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Six of 29 firearms discovered by TSA agents at airports this week.
This week's image is courtesy of The TSA Blog, and features six of the 29 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports across the country this week. That's how many Responsible Gun OwnersTM claim to have completely forgotten about that object to which they otherwise claim to have attached so much importance in their lives, that they'd only let it go when pried from their cold, dead hands. But at least the total is down from the record 65 such guns discovered just the week before.

Our compilation this week—the 20th we've designated with our official-looking Roman numerals—features three gun-cleaning accidents, four home invasion shootings, six target practice accidents (including one in which the victim was shot at a toddler's birthday party over a mile away), four people showing off new guns who accidentally shot themselves or the people they were showing off to, three who bought guns for family or self-protection and ended up shooting themselves and/or family members with them instead, and two cops and two soldiers involved in accidents. Additionally, the Kids of GunFAIL are a little older this week, the victims being 2, 7, 14, 15, 15, 17 & 17 years old, plus two teenagers of unknown ages.

Of particular note this week are: the concealed carry ninja whose purse dropped and ended up shooting the 7-year-old daughter of her massage therapist; the jerk-ass punished by God for shooting turtles in a fishing pond with a rifle, until the dock he was standing on collapsed and he ended up shooting himself in the leg; the active duty soldier who narrowly missed a deployment to Afghanistan only to be shot to death accidentally by his Army buddy, and; the still mysterious case of Mr. Jerry Waller of Fort Worth, TX. Mr. Waller was shot to death on his own property by Fort Worth police, who said he was unresponsive to their demands that he identify himself and drop his gun, when he apparently decided to respond to a neighbor's burglar alarm with his own weapon.

Finally, one note of GunFAIL closure:

Students at E.E. Knight Elementary in Elsie, as well as students and community members of the Ovid-Elsie school district, gained some closure May 15 from the tragic loss of a classmate and friend.

Paige McGinnis, a sixth-grade student at E.E. Knight, passed away in an accidental shooting in February. As a way to remember her, the school planted a tree in her honor on the building grounds. The tree is a prairie fire crabapple tree, which was chosen because of its purple flowers, as purple was Paige’s favorite color.

Paige's death was noted, albeit anonymously, in GunFAIL IV, derived from this story, which reported that Paige was shot and killed when her 14-year-old brother accidentally fired a shotgun at home, back on February 4th, a full 12-and-a-half weeks before the country woke up to the epidemic of kids shooting their siblings, after the tragedy involving the 5-year-old and his Crickett rifle in Kentucky.

Below the fold, please find this week's incidents of GunFAIL

  1. ALLIANCE, OH, 5/21/13: Man showing gun to friend accidentally shoots himself. Self-inflicted gunshot victim flown to Youngstown hospital.
  2. TUSCON, AZ, 5/22/13: A man whose gun went off when he tripped and fell fleeing from deputies is now facing several charges. After a brief foot chase, Dahlstrom tripped and fell, and the gun he was carrying went off, Bañuelos said. Hearing the gunshot, deputies drew their service weapons, and one deputy fired a shot. Dahlstrom was arrested after a brief struggle. Though he had not been shot, Dahlstrom was injured when he resisted arrest, so deputies took him to a hospital as a precaution.
  3. CHARLOTTE, NC, 5/23/13: Airport officials recovered a loaded gun inside of a  bag at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Thursday morning, according to the TSA. The TSA spokesman tweeted a picture of the weapon. Officers found the loaded .380 in a carry-on bag. The TSA says this is the tenth loaded gun found at the Charlotte airport in 2013.
  4. JACKSON, TN, 5/23/13: A Jackson teen was arrested after he allegedly took a shotgun into the south Jackson Walmart, Thursday. According to police, George Andrew Wiggins, 18, walked into the store with the loaded shotgun around 6:00 p.m. He allegedly told police he did not leave the gun in his vehicle because he was scared it would be stolen. He also reportedly told investigators that he went to the store to buy ammunition.
  5. EMANUEL CO., GA, 5/23/13: Some jerk-ass shooting turtles in a fishing pond with his rifle ended up shooting himself in the leg when the dock collapsed. Hi, karma! How ya doin'?
