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Oh, jeez, RASA... RASA...

What the hell?  I mean really, what the hell.  You guys just created a group because RKBA was good at preventing its members from ever losing an argument.

Repeal or Amend the the Second Amendment.  Come on guys we couldn't get an amendment passed in this country that 100% of Americans should have been for.  I mean, the ERA, remember that?  There was two groups who should have supported that.  People with vaginas, and people who ever wanted to see one again.  And we couldn't pass it!  Clearly it's a sign you just need to pack it up and go home.

I mean, what was the last amendment we actually had?  Oh yeah, Congress can't vote themselves a pay raise.  This session.   Course with the retention rate of congressmen, that sure did a hell of a lot, eh?  Yeah, NEXT year they can order the Bentley.

(More good-natured humor on the flip)

I mean, come on RASA, you're up against the NRA.  Honestly, I mean what manufacturer is gonna pay you money to shill their product?  Other than Pepper Spray manufacturers, I mean.  Have you thought about getting a sponsorship?  I mean, you could really go for that, and maybe even get some Republicans on board with that tactic.  Buy Pepper spray!  Use the weapon that the hippies REALLY hate!  As a plus it's probably bad for the environment too!

Ugh.  I mean really, what do you have going for you, other than a bunch of cartoonists, actors, 90% of America, Grieving Families and public safety?  You don't have the Democratic Party, do ya?  Nope, they always preface EVERY statement on guns with "We Support the Second Amendment!"  It's kinda like you're trying to get everybody in the nation to comment on farts.  Yeah, the farts are unpleasant and stink up the place pretty bad, but nobody feels it's their place to talk about it. The only time folks discuss it is when they're with somebody they totally trust.  Sorry, folks, the National Fart Association doesn't trust ANYBODY!

But seriously guys, have you thought about a memo?  Have you thought about actually coordinating?   As it is, the only time you ever seem to show up in the same place is when somebody you don't like is being a dick.  

So, I hear you want to ban guns.  Oh, that's a great plan.  Yeah, great plan to tell psychotic heavily armed paranoid people who are convinced that you want to take their guns that you actually, might... at some point, want to take their guns.  Isn't that kinda like walking up to the Westboro Baptist Church dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter?  Yeah, it's fun, I'm not gonna deny that, but really, you're kinda asking for it.

You just don't get that people are always gonna get guns.  No matter what.  There's a fricking 3D printable gun put out by an anarchist right now!  I mean, once you have that... and create nitrocellulose in your basement, and take the time to actually realize that it's a pretty crappy gun...  but that's not the point, it's STILL a gun, and I'm certain that the instant you ban guns the $2000 dollar start up cost will not block a single person from owning a gun.

Oh man.  RASA.  The Name alone sounds lame.  Sounds like you should just cut to the chase, add "Farian" to the end of it, smoke some blunts and jam to some Marley.  Not that I'm complaining.  You do that, and there's at least two states that agree with you.  Hell, you're more likely to get action if you DID try to deal with the second amendment through legalizing pot.  I mean...  that's a great way to curb gun violence...  provided of course nobody runs out.  

I mean, Come on RASA, you've actually got some of the worst Democrats on your side.  Dianne Feinstein is the only one who actually seems to care about your cause.  Yeah, Dianne, same woman who wants to censor the internet so you can't actually support her, except by sending money.  

But seriously RASA, you've done great for all... uhm... five months that you've been around.  Yeah, you accuse other folks of only showing up when Sandy Hook happened...  so sayeth the group that showed up all of three days after it happened.  I mean, it's not like you've been around that long.  You don't have the longevity or the staying power of pootie diaries.   Hell, even folks who were opposed to circumcision have been around longer than you.  Course, to be fair, most dicks have been around longer than you.

So, RASA, keep at it.  The more you shout and scream, the more you let the Gun Nuts know where to shoot.

Originally posted to detroitmechworks on Tue May 07, 2013 at 09:34 PM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and National Parody Administration.

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