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Folks, this is really, really bad.  I can't even stand listening to NPR, one of my last refuges in this sea of putrid and debased American corporate media conglomerate.

When I think they can't stoop any lower, they always find a way to do so; a veritable race to the bottom.

When I hear NPR reporters wondering aloud if the fact that the two alleged Boston Marathon bombers are from Chechnya may have anything to do with some sort of Islamist-induced terrorism, and then go on to say that "Oops, they're actually from Kyrgyzstan, and lived in Chechnya only one year," but that they were Muslims, etc., I just have to turn the radio off in disgust.

I wonder what you guys are being exposed to on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, and the other alphabet channels.  It must be truly appalling.

Shootings and killings are happening in this country every day.  In fact, Bloomberg reports that American gun deaths will exceed traffic fatalities by 2015.  About 85 Americans die by gunshots every day.

Mass shootings are happening with more regularity (thanks in part to Congress an their paymasters at the NRA and ALEC).  A former judge in Texas had his wife be the get-away driver in the assassination of two District Attorneys.

And in that trajectory of violence, of course, we got the Boston Marathon bombing--a tragic and horrific event.

Why can't the media report the news responsibly?  It's like these reporters have some sort of script, a narrative carefully formulated to create more sensationalism, and they find any way possible to infect the airwaves with that pre-packaged narrative, or talking points.

It's almost orgasmic to them.  Look, look, anywhere you can, for the "Muslim" connection, for the "Islamist" threat, for the link to "Jihad," to foreign-cells being activated to commit acts of terror.

This shocking and immoral frenzy is truly damaging.  I would say it is criminal.  It pains me to see how American Muslims now have to one more time step all over themselves to run to a microphone to say loud an clear that they love this country, that they abhor violence and terrorism, that their's is a religion of peace, etc.

And if history is any guide, how many of them are going to be subjected to insults, discrimination, and acts of violence?

Why do they have this need to always look outside our borders for threats of violence, when we are probably one of the most violent societies on earth? When much of that violence comes as the result of policies pushed by organizations like the NRA, ALEC, the gun industry, and their puppets in government (of both disgraced political main political parties)?

And it also comes as the result of thousands of people breaking down under the weight of economic insecurity directly caused by pillaging and looting by the ruling elite?

Let the investigation proceed; let the facts come out, and then report on them as they are verified.

But one must not be surprised at the results of the takeover of all our institutions by corporatist cartels.  Everything is debased by it.  It pushes the culture towards crassness.

What a shame!

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