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Less than two weeks ago, the editors of the Black Kos community posted a diary abhorring the racism that is often seen here.  To wit, and all emphasis mine,

On one issue we are in complete unanimity: there are some rhetorical devices which are beyond the pale as inherently racist when used to criticize the President. All of these have been discussed ad infinitum in individual conversations here at Daily Kos for years, and called out for what they are by Black Kossacks and allies. Yet they continue to be used with impunity, even defiance at times, by those who appear to believe that they are entitled to ignore the voices of those who are offended and harmed by such behavior and in whom that behavior evokes painful reminders of how it used to be in terms of race relations and continues to be in many ways. These folks are too often encouraged/supported by upraters who lack the bravery of those Kossacks willing to directly employ them even after they have been educated as to the problematic nature of these arguments.
And yet today, another racist diary poked its ugly head out of the ground, HR'd by many but uprated by a few.  It begins, bizarrely enough,
Obama needs to know we will break his Party into tiny little pieces.  And he will be held up as the one who destroyed what was left of the corporate owned Democratic Party. It’s not  about Obama. It’s has always been about his policies and his politics.
Really?  Are you sure?  Please follow me under the fold...

And then continued to praise the Republican Party's Fruit Loop Of The Month, Rand Paul,

It took a right wing conservative republican to focus enough light on such an outrageous act, to force him and his attorney general Eric Holder to pull back from the position that they could use the drone program in this nation to kill us if they felt the need to.
Standard troll diary, ne?  Well, then the racism began,
Black People defending such a gangster, outlaw,  and dangerous of a position was just shocking and disappointing.
A "gangster?"  Really?  But then it continued down this spiraling path of hate,
I would have never though any man or circumstance would make our people support such evil acts that Obama has been allowed to get away with and still have black people defending those outlaw evil acts at every turn.
So, basically, the only reason that Obama was elected is because of all of those dastardly African-American voters?  But wait, there's more!
He refuse to address any of these issue in a intelligent and thoughtful way but has the gall to stand up on his hind legs and talk down to black men and woman as if it’s all our fault that we suffer all of this hardship under his regime (as well as the previous one’s) in this racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobes, homicidal, genocidal nation.
At this point, the diarist should be on the train to the Land of Ban.  But then let's see who uprated and hiderated it (as of about 4:30pm Pacific time):
Tip Jar (4+ / 41-)
Recommended by:
ek hornbeck, shypuffadder, TheMomCat, gooderservice

Hidden by:
NLinStPaul, chicago minx, TLS66, jan4insight, roycej, Clem Yeobright, jdsnebraska, OIL GUY, tytalus, Denise Oliver Velez, Eyesbright, lazybum, emelyn, Brit, howarddream, Avila, fou, kefauver, middleagedhousewife, Its the Supreme Court Stupid, edrie, kalmoth, auron renouille, donnamarie, KelleyRN2, Diogenes2008, Lost and Found, blue jersey mom, kat68, triciawyse, doroma, Yasuragi, Radiowalla, arizonablue, poco, Smoh, raina, BFSkinner, AnnetteK, FG, sviscusi
Really?  4 uprates?  For a diary that compared a black man to an animal?

ek hornbeck heavily defended his uprate as an ode to Animal Farm (seriously?), answering a question posed by chicago minx asking if s/he had read the entire diary,

Yes I did. (3+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
corvo, TheMomCat, gooderservice
And your point?

by ek hornbeck on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 09:21:48 AM MST

TheMomCat, in turn, says,
After having waded through this diary (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
ek hornbeck, shaharazade
which could use considerable editing, spellcheck and some reliable links of which there are plenty, I see no reason for the hide rates of the tip jar.

I find it to be a harsh but realistic criticism of this president's policies and politics.

"Information is power. But like all power there are those who want to keep it for themselves" Aaron Swartz, 1986 - 2013

by TheMomCat on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 01:28:44 PM MST

Really?  Racism is "harsh but realistic?"

gooderservice has yet to defend his or her uprate, instead electing to take on Brit's challenge of ek hornbeck's racism:

Sorry for you, Brit, but you're out of your league (0+ / 0-)
here if you think you can take on Ek and win.  And that's a fact.

by gooderservice on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 03:45:02 PM MST

shypuffadder declines to defend the racism at all, pretending like the diary was perfectly kosher.  As of about 4:30pm Pacific, s/he has not replied to my request for an explanation of the uprate.

When will this end?  When will we no longer have to write these diaries?

4:49 PM PT: Almost immediately after publication, I see that the upraters have now been NR'd, perhaps while I was writing.  Thank you.

6:26 PM PT: Hooooly shit, first time on rec list.  Wish it could've been for something more upbeat, but thank you all nonetheless :).

8:30 PM PT: There is a confusing discussion in comments about the original diarist's comment, "Obama needs to know we will break his Party into tiny little pieces," and whether or not this comment is alone racist.  Unless I'm missing something obvious, it is not.  I lost track of the discussion about breaking parties a long time ago but that quote and the Rand Paul quote were merely setting the scene for the rest of said troll diary and both comments are before said troll diary veered into the land of racism.

Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 12:04 PM PT: Holy wow, this diary exploded with comments overnight and this morning; I'll try to keep up as I have time but I've got no serious chance of fully catching up at this point.


Originally posted to auron renouille on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 04:47 PM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community.

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