  6. NORTH LOGAN, UT, 5/24/13: In North Logan, a man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. Police say the victim was trying to clean his gun, when he realized he didn't have any cleaning solution. He put the magazine back in the weapon, and pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the knee. Deputies say there's an important lesson to be learned from this: be careful with a weapon. Thanks, deputies! A more specific lesson might be: don't pull the trigger unless you want to shoot something.
  7. LAKEWOOD, OH, 5/24/13: A man was taken to Lakewood Hospital after he reportedly shot himself in the hand with a .40-caliber gun in the 13400 block of Harlon Avenue at around 7 p.m. May 24.
  8. BETHEL TOWNSHIP, OH, 5/25/13: A Springfield man suffered serious injuries to his foot after he accidentally shot himself while at the target range. Clark County sheriff’s deputies responded to Springfield Medical Center just after 1:30 p.m. to meet with the victim, Dan Gray, according to reports. Gray told deputies he was preparing to target shoot off of North Tecumseh Road in Bethel Township when his gun went off while it was pointed at his feet. A round from his revolver struck his right foot and caused serious, but non-life-threatening injuries, said deputies.
  9. HOUSTON, TX, 5/25/13: Police said a man accidentally shot himself and his mother at a family gathering in southwest Houston on Saturday night. According to reports, a group of family and friends was gathered together drinking in the garage of a home on Prior Park.  Police said one man pulled out his gun to show it off, when he accidentally fired it. The bullet struck him in the hand and hit his mother in the stomach.  He was taken to the hospital in stable condition; his mother was taken to the hospital in serious condition. By the way, if you didn't know how many people drink in their garages, you're not allowed to participate in the gun debate any more, you elitists.
  10. HARTFORD TOWNSHIP, MI, 5/25/13: A woman attending a 3-year-old’s birthday party found her pop can exploded suddenly, only to find that a bullet went through the can and straight into her arm from a mile away. Deputies also discovered that the bullet had come from a considerable distance away and was from no one anywhere near the party. An investigation of the area revealed the bullet had been accidentally fired from over a mile away from a target practice. Deputies found the location where the gun was shot from, but the subject had already left the scene and may now be in St. Joseph.
  11. CHATTANOOGA, TN, 5/25/13: Police said a man and wife were listening to the disquieting sounds of a "gun battle" on Walker Road when one of the shots entered their home. It went through the front right side of the house, traveling through the siding and blowing out some sheetrock. The bullet passed on through an open front entry door.
  12. RED BLUFF, CA, 5/25/13: Red Bluff police say a man who was hospitalized Saturday night with a gunshot wound wouldn't say anything about how he was shot at first, then eventually admitted he accidentally shot himself with his friend's gun. They knew Davey Fritz Jr., 36, of Red Bluff was shot on the 1100 block of Franzel Road, but not much more. Fritz wouldn't give any details at first, police said, but he eventually admitted to accidentally shooting himself in the foot with his friend's .22-caliber firearm.
  13. TEXARKANA, AR, 5/25/13: Police in Texarkana say a 14-year-old boy was killed over the weekend in an apparent accidental shooting. Police say the shooting was reported Saturday afternoon at a home on Park Place Street in Texarkana. Once there, officers discovered the teen suffering from a gunshot wound. Texarkana police say the boy was pronounced dead at the scene.
  14. JACKSON, MI, 5/25/13: Police are investigating a shooting in Jackson where a stray bullet hit a young girl in the chest. It happened last night on the corner of West High Street and Williams Street. People were walking home from fireworks at Cascade Falls Park in Jackson. Police say two groups of people were in a confrontation when shots were fired. A 13 year old girl was hit by a stray bullet who was not part of the confrontation.
  15. BOARDMAN, OH, 5/25/13: Yet another home invasion shooting. And if that's not enough to make you mad, he killed two TVs! A Boardman man accidentally shot his firearm while inside his apartment on Rockdale Avenue on Saturday night. The bullet hit his television and traveled to a neighboring apartment. A neighbor discovered the slug Monday. The neighbor told police he heard a popping sound while he was watching TV Saturday night. His TV signal was lost, and he couldn’t figure out why. After further investigation, police talked to the apartment’s maintenance supervisor and found out there was a TV in its box in a Dumpster that had holes in it.
  16. DUBUQUE, IA, 5/25/13: The Dubuque teenager who was injured during a shooting that killed another teenager on Jackson Street in October allegedly shot himself in the leg on Saturday, according to a police search warrant. Police were dispatched to 1012 Wilson St. just before 4:30 a.m. Saturday, after Taylor M. Worrall, 18, of 1220 Park Street, called about a subject who was shot in the leg, the warrant states. Worrall said the shooting was an accident, but hung up before any other information could be obtained.
