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Note: This is a repost from yesterday; I really think this point needs to be spread quickly to counter the tiresome and obvious idiocy going around.

Yup, regular as clockwork, there's already FB memes going around about Tsarnaev becoming a U.S. citizen on 9/11 last year, as if this somehow "proves" a damned thing about immigration policy. Plus, of course, "Muslim" bla bla bla.

Of course, the reality is that there's plenty of home-grown pieces of shit of all (or no) religions as well as foreign-born pieces of shit of all (or no) religions, just as there are plenty of home-grown good people just as well as foreign-born good people.

With that in mind, I've whipped up a simple graphic; feel free to share/repost/re-tumbl/retweet/re-pin/re-whatever:

Update: Several people pointed out that I had a typo in Lanza's name. This has been fixed, but if you happened to link directly to the graphic itself it might go to the one with the typo, so you might consider relinking if possible.

Update x2: Arrrrgh!!! Fixed two more typos thanks to folks on the comments; Tucson and "A" vs. "An".

Sorry about that. I'm usually pretty good about spelling, punctuation & grammar; I whipped up the original pretty quickly the other day and didn't proofread, obviously.

On a separate note, since around midnight last night I've received 5 new FB "friend requests"...all of which appear to be from the Muslim community. Somehow I don't think this is a coincidence. I'm guessing that someone reposted this on some Muslim-focused website, which is fine, I just hope they aren't misunderstanding my point here just as badly as I'm sure plenty of Christians no doubt are.

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