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We are in a crisis of thought that seems unparalleled in human history.  What is most ironic about it is that all the participants are willing to go on, seemingly forever, telling people from the other worlds than theirs that they are wrong.  Ironically that is the one unifying feature of today's world.  One recalls platitudes about all the world being a stage, etc.  

One thing seems clear if there is any reality out there at all and that is that this ten blind men describing an elephant parody is not very productive.

Am I not being specific enough for you?  That is deliberate.  One outstanding characteristic of this situation is that EVERY group sharing a common world view is sure the others are wrong.

Read on below and I will try to spell this out a bit more.

Long ago before there was  written language the worlds people believed were there were described by stories.  This has changed in important ways with the evolution of written language.  

The biggest change has come with technology and instant world wide communication.  Yet this potentially unifying mode of communication has not overcome the divisions among people with different world views.

Why do you suppose this is true?  Not an easy question for we are in the midst of all of it and it is hard to step out of the mess to look at it.  One consequence of doing that is that you can never go back.  Once you can become sufficiently detached from the ongoing arguments, etc. you are not able to engage in them in the same way.  At this point my readers will fall into very different groups as they usually do.  Some will have experienced what I am talking about and others won't.  In the process of discussing differing world views I have created another rift.  Now with a little imagination you can embed the bigger world view issues into this smaller model without losing too much.

One possible reason people like some notion of a god is that they can imagine some form of intelligence that can escape this fragmented set of ways of seeing the  world.  Of course this is no help and the source of many more rifts

Why am I saying these things?  Because the situation, to some of us, has become very serious.  If we care about our chilodren and future generations it is imperitave that we divorce ourselves from  these diving world views and begin to act resonsibly.  We can no longer afford to play political theagter and the rest.  We can no longer afford to live like what we consume will be here forever, especially for the future generations.`

There are basically two world views that matter at this point in time.  One says that science and politics will eventually solve our problems.  The other says that neither science or politics can solve our problems.

I have not got a crystal ball.  I will still venture a prediction.  What is coming will do the following:  If the first group prevails it will result in catastrophic change.  If the second group ever gets its point across we will still have catastrophic change but some of that may be lessened and we may find ways of lessening the pain.

So it goes back to the real core level political question: "Which side are you on?"

6:12 PM PT: you may want to read our book to get more:

Global Insanity: How Homo sapiens Lost Touch with Reality while Transforming the World


The questions of our time reduce to a question of survival

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