  17. HONESDALE, PA, 5/25/13: Bought a gun to protect the family, ended up accidentally shooting his 15-year-old daughter in the face. You see, he was trying to make his gun safe by unloading it, but accidentally did the right things in the wrong order. Details.  According to the Wayne County district attorney's office, Mr. Holmes sat at the kitchen table of a friend's home on 11th Street in Honesdale on Saturday and took the weapon from his side holster. Mr. Holmes said he pulled back the chamber to remove a live round, then removed the weapon's magazine before setting it on the table. Then it fired. "My mistake, I did the opposite of what I should have," Mr. Holmes said.
  18. MARICOPA CO., AZ, 5/26/13: A man accidentally shot himself in the leg while at Bartlett Lake Sunday, authorities said. The man’s gun was in a holster when it went off at about 11 a.m., Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Officer Joaquin Enriquez said. He was treated by fire department paramedics at the lake northeast of the Valley and then drove himself to the hospital for further treatment, Enriquez said. The injury was not life-threatening.
  19. SPIRO, OK, 5/26/13: A 15-year-old girl was taken by helicopter to Tulsa after she was accidentally shot in her home Sunday afternoon in the Tucker community in northwest Le Flore County. Le Flore County Sheriff Rob Seale said the girl and her 12-year-old sister were handling a .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun when one of the girls placed the gun on a counter. When the 15 year old reached down to get her cell phone, Seale said the gun discharged. Seale said the girl sustained life-threatening injuries and was immediately flown to a hospital in Tulsa. Seale did not have an update on her condition Sunday evening. Seale said the girl’s mother was outside when the accident happened. He said an investigation is ongoing but it appears to be an accidental shooting. “It looks pretty clear-cut accidental,” Seale said. UPDATE: She didn't make it. The young lady is a 15 year old Spiro student named Saylor "Slone" Martine. Martine was enrolled at Spiro Public Schools this year but has attended Roland Schools. It appears the gun was on a kitchen counter and accidentally discharged while Martin had bent over to pick up her cell phone [and] was struck in the head. The doctor said he had determined there was no brain function and nothing more could be done. At approximately 10:00 pm on Sunday night the source said Martine was still on the ventilation system until the family can talk to the organ donation team.
  20. LAKELAND, FL, 5/26/13: A Clermont man is dead after suffering a gunshot wound at a Polk County gun range Sunday morning. Larry Simpson, 71, was at the Tenoroc Mine Shooting Range in Lakeland with a friend shooting clays, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators said around 9:40 a.m., Simpson’s friend heard a gunshot come from behind him from where Simpson was helping to operate the remote control for clay machine. The man told deputies he turned around to see Simpson had been shot and his shotgun was on the ground beside him. The friend called for help and started resuscitation efforts, deputies said, but Simpson died at the scene.
  21. ELIZABETH CITY, NC, 5/26/13: For those of you who've asked for stories about successful home defenses with guns, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the gun owner in this story did successfully shoot an intruder. The bad news is that the intruder was his step-son. But the other (sort of) good news is that the step-son was a legitimate intruder. But the other (definitely) bad news is that he also accidentally shot his wife.
  22. CINCINNATI, OH, 5/26/13: A local teen is dead after an accidental shooting Sunday afternoon in Bond Hill. A relative of the victim tells FOX19 a teenage boy, was shot around 3pm in the home. Cincinnati Police say a weapon was recovered from the home in the 1100 block of Carolina Avenue, located off Paddock Road. Police believe the shooting was accidental and have not released the teens identity.
  23. CARTHAGE, ME, 5/26/13: A Franklin County deputy determined that an East Dixfield man accidentally shot himself in the thigh Sunday when he slipped in the mud while target practicing, Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. said Tuesday. Thomas Hamlin, 64, was at his camp when the accident happened, he said. He still had the .40 caliber handgun in his hand when he slipped in the greasy mud, he said.
