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There is a trial happening in Phildelphia, that is playing out like a fictional horror movie of a mad, murderous doctor who drugs women and kills babies. Sadly this is not a movie. Kermit Goosnell, a 72-year old doctor, has been accused of five murders --one woman and four babies, in an abortion clinic containing unlicensed staff and unsanitary conditions.

One of the victims, Karnamaya Mongar was a 41-year old mother of three. Mongar survived a Bhutan refugee camp for 20 years, only to die months after arriving to the U.S., under the deadly care of Kermit Gosnell. She is said to have been 14-15 weeks pregnant, when she was turned down by three clinics before finding Dr. Gosnell for a to a two-day abortion procedure. On the first day, she was given labor-inducing drugs and pain killers. The next day after waiting hours for Gosnell to arrive for the procedure, Mongar's daughter said her mother was in much pain, given additional drugs for the procedure, then left unmonitored. Complications arose when Mongar stopped breathing and was rushed from the clinic to the hospital. Mongar died the next day due to a Demerol overdose.

Horrifying details are emerging within this trial. Hundreds of babies born alive, were snipped at the spine with scissors, after being delivered. Gosnell reported to have even joking after killing one of the infants. The Grand Jury Report contains accounts and photos so gruesome and highly disturbing I cannot even bring myself to write them, but it's all there on record for the public to read. Fetus body parts were found kept in jars. One witness said she saw one of the babies cry before being murdered. How do we even wrap our head around this.

Eight employees involved in the crimes, have pleaded guilty. Gosnell continues to plead not guilty. In Pennsylvania, he could face the death penalty.

Pro-Choice and Anti-Choice (aka Pro-Life) groups alike, are are stunned by this incredible case. Eric Ferrero, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood Federation said:

"We have consistently said that this is a horrifying and outrageous case, that Gosnell ran a criminal enterprise, not a health care facility, and that he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law."
I am a mother and Pro-Choice activist sick, angered, and appalled that this could happen in this day and age, and I have to wonder how many more  illegal abortion clinics may be out there. This is why I join the millions who continue to support and defend organizations like Planned Parenthood. Women's rights organizations, NOW nara NARAL,, and NFA also diligently fight for abortion safety under U.S. law. It is hard to believe Gosnell was able to get away such with atrocities for years, while licensed abortion providers are being murdered at legal health clinics. Planned Parenthood facilities have been bombed, set on fire and vandalized. One Planned Parenthood building was broken into by a man with an ax, as recently as three weeks ago.

Perhaps this case will bring more understanding to the importance of keeping abortion legal. And how about we start with free and accessible birth control, which leads to fewer unintended pregnancies and thus fewer abortions, --ultimately leading to less chances of a monsters like Gosnell being to get away with murder.

"If These Walls Could Talk," released in 1996 is a trilogy of three women who lived in the same house at different times: 1952, 1974 and 1996. The story tells of how each woman faced her unplanned pregnancy and will remind many of us why we fought so hard for safe and legal abortions. The trilogy includes pro-choice activist actors, Demi Moore, Cher, and Sissy Spacek. It's one film I cannot forget. This Kermit Gosnell case? It's one I will not let myself forget.


Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 08:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Pennsylvania.

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  •  wow, that makes me sick... (4+ / 0-)

    but thanks for posting. I'll be watching that movie when I get the chance.

    John Irving's "Cider House Rules" comes to mind.

    Access to abortion is SO important. And it drives me crazy to feel like we are losing ground on this issue. I hope we have a demographic advantage like we do with gay marriage. But I wonder what else we could be doing to change minds in addition to getting more pro-choice voters to the polls.

    Maybe just maybe our foremothers and our forefathers came to this land in different ships. But we're all in the same boat now. - John Lewis

    by bluesheep on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 08:17:51 PM PDT

    •  This story is news to you? n/t (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
    •  Yes, Cider House Rules was powerful. I remember. (0+ / 0-)

      If These Walls Could Talk actually made me nauseous at one point. Just horrible what those who came before us had to endure to obtain an abortion.

      There is another series to that same title which addresses the LGBT battles in society over the years. (which is sadly just now changing.) In trying not to give away the film, in case you decide to see it, one of the stories was about what two Lesbians had to face towards the end of their lives,  after being together for decades.

      I watched both Trilogy series on a NARAL bus to DC from Nashville. NARAL offered free/low cost transportation to the Women's March in 2005. (very exciting) Prior to that trip, I had not seen or heard of the films on HBO. My 9 year-old daughter was with me and saw the films as well. Pretty strong scenes, and  I probably would have held off having her see the film for a few more years, but there we were on the bus --everything for a reason. Those stories opened her mind to the issues of abortion and homosexuality which she carries with her today, now a Political Science major at 21. I'm so proud of her, and feel that  trip together, changed her life as well as mine. And how wonderful to have such an amazing mother-daughter experience.

      When facing darkness - be the light.

      by Leslie Salzillo on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 01:29:11 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  I believe I saw a headline or tweet (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Leslie Salzillo

    earlier today saying that 3 of the charges against Gosnell have dropped. I don't have any verification of that. Can you bring us up to date on the court proceedings?

