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Yes, I doubt FoxNews or any Republicans will talk about this story:

TORONTO - Muslims want a safe Canada, too.

That's what Muhammad Robert Heft, a Muslim community leader in Scarborough, wants his fellow Torontonians to know as the RCMP arrested a Muslim man in the GTA for allegedly plotting a rail attack that would have taken innocent lives. Not only do Muslims in the city condemn the attack, they turned over information in a bid to help foil it.

"There is going to be backlash," he said, alluding to those who will blame the Muslim community. "But I want to reiterate. Who was the one who tipped the RCMP off? It was our community."


"At the end of the day, it's not how you dress, it's how you think," he said. "In our community we may look a little different, but in our hearts we love Canada. It's our country. It's our tribe. We want safety for all Canadians regardless of their religion."

Toronto Sun:  Muslims foil terror plot: RCMP


A “prominent community leader” among Toronto Muslims tipped off the RCMP to possible terror suspects, the CBC reports.

And the Mounties gave GTA’s imams a “special briefing” Monday before announcing the arrest of two men in an alleged plot to derail a VIA passenger train, one community leader told the CBC Tuesday morning.

“It was a sense of thank you as well as a reconfirmation of our collaborated efforts for the safety of the country,” Yusuf Badat, director of religious affairs for the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, told the CBC’s Matt Galloway on Metro Morning.

The RCMP did confirm an imam gave them information that led to the arrests, although “not too many details were shared. They did say a prominent community leader has come forward.”

The Star, Canada: Terror plot: Toronto Muslim leader tipped off RCMP: CBC

Update I:  More:

The imam alerted authorities more than a year ago about a person he regarded as an extremist who was corrupting youth in his community.


“More than a year ago, a client of mine, an imam in the Toronto Muslim community, became concerned after noticing the activities of one of the individuals now under arrest,” Toronto lawyer Naseer Syed told The Globe and Mail, referring to notes he had taken last year.


The nation’s top counterterrorism police officials briefed reporters about the arrest Monday, but not before they made a point of summoning about 20 leaders of Toronto’s Islamic community to a meeting.

The message from authorities to the Muslim community? Thank you for a helping hand.

“The first comment they made, and they encouraged us to make it a talking point, is that, but for the Muslim community’s intervention, we may not have had the success we’ve had,” said Hussein Hamdani, a lawyer who was invited to the pre-briefing.

Globe and Mail: Tip from imam led police to ‘first known al-Qaeda plan of attack that we’ve experienced’

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