  24. HINESVILLE, GA, 5/27/13: Hinesville police are investigating what appears to be an accidental shooting death. Major Thomas Cribbs says a resident of Cypress Bend Mobile Home Park called 911 saying he accidentally shot someone shortly before 1 p.m. Monday. Cribbs didn’t release details but did say the two men are soldiers in their early twenties and the person was killed was a visitor. He says the shooting appears accidental and no arrest has been made. UPDATE: Here are the two involved: Nick Anderson of Schaumburg narrowly missed military deployments to Afghanistan this year, only to be accidentally shot and killed by an Army buddy and fellow 2008 Schaumburg High School graduate on Memorial Day, according to police in Georgia. Police in Hinesville, Ga., arrested Kyle Mirochna, 23, on charges of involuntary manslaughter and pointing or aiming a gun at another person, in connection with Anderson's death Monday. Anderson was killed with a shotgun at Mirochna's mobile home just outside Fort Stewart, where both men served.
  25. BREMERTON, WA, 5/27/13: Two men were hurt late Monday when a gun went off accidentally at a Burwell Street home, according to Bremerton police. Officers were called to the 1700 block of Burwell shortly after 9 p.m. where they found a 37-year-old with a gunshot injury to the hand and a 29-year-old with a similar injury to the leg. The 37-year-old told police he was showing his gun, an FN model, to the 29-year-old, according to Bremerton Police Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane. After retrieving the gun from underneath a pillow on a couch, the man was trying to unload it when it fired, Crane said. Police believe both injuries were caused by the same bullet.
  26. ARLINGTON, VA, 5/27/13: An accidental shooting at Arlington National Cemetery sent one person to the hospital on Memorial Day (Monday). The incident happened at the cemetery’s parking lot around 9:30 a.m., an hour and a half before President Obama was scheduled to lay a wreath at the cemetery. According to a spokeswoman for Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBMHH), which has jurisdiction over the incident, a cemetery visitor returned to his car in the parking garage after visiting the gravesite of a friend. The man reportedly opened the door to his vehicle and tried moving a handgun from under the seat. The privately-owned gun fell out of its holster and underneath the vehicle, however, and fired once as the man attempted to retrieve it. The discharged bullet hit the leg of a vehicle passenger, who then had to be transported to George Washington University Hospital with a non-life threatening injury. Nobody else was injured. UPDATE: The accidental shooter was an active-duty service member, and the victim: his mom.
  27. MARYVILLE, TN, 5/27/13: A 54-year-old woman from Washington state accidentally shot herself at a home on the 3500 block of Montvale Road in Maryville late this afternoon. According to dispatchers, the unidentified woman was allegedly taking target practice with a .22-caliber handgun before accidentally shooting herself in the chest. ALT VERSION: A Maryville woman was transported to the hospital following an apparent accidental shooting this evening. The Blount County Sheriff's Department reports that 54-year-old Cinda Culzean suffered a gunshot wound to the collarbone. Authorities report Culzean as saying she was target shooting when the accident occurred, and that she was conscious and alert upon deputies' arrival at the Montvale Road residence.
  28. MARYVILLE, TN, 5/28/13: Blount County authorities are investigating an apparent accidental shooting that left a 17-year-old dead, officials said. Skyler Daniel Boring, of Maryville was pronounced dead at the University of Tennessee Medical Center late Tuesday, according to Marian O’Briant, Blount County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman. Sheriff’s deputies responded shortly after 10 p.m. to a shooting reported at a residence on East Lamar Alexander Parkway. The victim, however, already was being driven a local hospital in a personal vehicle, O’Briant said in a news release today.
  29. MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 5/28/13: A handgun in the backpack of a Minneapolis elementary school student accidentally went off as classes were about to end for the day Tuesday, according to district officials. The student was standing outside Bethune Community School, on the grounds of the North Side school, when the gun discharged about 3 p.m., some 10 minutes before the end of the school day. No one was injured. Most of the students were inside the school at the time, but some might have heard the gunshot or seen smoke coming from the student's backpack, said Minneapolis Public School spokeswoman Rachel Hicks.
  30. WICHITA, KS, 5/28/13: A man is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the chest on Tuesday night in what police are calling an accidental shooting. Police were called to a home in the 1500 block of N. Woodland at 10:30 p.m. Upon arrival, they found a 27-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was taken by EMS to St. Francis in serious condition. Officials say the man’s roommate accidentally shot the victim in the chest. No word on where the man's roommate intended to shoot him.
