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Screenshot of Breitbart story pushing crazy conspiracy about gov't deporting Saudi innocent bystander
Of course, that Saudi is not being deported, even though the wingnuts (like Glenn Beck) are in a tizzy about it. I'm sure you can guess which direction the comments will take, all below the fold.

Yes. izlamb is the "religion of peace."
When fully implemented by a guy named al-la-la there will be peace in the world.
All non-believers will be dead.

All blasphemers will be dead.
All women will be mutilated and wrapped in canvas.
All men will find themselves prostrate on dusty carpets.

Everyone will be hungry because arabs are notorious for their inability to maintain machines of any kind.
The pork industry will be closed.
No one will have a job because there will be nothing to do that isn't blasphemous, against the will of al-la-la or simply to difficult to do.
And following in the great profit moohamhock's footsteps every little boy will be buggered.

OMG, the pork industry?!
They are busy building a case that fits their agenda. You can bet that they will continue to defend the religion of feces.
If only the government wasn't so committed to reality!
Its hilarious. the liberal brownshirts like this dikdrip, who are so indoctrinated to think conservatives, their fellow americans are evil, muslims even the terrorists are just misunderstood, up is down and white is the root of all evil....they just cant wrap their little pointy heads around the fact that after all the left wind propaganda they have been feeding on, that it wasnt a teabagger or a one of those crazy righ wing home grown terrist rednecks, but was a couple of islamic jihadists who were obama supporters and even voted for obama.

Your world view isnt crumbling Leftie was never solid to begin a fart in the wind, your world view stinks and the minute it hits any resistance it dissipates like a pi$$ in the ocean.

Poor conservatives, 12 years without reason to cower under their beds. Good thing a couple of Chechen amateurs gave them reason to exist again. Well, until we discuss how the NRA made finding them harder. And how they got their freedom guns and liberty ammo.
The truth is something this administration has proven to be incapable of. Obama lies almost every time he talks. I'm sure they will come up with a video that caused this to happen any time now.
A video that caused what to happen? The truth?
Now we know why the FBI is creating images of the suspects, images that no one will recognize. Well, maybe, one image might look like the head of the NRA, the other will look like Allan West of Florida!
Or perhaps, they'll look like the Boston bombers, one will end up dead hours later, and the other one aprehended. Well, maybe.
They will never find the culprit because the culprit will be back in Saudi Arabia!
Fantastic prediction!
I am sure the Main Stream Media will get to the bottom of this...right after they ask him the really important question like...

Did you fly first class or coach?

Which of Beyonce's songs is your favorite?

How has Barack inspired you to be a better peace-loving Jihadi?

Aren't Michelle Obama's new Bangs just amazing?

Conservative media, save us from the lamestream media! Start by claiming 12 dead, then cling to that number well after everyone else has got it right. Then make up some shit about the Saudi national, and generate a million new wingnut conspiracy theories.

p.s. Benghazi.

Good luck! This deportation matter will go the way of Bengazi unless folks get off their rears and demand an explanation.
And boom goes the dynamite.
I am sure there is a good reason for this.

Like maybe the guy is related to the Saudi who funded Barack Obama's Harvard eduvacation...or something...

Or possibly, arresting a middle eastern doesnt advance the white house meme that the Arab world Really Loves Us now that we got rid of BUSH! BOOOOOSH!!!

Remember Benghazi didnt really happen and we are supposedly more loved and respected in the world then every before in history because of the Pope of Hope Barrack or some such bs...

Don't Forget people, the Arab Spring that ended up completely destabalizing the entire middle east...OBAMA BUILT THAT!

Saudis funded Obama's education? Can these guys even keep their conspiracy theories straight?
Benghazi benghazi benghazi!
welcome to Barry's America! Take guns away from lawful citizens and let mu z zie terr orist get a pass. I love it!
Barry's America has a funny way of giving the two terrorists "a pass".
How very strange. If Obama let this man walk, he should be impeached! No more selling out Americans for terrorists.
If? Oh, this guy is a "moderate" wingnut. He needed more evidence before joining the impeachment bandwagon.
what's really interesting is the contrast between this and past events where they "knew" immediately "who" did it and had them in custody in very short period of time!
this must be a real event that was planned outside of the government's knowledge, since they have no one to immediately pin it on!!
The only kind of terrorism is the kind that is planned by the US government? Intriguing theory.
OK, so let me get this right; we will deported Abdul al-Harbi a Saudi national on “national security grounds” but we are going to keep 12 million Illegal Aliens many of whom are Islam/ Muslim or are from a third world country that are a danger to Americans. Sorry I just don’t get it. I could swear that maybe there is many, many other national security threats in the 12 million that Obama wants to keep.
No, not straight at all.
I smell a coverup and of course the wealthy politically connected prevail!!!! Wake up sheeple!
Actually, your deodorant wore off.
IMHO, the Obama regime has been (willingly) infiltrated by extremist Muslim elements. Obama has bent over backwards to control the verbage and dialogue of the religious and cultural war that has been declared on the West. The goal is to prevent us from identifying our enemy. The convenient deportation of al-Harbi is a HUGE red flag. I smell a rat with a Muslim name.
What a humble idea!
On the forum site I was using, I posted concrete evidence that it was a Saudi national, and then they all mocked me and called me racist. Some guy, using nothing but unrelated Wikipedia links, "concluded" that it was some Tea Partier or something, and then everybody backed him up.

The thing is, ALWAYS go for the most obvious choice. Don't be a victim of political correctness. Political correctness is (in this case literally) destroying this country.

I put the two together, this isn't about bringing these people to justice. The Government is stalling for time! Because the gov knows that this will destroy king obama's Illegal alien /terrorist amnesty bill. Plain and Simple !
It was stalled all the way to the end of the week. Diabolical!
HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED law and order or sherlck holmes? it's not hard to figure out-saudi suspect-story obfuscated
0 and kerry meet un schedualed with saudi official with national security advisor in meeting
fbi oddly delays cancels presser
odd stories of dark male at courthouse,etc.
doj/ICE source leaks that saudi is being queitly deported....
I missed that crossover episode of Law and Order and Sherlock Holmes. Should I dig it up on Netflix?
As usual, Pamela Geller hits the nail on the head. An American government desperately treading water in a quagmire of deceit and sinking. The conjoined "twinship" between the US and Saudi Arabia was not initiated with Obama but began years ago. Can Americans handle the secrets when they pour out?
I have faith that America could survive a quagmire of sinking. That's because I believe.
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