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Dear gun owner - so you understand my point of view.   I accept and understand without question that by the law of our great country that you have the absolute right to own guns and it is part of the very constitution and will never be taken away. Past the immutable legal argument for owning a gun I also am very much in favor of the idea that a hunter who feeds himself and his family using a rifle is using a gun for the very best purpose it could be used for (this last statement is wholehearted opinion but I want to put it up so that it is understood as my opinion).

But that is where it stops.

I will NEVER agree with your concept that in the modern world, unlimited gun ownership is a meritorious proposition so just stop with anything to attempt to convince me otherwise.  

my personal tirade continues below the fold

I will NEVER agree with your concept that in the modern world, unlimited gun ownership is a meritorious proposition so just stop with anything to attempt to convince me otherwise.  

Let's start with the unpacking of ideas.   First, I refute any concept that owning a gun is a "natural" or "God Given" right akin to free speech.  This one is pretty simple.   God didn't make guns.  And if you claim that guns are the natural progression of the right to "self defense" then we should all own tanks, flamethrowers, howitzers and military jets - and my argument is not contrived, it's rational - and I challenge you to explain why it's not.  And I'm willing to bet you don't want me having a flamethrower or a tank.

So let's get back to focus on guns.   The things which you so dearly and irrationally won't allow to be regulated in any fashion ..... Here's the statistical fact sheet.  Given the rampant deaths (accidental, purposeful and suicidal and anywhere in between) the idea that somehow this EVIL tool makes me or you or your lawfully gun obsessed friends safer is wrong.  Period.  Fact:  you are more likely to die or kill me with a gun than you are to protect your family with your gun.  

Your asinine comment that "guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people" is officially over-ruled as idiocy.   Guns DO kill people in ways that knives, bats and punches don't.  Quickly, efficiently and with a hell of a lot lower chance of survival.    Bad people with guns kill people, good people with guns accidentally kill people, guns owned by good people which are found by people that don't know how to use a gun kill people,  guns in the hands of people who are at a low point in their lives kill people (themselves) ...

And once in every fraction of a percent of a gun incident a gun actually protects a person or group of people.

Take some freaking responsibility.  You want your modern guns. Accept that they are very efficient at killing people.  They (the guns) are the ones doing the killing.  Killing that would not take place probably 98% of the time in the absence of guns.  

Officially, completely never, ever utter that phrase again to me.  Ever.

But I do not contest that you are legally allowed - by an inalieanable right no less - to own a gun.

Again, this is where it ends.  

I do not in any way trust YOU to protect ME from my own government.    This is something that you trot out to tell me why you should own stockpiles of guns.   Let me tell you - While I may not trust my government entirely, I certainly trust YOU, your gun and your ideas to protect my freedoms a whole lot less.

To touch on a for a minute the idea that if everyone had guns we would be safer again the evidence and logic is so shallow and wrong it's amazing.   If everyone at Aurora had a gun everyone would have shot at everyone.   I've never once heard any counter to this argument.  Unlike your fantasy "safer" world where everyone is armed to the teeth, in the real world if guns start popping off no one knows who started it and the law enforcement has a more challenging time doing the job they need to do.  I've seen fist fights where punches just start flying for no reason.  No one has ever explained how a gun fight would be any different.  

So, to reiterate.   The ONLY argument with any valid facts behind it on your side is - "The Constitution says I have the right to own this nasty weapon".   And I know that this is not even an argument.  It is something that I can not even hope to repudiate.

However, past that, do not bring up ANY other explanation of why unlimited ownership of unchecked and unregistered firearms is in any way acceptable with me because you will fail on all counts.  All of the statistics show that every other argument attempting to justify unchecked gun ownership is wrong.  

Guns kill infinitely more people than they protect.
You are more likely to harm yourself or someone you love by owning a gun than you are to protect yourself.
In a world where everyone is armed, when that moment comes when a crazy person starts shooting - if everyone pulls out their gun then NO ONE knows who to shoot.  This isn't rocket science.  You aren't Rambo.  

Are we clear now?   So stop bringing any point to the conversation about any of the things that I radically disagree with into this conversation.  You've got your right to bear arms.   I can't take it away.   It kills more people than it saves.

And you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever convince me otherwise.

5:32 PM PT: Update - just came back from the day and found the reclisting - thanks - will be responding to comments in a few.    Biggest one I really came to realize is that I should add that I vehemently disagree at heart with the interpretation of the Constitution that has been solidified for the time being in the Heller decision.   I personally consider it to be judicial activism at it's very worst.  I can't conceive of how the words "Militia" and "regulated" can be swept aside but as an American I have to accept that is what was handed down and I feel like it is impossible at current to make any headway towards addressing this supreme court decision- that would need to be done with some future court.  I would like to append that thought to the diary - and thanks again for the rec list.

Originally posted to They Stole My Name (Just Like Michael Bolton) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 10:04 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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