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Rush was caught today in a stream of (what passes for conscious) thought about the victims and their kidnappers in Ohio.

He wonders, it seems -  if one can follow the stream, if the 3 kidnapping brothers and the 3 victims might have staged the whole thing because it was a premise on "Hawaii Five-0" last night.

No seriously.

It's not like "Hawaii Five-0" got the idea any where, like oh say Josef Fritzl who kidnapped his daughter for 24 years (she bore him 7 children) .  

Or that the writers of "Law and Order" ever got their ideas from real life events (or had commercials that advertised that fact saying "ripped from the headlines").

Or that many "Criminal Minds" episodes are actually based on real life cases in the US over the past 200 years. (yeah, that fact helps one sleep at night - I've read the real life cases, I was happier thinking they made this stuff up.)

And the 1976 Chowchilla school bus kidnapping?  Six months earlier I had read a book, "The Day the Children Vanished," by Hugh Pentecost, it had very same premise.  I had checked it out from my junior high school library.  Okay it was very weird, and I told the adults in my life how this matched the book I had read.

Turns out, it was the inspiration for the kidnapping.

So NO Rush, it's not unheard of.  But what you are alluding to, possibly, is that these 3 women (2 kidnapped as girls) and these 3 men colluded from the get go to fake 3 kidnappings, and then the escape because they had seen it somewhere, a decade ago.?

But that's not all - in what could be the final nail in his career with Cumulus and Clear Channel, Rush, who never finds anything good about welfare. . . talks about, laments, maybe about how Amanda Berry and her 6 year old daughter will become welfare recipients.  2 on welfare.

Should she and her daughter NOT have been rescued because before rescue they were not on the public dole?  Is he saying that the 3 kidnapping brothers were doing the American taxpayer a service?  They did keep those 3 young women and 1 child off welfare - is that what you are praising  . . . Rushhhhhhhhhhhh?

It's hard to tell ... but one thing is easy to hear, his lack of empathy and compassion.

Any there, Rushhhhhhhhhhhh?

And by the way, did you know the atleast one of the kidnapping brothers voted for Obama? Rushhhhhhhhhhhh says he did . . . but how does he know?

Originally posted to Clytemnestra on Tue May 07, 2013 at 08:05 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and RaceGender DiscrimiNATION.

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