Massacre goes, with Ninotchka taking over as MT/RL we first paid a visit to the new world boss, Nalak. We piled in with another raid group and it went down fairly easily, so we combined with the other raid team for Galleon and the Sha.

And I managed to get a gear drop, which doesn't happen often.

Of course, it was PvP boots.

That's all I have for this week. For the Horde!
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