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I keep seeing articles about "corporate money influencing Congressional action".  It's so PC to phrase it that way, and i suggest we call it for what "American Democracy" has actually been for a long time now:

Congress people are for the most part Lobbyists.  Republicans AND Democrats

They are paid above the table by big money for big money agendas.

The "little people" aka VOTERS only have votes and that's not equal to the Almighty $$$

So we now have a system where MONEY vastly out purchases millions of votes.

And the voters themselves as manipulated by dishonest propaganda with full collusion by the MSM, which are themselves money-driven and open to the highest bidder for how to push a story.

It's all a completely dishonest system.

I came from Vietnam, a country that went from being a corrupt Democracy to a Communist regime.

Now, you can go back there and see that Capitalism is on hyper-drive.  And corrupt as hell, when you see the government officials drive Bently's and Ferraris.  Their kids drive the finest luxury cars, live in multi-million dollar homes and are sent to the finest colleges in Europe and America for their education.

Yet they call themselves "Communists" still.  They publicly opine and prose about the wonderful world of Communism and shared work and resources, while the corruption leaves a trail of sludge from behind their Yatchs cruising the pristine ocean of the coast of Vietnam.

So when i hear politicians in America spout about "democracy" etc... I get the sickening feeling they are doing the same bullshitting the Communists in Vietnam do.  They are lying bold-faced to the American public about a way of life we actually lost decades ago.  To keep up docile and deluded that Congress, Presidents, and the Supreme Courts are there to protect Democracy.

Just look at this undeniable truth:

Many in Congress are Millionaires.

And if you don't start as one, you will be soon if you do the bidding of the Big Money crowed and serve them.

Suddenly you are privy insanely lucrative real-estate and business deals.  You, your kids, and family are given untraceable gifts and opportunities for advancement.

Congress is where average Americans can go to get rich.

And they all know this... Obama, Democrats, ALL OF THEM.

This is not Democracy in the standard definition: 1 person, 1 vote.

Call what you will, Corporatocracy, Financial-Tiered Democracy... whatever. Because now its: $1million = 1 million vote.

We have arrived at a time, where just like in society now where the more money you have buys your more exclusive and special accommodations, food, bling, we are now FIRMLY ROOTED in a system where the money you have, the MORE DEMOCRACY you have access to.


If the system is shown for what it really is, the American public would riot and shit would get burned down.

You see, what we in the Progress/Liberal tribe are angry about, are actually very similar to what the Tea Partiers are angry about too.  We are all frustrated that our government is delivering diminishing returns on our heard earned tax money and our votes/will is being incrementally disregarded.  Gun control legislation made that pretty obvious right? Even 90% of NRA members wanted increased background checks, but you see the MILLIONS that pads the pockets of NRA heads negated the "will" of the majority.

That's American Democracy for you now...

Yes, there are still good guys, fighting the good fight.  But they are vastly outnumbered.  Bernie Sanders is the role model of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

But we live in a society that FETISHIZES wealth and bling.  We blast in from TVs and movies.  TV shows of blue-collar folks living in homes that are clearly beyond their means in the real world.  Kids on TV shows have clothing, bling, toys and cars that are beyond what kids in most of our society could afford to provide their kids responsibly.  

We push the belief that money, bling, and clothes "makes the man" and woman.  We are propagandized to feel impotent, ugly, and unworthy to each other if we can't outclass someone in haircut, clothes, watches, cars, houses, big birthday parties for our kids with bouncy houses... because shit if you can't give your kids or wife or husband those things, you are just pathetic....

So you know what?  Even the Entertainment industry, considered Liberal supporters, are just as bad.  They push unrealistic and sick concepts of "happiness", "adequacy".

So few are the voices that promote that the highest goal of living is to LOVE, TO HELP, AND TO HEAL all people, living things and the Planet.

But there's no money in that is there?....

Originally posted to liquidstoke on Wed May 08, 2013 at 04:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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