  31. WILLIMANTIC, CT, 5/28/13: An 18-year-old local man was hospitalized Tuesday afternoon after police said he accidentally shot himself in the foot with a shotgun. Police said Luis Rojas was found with the injury after they responded to a call for a gunshot in the area of Park and South Park streets. Police, in a written statement Wednesday, said “although it is concerning that Rojas was handling a firearm with no regard to the public, this is an isolated incident and the public is not in danger.”
  32. MISSOULA, MT, 5/28/13: Out in Montana, where they know what they're doing with guns and you coastal sissies should shut up, they've had another home invasion shooting. Missoula Police briefly shut down a portion of North Russell Street late yesterday evening after a report of a shot being fired on Stoddard Street. It happened just after 6:00 p.m. in the 1800 block of Stoddard. Police say a man accidentally discharged his gun and the bullet went through the floor and into the downstairs apartment. Someone was home at the time, but that person was not injured.
  33. FT. WORTH, TX, 5/28/13: This one gets a big question mark, but there's good reason to believe there's a kind of GunFAIL wrapped up in it. A 72-year-old man was fatally shot as Fort Worth police investigated an alarm call early Tuesday morning in a neighborhood near Woodhaven County Club. According to Fort Worth police, the alarm call came just before 1 a.m. in the 400 block of North Havenwood Lane. But after arriving at the scene, officers became involved in a confrontation with a man armed with a gun who was across the street from where the alarm was going off. Feeling threatened, at least one officer fired at the man, who was later identified as Jerry Waller, police said. Waller was dead at the scene, in his own garage. UPDATE: Ironic twist of sorts, too. For nearly 20 years, Bill Carter of Fort Worth has championed Texans’ right to carry handguns. This week, his next-door neighbor was armed when police shot him dead. “The whole message in Texas” — for those licensed to carry a handgun wherever they go away from home — “is that it’s for self-defense only and you don’t just go walking and waving it around,” Carter said. Then and now, some police oppose expanded gun rights because they fear such confusion. (Fort Worth is an exception. Carter convinced the late police Chief Thomas Windham that more good than bad would come of the new law.) Carter said if he’d been home, he wouldn’t have gone out armed. But the original author of the law, now-Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, disagreed. “I would get my gun and walk out to see,” he said. He might have been shot.
  34. STERLING, VA, 5/29/13: At approximately 3 p.m. on May 29, two deputies arrived at Price Cascades Plaza near the intersection of Route 7 and Cascades Parkway. Emergency services had received a call saying a woman was creating a disturbance the Costco. According to law enforcement, she had pulled a knife in the store and was acting erratically. When confronted by deputies, the unnamed woman began approaching them while still holding the knife. An attempt to restrain the woman using a taser was ineffective, possibly being caught in a pocket of clothing instead of making contact with her skin. One of the deputies opened fire after it became apparent that the tasers didn't work. The woman with the knife was killed by police fire. One of the deputies was injured in the leg during the shooting, possibly by a ricochet.
  35. CHEROKEE CO., TX, 5/29/13: A two-year-old has been shot in the face with a 9-mm. semi-automatic pistol. The incident occurred around 3:15 p.m. today in the Shady Brook sub-division of Lake Palestine. Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell said his department received the call around 3:15 p.m. today. UPDATE: He didn't make it. Sadly, the boy and his siblings had been removed from their parents' home late last year over concerns of abuse and neglect. He was placed with his great-grandparents, despite objections by Child Protective Services that the home was not safe for children.
  36. PORTLAND, OR, 5/29/13: The real home invasion epidemic is the rash of Responsible Gun OwnersTM accidentally blasting into neighbors' homes. Here it is again, this time with a 17-year-old girl hit in the leg. At least this guy bothered to report the shooting. A Southeast Portland man cleaning his rifle wounded a teenage girl in the next apartment when a bullet went through the wall Wednesday, police said. The 17-year-old girl was shot in the leg in the 1200 block of Southeast 130th Avenue and is expected to survive, said Sgt. Pete Simpson, a Portland police spokesman. The rifle's owner, a 52-year-old man, called 9-1-1 about 7:30 p.m. to report the rifle discharging and a bullet going through his apartment wall.
