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Have you noticed that the front page of Daily Kos is devoted, not to Democrats who are doing good things, but predominantly to Republicans behaving like idiots?

Am I being accurate?  Here's an abbreviated listing of the fifty most recent front page diary topics (not including regularly scheduled stuff like Cheers and Jeers, and TV show reviews). Sample taken about 5:00 PM PT, Thursday, 5/2/13, without intended bias. Fifty was arbitrary but selected in advance. I've bolded things under the category of 'stupid Republican antics.'  I've italicized anything to do with good stuff Democrats are doing.

"Kelly Ayotte says..."
"NRA crackpot..."
"Marriage Equality comes to RI"
"First Responders..."
"Merkeley back on filibuster..."

"Retailers and Bangladesh..."
"Kelly Ayotte makes stuff up..."
"Howard Kurtz..."
"Jeff Flake saying dumb things..."
"Congressional GOP noticing their own incompetence..."

"Austerity for thee, tax breaks for me..."
"RNC celebrates Obama's first 100 days..."
"Obama administration and Plan B"
"Gun safety legislation polling..."
"Republican Party uses images of Obama consoling Newtown mother..."

"The sequester and YOU."
"Marriage equality polling in Oregon..."
"Brian Sandoval under fire..."
"Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Republican paranoia..."
"119,000 private sector jobs..."

"Polling about Syria, North Korea..."
"Michelle Bachmann misquotes..."
"McDonnell catering scandal..."
"Polling about Obamacare..."
"America's dumbest congressman (Gohmert)..."

"Tea Party looks to draft Palin..."
"Walmart heirs..."
"Republican wants Party of No also to be Party of Know Nothing"]
"Audit at Scott Walker agency..."
"7 epic congressional fails"

"A solution for seniors wrt Meals on Wheels..."
"Xenophones want GOP to stay xenophobic"
"Implementing Obamacare."
"Armed gunmen ambush teachers as readiness test."
"Fox News about Jason Collins."

"Don't fear Obamacare, Democrats..."
"Republican governors face decimation..."
"Republican rebranding stops at the gay"
"Let's buy Kelly Ayotte a dictionary..."
"Toomey says Republicans opposed expanding background checks..."

"Three more suspects arrested..."
"Mysterious poll smears Cobert Busch"
"Calgary Cruz 2016"
"Perry's mentor."
"In case you wonder why some Dems cling to austerity."

"...Ayotte praises self for not filibustering..."
"Colbert Busch 'goes there'
"MA Senate primary liveblog"
"Former lawmakers hear UFO testimony..."
"Republican legislators deny Medicaid expansion to millions."


And... the winner is:

Republicans saying or doing stupid shit: 19/50 (38%)
Democrats doing something reasonable: 5/50 (10%)

(I tried to be conservative (heh) with the former and liberal (heh, heh) with the latter.)

In addition, there are around seven other diaries pretty specifically about Republicans doing bad things (just not stupid things), while there are just a couple of diaries about various Democratic actions that are hard to categorize.

Congrats to Senator Ayotte (R-NH) for being by far the most popular topic of late!

What's the conclusion?

It may be that there simply are no Democrats doing good things of any significance (and with Harry Reid determined to keep the filibuster in place no matter how many times he warns the Republicans to cease and desist "or else!", there is good evidence for that thesis). In which case, okay, if all there is is Republicans being Republicans then that's all there is (kind of zen-like, eh?)

If so, that's really depressing.

The alternative is that Daily Kos readers, like moths to a flame, zero in on Republican stupidisms and aren't interested in much else (except, of course, pootie diaries), and the front page is reflecting that interest.

That would be really depressing too.

Originally posted to jpmassar on Thu May 02, 2013 at 07:32 PM PDT.

Also republished by Progressive Policy Zone, The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, and Dailykos Kossacks For Action.

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