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I am one who will call out problems.  There is just one huge problem with calling out this administration's problems.   It was the PREVIOUS administration that created it all !
All of it !!!!!!   Who started two wars?   Who lied us into war?  Who ignored the data before 911?  Who ignored Katrina?   Who created so many veterans that Patton himself would have problems trying to figure out the military today.   Who created the housing bubble and by all the deregulation.

 Who created BIG BROTHER with all these beauracratic cabinets like Homeland Security and the Patriot Act?   Who failed the people with social reform by putting money in the pockets of Faith Based Initiaves?  Who WAS PRESIDENT SEPT. 15, 2008?  Their idea of who is responsible comes an administration late.

I do have a problem with this administration and it was not charging the previous administration with war crimes.   I also have a problem with this administration catering and apologizing for the wrong doings of the Bush bunch. I have a problem with not jailing banksters.    

Be sure.   They already do have articles of impeachment drawn up against this president.   They are foaming at the mouth.  They couldn't win but they are going after cabinet members one by one and making this president look as bad as possible despite the poll numbers.   They do not care about We the People.   They have an agenda.  When Republicans cannot win or have the power of the presidency...they impeach.  Dennis Kusnich had papers presented to the Judiciary committee for impeachment of GW Bush and 35 people ready to sign on when the thing died on the table.

Now the conservatives are running ads to get rid of the best secretary of the VA we have had since Max Cleland.  One by one they want the dominoes to fall.   If they are not obstructing legislation, they are creating scandals, lying, stopping nominee appointments.  They are falling just short of treason or tyranny IMO.

Here is the new nail that will be coming up soon..  

They did not care about Paula Jones or what is , is... They cared about their agenda of power.   They WILL try and impeach this president... Be ever so sure.  Then what?  How many times do we have to wait and work for a democratic president to become president only to be taken down a notch or two by Impeachment charges.  It is no longer about moving forward.  It is becoming a survival trick and Dog eat Dog type of politics which was not what the founders had in mind.   I don't have any answers but it infuriates me that George Bush gets to paint his naked toes in a tub free as a jay bird and President Obama is not only being obstructed from leading but we have some wimpy
legislators not covering backs.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) appeared on Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," addressing his suggestion that Obama face that stiff a penalty.

I was simply asked: 'is that within the realm of possibilities?' And I would say ‘yes.’ I'm not willing to take that off the table."

Senators who want impeachment:

Of course the media wants impeachment is ratings..not enough killings and mayhem  fast enoughto keep ratings up in their opinion.

Oh I have a big problem with this president...HE DID NOT TAKE CARE OF BUSH AND WAR CRIMINALS SOME TIME BACK AND send a loud message to the Tea Party about respecting a war time president.  Nancy Pelosi did not back up the War crimes and it was off the table...Well Nancy, nothing republicans can do to the dems is off the table..In fact the table is running out of room and they are setting up new tables.  

The Secretary of the VA is a good man.  He has been left with a mess.  We have more
veterans that are disabled and dead and the VA was not set up to handle this kind of mess with no taxes to support the monies it takes.  There are few jobs and no unions to speak of and our biggest product is WAR.   So they want Shenski  to go and replace him with one of their CEO's from Lockheed or MacDonald Douglas or maybe they want a CEO from Halliburton.  

As I type this my husband is in the hospital with a severe upper respiratory problem and stints in his heart.  This is all connected to a war long ago and far away but ever present today with the exposure of Agent orange and war trauma.  I have not forgot about memorial day either coming up which will be sobering.

 We will be dead and gone when the next 40 year vets from Iraq and Afghinstan will be facing the same kind of trauma episodes with PTSD and exposure to depleted uranium.  The MIC and the Republicans are OUT OF CONTROL !  They passed crazy when they declared they were coming unarmed this time.  I am sooooooooooo fed up with the way we just keep taking it yet I have no idea what we should do.  People are tired.

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