  •  even here at Kos, there are the defenders (5+ / 0-)

    of the antiabortion movement who feel this movement is not responsible for butchers such as Gosnell to prosper.  I have been called to task on this site for opining that the anti abortionists drove pts into the arms of this "doctor" while the Medical Board shirked its duties (no surprise from me really, having watched cronyism on other such boards) by picketing and demonstrating in front of legit clinics instead of Gosnell's.  I personally know of pts legitimately referred to clinics who turned away when faced with the waves of protestors screaming at them.  Transportation was a problem and some never went back.  So the protestors can claim to have "saved" some lives but I wonder how many more lives were lost by women driven to the extremity of Gosnell's "cash and carry"  

    •  Making currency scarce has all kinds of (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      bfitzinAR, Leslie Salzillo

      intended and un-intended consequences. Preventing women from making decisions about their physical well-being is not un-intended.
      Male control freaks, and it is mostly males, are incensed by the idea that they are not able to reproduce at will. They perceive the female as an impediment to be overcome. If persuasion doesn't work, then they have to be coerced. We have an epidemic of rape because controlling males are in sympathy with those who act on their impulses. If they weren't cowards, they'd do it themselves.
      I am obviously just speculating here, but it seems possible that the effort to procreate is sort of a last chance alternative for people whose creative powers are scant. They want to "make a baby" because they can't make anything else.
      Willard's setting up "makers" and "takers" as alternatives is a clue that the meaning of those words in the context of the material world is unknown to him. He "makes" people do things and the people he makes are people who take orders.
      ExxonMobil, a corporation excelling in taking oil and gas out of the ground, proclaims "the idea is all it takes" in reference to extracting natural gas. That's a bit more sophisticated than the Texas legislator who talks about the earth being good to poke holes in, and philosophers might even define it as "idealism" judging it superior to the real. That the idea has to come first before reality can be recognized goes back to Plato. I suspect it tells us that out-of-touch people have always been with us. Their tactile sense seems to be flawed or missing. So, they don't connect with material reality and exist in a fog of ephemeral ideas. Not having a sense of time seems to be related.
      No sense of time or material progression seems to be central to the proponents of human procreation, regardless of cost. Indeed, it's possible that they don't recognize cost, either -- not cost in currency, though that too, but the cost to a woman's physical well-being. Perhaps people who don't reproduce can't count the cost. Perhaps people who can't count, can't relate to people who pay the price. Perhaps ownership is as far as they can go. They don't get that to own is to owe.

      Strange that the binary folk can't identify with the other side. They sit on the see-saw of life, never aware that as they rise in the air, the other goes down.

      Forgive the stream of consciousness. I think your handle prompts me to it. :)

      We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

      by hannah on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 04:22:14 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Our screwed up society (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    There is plenty to be sickened about in the Gosnell case, but what makes me really disgusted is that his defense for first degree murder is that he killed viable babies before they were born. I suppose its too much to ask for folks to explain why a few inches of muscle & tissue should be the dividing line between a "legal medical procedure" and first degree homicide.

    I've come to the conclusion that our gun loving/baby killing society is really just a cruel joke being played on us all by the NRA and NARAL who are like two peas in a pod. Try to start a conversation about "reasonable restrictions" on constitutional rights and both immediately cry foul. Then confronted with the unspeakable atrocities (Sandyhook/Gosnell) that result from the public policies they advocate, they respond by saying that "more guns!" or "more abortions!" are needed.  It's like we are living in a crazy Orwellian novel.

    Nobody needs to be able to fire 154 rounds in five minutes to protect themselves from a home intruder. We need to eliminate high capacity magazines, not because we want to take away your guns, but because they turn a gun into a weapon of mass destruction.

    Similarly, getting an abortion is hardly a day at the spa. We should be working harder to make them RARE. Not because we want to control women, but because it sucks for them too.

    •  ...maybe you meant "no abortions"... (0+ / 0-)

      they respond by saying that "more guns!" or "more abortions!"

      BTW, thanks for commenting, since you've been lurker for the better part of a year...
      Welcome from the DK Partners & Mentors Team. If you have any questions about how to participate here, you can learn more at the Knowledge Base or from the New Diarists Resources Diaries. Diaries labeled "Open Thread" are also great places to ask. We look forward to your contributions.

      Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences.

      by paradise50 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 05:12:41 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  No I meant "MORE abortions" (0+ / 0-)

        as in Ilyse Hogue making this comment:

        "So let me be loud and clear: Kermit Gosnell is a dangerous predator. He wouldn’t exist, couldn’t exist, without the work of Rep. Duffy and his friends in the anti-choice movement. Opponents of women’s rights have hounded safe, legal health providers halfway out of business and blocked women’s access to the quality care they need."
        Ilyse is saying the problem with Gosnell was that he was the only option for women wanting a late term abortion, because the procedure is illegal in PA. The solution is to do away with this restriction and permit late term abortion providers to act legally so they can be properly regulated.

        That's just like the NRA saying "gun free zones" around schools are to blame for shooters targeting classrooms, because they know nobody will shoot back. Their answer is to do away with this restriction and train teachers to carry guns so they can protect their students.

        Different issue - same argument.

        Not sure how the "lurker" label makes any difference to the merits of my argument, but I'm glad I commented too.

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