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Good luck reasoning with this guy
   President Obama can not force the GOP to stop destroying their own party and along with it America's economy. He can't force them to stop clinging to bad ideas that are proven to fail.

    Obama is not Ceaser Milan. He can't make the GOP stop shitting on the floor and rolling in it. He can't make the GOP stop biting people they have always hated. The GOP is a bad dog that refuses to be taught new tricks. Pretending that the President has the power to make the GOP stop embracing the massively unpopular ideas that cost them the last Presidential election is a half-assed attempt to hold Obama accountable for Republicans bad behavior instead of holding Republicans accountable for their own bad behavior. Any journalist who insists otherwise is full of it.

He's the President of the United States. He is not the Asshole Whisperer.

more below the fold . . .

A nihilistic post-policy GOP that defines themselves by opposing whatever Obama wants on any given day, even if Obama supports GOP ideas, simply can not be reasoned with. Period. They define who they are by how much that hate Obama. Good luck working with that.

Saying Obama should "Show more leadership" is like saying he should be more pro-active and think outside the box, its' meaningless bullshit designed to shift the blame from the hardline psychosis of the GOP onto the President, who somehow has the power to make Republicans stop acting insane but just won't use it. And I will remind you that nearly every hack journalist that is saying Obama should "Show more leadership" are the same people who praised Bush's leadership while he was creating the problems that Congressional Republicans refuse to allow Obama to address in any way at all.

This diary started as a tweet and deserved more, but the title explains itself. Barack Obama is the President of the United States, he is not the Asshole Whisperer. He can not force Republicans to abandon a set of policies that has destroyed their own brand, nor can he force them to abandon a set of policies that even the Pope is against at this point. Obama can not force the GOP to grow up and moderate from the platform Romney/Ryan lost so badly on, but maybe, just maybe, if those journalists calling on Obama to "show leadership" would explain to their audiences how and why the GOP are filibustering everything they can just to defeat Obama despite the pain it causes average Americans, maybe that would help. But who the hell am I kidding, that would require lazy journalists to place blame on Congressional Republicans, and that just isn't going to happen anytime soon.

So we have a broken Government that can do nothing because that is how Mitch McConnell and John Boehner like it. Blaming Obama on Republicans being Republicans is just stupid. Maybe instead of holding Obama accountable for Congressional Republicans bad behavior we could try doing what Ceaser Milan does, and by that I mean that every time Congressional Republicans shit the floor journalists should rub John Boehner's nose in it instead of looking at Obama like it is his fault that Republican Cujo predictably mauled the economy again.

end rant


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