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Why is it that Doctors, nurses and their receptionists do not listen?
 I get woke up around 3:30 am by a pain in my lower left back.
Combined with bloody urine, I suspected it was my third kidney stone.
A quick trip to the ER confirmed that it was indeed a kidney stone, witha cavat.
I also had a real bad kidney infection.White blood cell count was thru the roof.
The Image scan seemed to show that the stone was on the move and might possibly be passed in time.That left the infection as the main problem to do with after the pain was taken care of.
After a shot of tordal failed to relive the pain another pain med was tried. It took some time to work but it dealt with the pain for aprox 1 hour than the pain came back.
Now since the local ER is not connected to a hospital they then send my by ambulance to the main facility at the county seat.
By the time that I had arrived the pain was back and the antibiotic drip had stopped dripping(defective perhaps). 4 hours later no pain meds and no fix for the drip.
Then Im told the small breakfast I ordered was to be returned as the doctor scheduled a surgery. REALLY without even consulting me once  not even ONCE. That and to top it off he decided instead of a shot or iv drip for pain meds he was gonna give out percocet tablets.
OMG do they not listen, Ive told them certain pain meds do nothing, Morphine, codeine, novacaine, advil, tylenol and the crap they add tylenol to. But ahh yes that doc had not been in to consult with me.
So I end up signing myself out because the crappy service wasnt getting me the health fix I needed.
I head on over to the health clinic in my hometown, it used to be a free clinic but now goes on a sliding scale.And wouldnt you know it, a nightmare getting anything done there.The 2 up front were so hung up on pain medication, I wasnt there for that. I wanted an antibiotic as that is THE issue that could seriously endanger my life.  The kidney stone was being passed and the pain would subside in time.
Then the paperwork that got updated back in march got lost in their system.
Thats when the clinic doc said to bring me back. He wrote 2 scripts 1 for pain and 1 for anitibiotics., He sent the antibiotic one to their in shop pharma, which closed up shop just before I got there.
So I took the one I had in hand to the local walgreens and found out it was the pain but not antibiotic.I was unaware that he had written 2 scripts. Found that out when I got home and he had called asking where he should call it into.
The pain issue between me and this local hospital goes back to my 1st kidney stone.
Thats when I learned that morphine does nothing for me, but demerol works wonders.
The 2nd kidney stone the specialist again tried morphine. and refused to proscribe anything else as the amount of morphine he gave he said was plenty.And that visit was when I learned the percocet he gave for home also does nothing.
Pain and the treatment thereof needs to be on a per patient issue and quit bringing up all the movie/rock/sports stars etc etc over the past few years that have OD'd on em.

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  •  Even for those privileged with insurance (8+ / 0-)

    US health care has been deteriorating for decades, compared to EU health care.

    US MD's no longer examine you as they once did, looking into your eyes and ears -- because if they did, they might find something insurance would have to pay for. They only look into symptoms you tell them about.

  •  Going to get some sleep (7+ / 0-)

    All the medication giving today is making me sleepy.
    Between the adavan, xanax and what all else they fed me.
    I hope this situtaion gets better overnight.

  •  appalling (8+ / 0-)

    that after all that they failed to put in your hands what you most needed.

    And that doc who wanted to perform surgery without even talking to you?  Calls for disciplinary action IMHO.

    Do give us an update.

    •  Kidney stone passed sometime (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      wilderness voice

      in the middle of the night, pain is all gone.
      Now just need to keep up with the antibiotic to knock out the infection.
      Before I left the hospital I had talked with a patient rights advocate and she said she'd get back with me. But I dont expect it to go very far.
      Even with new owners the hospital still retained all the staff from years ago. And it's that staff thats the problem.
      It has a history of bad relations with the people of this county.At one point it had the worst neonatal unit in the country til some rich pilantrapist donated to get it upgraded.
      Hospitals in this country need some serious oversight to bring them up to some decent standards.

  •  they sure as hell don't listen about anything else (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    than what you're there for. I had a jaw infection, but I mentioned to the student they sent to see me in the ER of a Huge Hospital Center that I had been taking oodles of ibuprophen and was bleeding MUCH more than my usual period (I had to point to down there because the young man looked at me with no understanding) and told him I was going through a pad an hour. He went and got his supervisor Dr., to whom I said the same thing. The guy disappeared without saying anything, and several hours later I heard the nurse yelling at him that if he's going to order things he has to write them down before she can do them!!!    The rest of my night was really screwed up too and I'm not going to bore people with it, but ya know, a month later, when I needed 3 blood transfusions because of profound anemia, I was still wondering why they knocked me silly with pain meds and then released me (again, after midnight and told me that the hospital's own pharmacy was closed but I could certainly go to an all-night one in this strange city I had been taken to. Mmmm Hmmm. I'm sure that a new patient after midnight, looking as disheveled as I was by that time, with a prescription for pain meds from a doctor I didn't know was going to get really enthusiastic service downtown...)
        WTF? Why does a pharmacy at a Major Medical Center (which shall not be named) not have a 24 hour pharmacist just for this and other after-midnight emergencies?!
        Not only that, after not seeing me (I had been sent to this special big place because supposedly I was having a reaction that might stop my ability to breathe, even though I was able to YELL at them that I was obviously still breathing and could I please have an antibiotic now and maybe a percocette which works for me?!) for 6 hours, the doctor barely talked to me and then filled me up with morphine while I was still going "Wait- what-? Morphine?" and when that didn't work they added toradol to the IV. That combo knocked me right out, and then an hour later when they still hadn't given me any antibiotic (I was so sick and swollen by then I expected an IV antibiotic but they sent me home with the paper prescription and "oh- here's a percocette for the road.")
        I went home and alternately slept and barfed for the next two-and-a-half days, continuing to miss all medications rather than puke them up and now also missing my birth control pill for enough days to screw things up even worse "down there" and no one from the Major Medical Place even called me at home to see if I'd lived through their "treatment."
         I was walking like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz when we left the ER that night. They had no idea what those meds and the lack of meds were doing to me- I could have gone home and died and they never would have known. And meanwhile- they have a "percocette for the road" (?!) but "No, you can't have a half-dozen penicillin pills until your pharmacy opens at 9 am. Sorry."
        Recently I have had excellent care at a tiny local hospital, where all kinds of people took personal care of me. To begin with they did call me at home to make sure I was okay the day after they saw me, and they fixed my female problem. Much better, and I hope I never pass through the doors of the big place again.

    And as screwed up as insurances are, I am still glad that I have some, because that night's fiasco could have ruined the rest of my life with big bills for nuttin'- but that's a different rant for another day.

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