  37. CORVALLIS, OR, 5/29/13: Sigh. A 28-year-old Corvallis man was treated for minor injuries late Saturday night after a bullet grazed his head as he was preparing to clean his gun, according to a Corvallis police spokesman. Tyler C. Bailes had been unloading a .22-caliber revolver in order to clean it, Capt. Dave Henslee said. “The way it’s designed is you have to pull the cylinder out and dump the bullets out to clean it,” Henslee said, “and sometime in that process, the gun fired.” A round grazed the right side of Bailes’ head, leaving a vertical laceration near the ear and temple.
  38. ERIE, PA, 5/29/13: An elderly woman was taken to UPMC Hamot Wednesday night after police said she accidentally shot herself in the chest with a handgun at her Erie residence. Police were called to her home in the 3000 block of State Street at about 7:15 p.m. Police identified the injured woman as Delores Smith. Police said she is in her early 80s and that she lives alone. Smith told police she was looking at the gun, which belonged to her, when it accidentally fired, striking her in the chest, police said. Smith told police the incident happened at about 3 p.m. Police said Smith's daughter found her wounded mother when she came to check on her.
  39. OMAHA, NE, 5/29/13: The shooting on the Omaha landmark killed Sharmari K. Richards, 26, and wounded Kevin Jenkins, 29, and Jeremy Fejeran, 19. Jenkins and Fejeran were expected to survive. One person was taken into custody for questioning. One of the victims was shot in the stomach, another in the foot, another in the hand, according to emergency dispatch reports. Omaha police were trying to determine whether Richards accidentally shot his friends and himself during a struggle. According to a police source: Several intoxicated young men and women — some from rival gangs 40th Avenue and Hilltop — were hanging out on the bridge. Words were exchanged. Punches were thrown. At some point, Richards pulled out a revolver, and a struggle began over the gun.
  40. PHILADELPHIA, PA, 5/30/13: A 15-year-old boy was arrested in Kensington Thursday evening after police say he accidentally shot his 18-year-old cousin while playing with a gun. Cops were called to a house on Birch Street near Frankford Avenue shortly after 6:30 p.m. and found the 18-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach in the living room, Chief Inspector Scott Small said. He was taken to Temple University Hospital and listed in critical but stable condition. Upon investigation, Small said, cops learned that the 18-year-old's 15-year-old cousin had been playing with a .38 revolver, which accidentally went off, wounding the older teen. After the gun went off, the younger cousin took off with the revolver in a bag, fleeing to a house on the next block of Birch Street, near Emerald, according to Small.
  41. COLUMBIA, MO, 5/30/13: A Mid-Missouri man is recovering from a gunshot wound after he accidentally shot himself in the posterior. Columbia police responded to the Casey's General Store on Paris Road around 7 p.m. for a report of a man with a gunshot wound. Police say the man has a concealed carry permit and was taking the gun out of his back pocket before entering the store. As he was removing it from his pocket, the gun discharged.
  42. ST. LOUIS CO., MO, 5/30/13: A 7-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the leg Thursday evening inside a west St. Louis County home, police say. Police say a .38-caliber handgun was inside a purse and apparently fired accidentally when the purse fell off a dining room table. The bullet hit the girl in her left leg about 6 p.m. in the 12300 block of Tempo Drive, near Olive Boulevard and Interstate 270. The purse belonged to 43-year-old Sondra Taylor who owns the home, police said. The mother of the 7-year-old who works as a massage therapist, had come over to give massages to Taylor and her 17-year-old daughter.
  43. PUNTA GORDA, FL, 5/30/13: A 54-year-old local man suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the chest at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday while he was showing his brother his new gun, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. Robert Moran, of the 27900 block of Roanoke Circle, was shot in his driveway by his brother. The two were inside the brother’s black Chevy van when the shooting occurred, according to Debbie Bowe, CCSO spokeswoman. She declined to identify Moran’s brother.
  44. CHARLOTTE, NC, 5/30/13:  Transportation Security Administration officials discovered a loaded handgun in a carry-on bag at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Thursday. Officials said the loaded .380-caliber gun is the 11th weapon they’ve found at the airport this year. No one was injured in the incident and no arrests have been made.
  45. FORT ANN, NY, 5/31/13: A state correction officer was hurt Friday when he accidentally shot himself in the hand during firearms training at Great Meadow Correctional Facility. The officer, whose name wasn't released, was hurt when his handgun discharged at the prison's firearms range during firearms training Friday morning, said Tom Mailey, spokesman for the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Originally posted to David Waldman on Sat Jun 01, 2013 at 02:30 PM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and Daily Kos.

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