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This week's source material from the National Review:

Screenshot of National Review story on Pew study finding that majority of US households have a female primary breadwinner
Below the fold, we'll find out whether Republicans have given up their war on women. The answer won't surprise you.

Between the family courts and welfare its a wonder that any child has a father today.
Welfare murders fathers?
It IS an urgent concern for society that 63% of the public disagree with the statement: “It’s generally better for a marriage if the husband earns more than his wife.” That is because it is a denial of biological reality for a society to fail to recognize that a man's primary physical contribution to a marriage with children are the financial resources he provides for their upbringing.
He must also carry a big club, and hunt his own wooly mammoths. I actually LOL'd at this.
The liberal left denies that a child needs either a father or a mother. A single-parent mother "by choice" is implicitly declaring that her child doesn't need the parental bonding and role model of a father and that she places her desires above the psychological needs of her child. That is by definition, the criteria for parental unfitness. That also extends to lesbian and gay couples who purposely conceive a child. By definition, they declare that a child does NOT need the parental bonding and role model of the opposite sex of their pairing. Again and however unpleasant to contemplate, that is proof of parental unfitness.
The liberal left believes children should be raised by robots. Daleks, preferably.
Do liberal political preferences undermine marriage? Sure, to a degree. But, we are deluding ourselves if we think it is that important a part of the decline of the single family unit.

The single most important factor in decline of the family is the advent of reliable and widely available and affordable birth control. In the past, when coitus ran a much higher risk of pregnancy resulting from it, moral attitudes stressed the importance of not engaging in it outside of marriage. The idea being that no one wanted a child coming into the world without a support structure [...]

But, when sex mostly has no consequence, that moral aversion goes away. It's pleasant and harms no one so why not? But, because sex is more available, the emphasis is no longer on developing and keeping a relationship. If it is not available here, it is readily available elsewhere, so why put in the effort when you don't have to? So, instead of our primal urges pushing us together, those same instincts are now pulling us apart.

Finally, someone zero'd in on the real problem! Fucking.
Marriage has long been a way to "civilize" men. Without the need to build a relationship, men roam around in perpetual adolescence. But now, sex is available with no strings, so there is no reason to take on any responsibility, other than for their own selfish interests, so many don't. I don't mean this as a blanket indictment of men (I really like them!) but when I compare family men to most single men I know, there is a huge difference in substance, not to mention community involvement, citizenship and charity.
I've got an idea! Eliminate birth control. That would totally stop all sex. But people would still want it, you see! Sooooo people would have to get married to have sex, which would civilize men, and they totally wouldn't want to have sex with other people because married men are to civil to cheat on their wives. They're too busy writing charity checks instead.

Being a nutbag is fun!

This study ignores statistical validity. Much of the data originates from government sources which reflect benefit roles. Single mothers are eligible for more government benefits for their children if no Dad is in the picture Hence an unknown number of these women say they are 'single' and even go so far as to preempt and game the system when they list 'father unknown' on birth certificates. These same
pseudo families, pseudo inthat they hide the fact that their children have the advantage of a father and/or 'under the table' monies coming into the household, are often the same families that receive a full menu of government assistance, from school breakfast, school after hour care, healthcare premium care by sincere practitioners who buy their often fictional accounts of their lives, housing program advantages, preferential treatment for jobs, especially in schools, etc.
How can you waste a perfectly good conspiracy theory without working Benghazi into it?
Who needs men? That is the attitude of our increasingly feminist culture. Women are the new men. This is what is going on. And if you like that, fine. Some people are so enamored with the idea of "equality" that it makes their toes tingle to think that women can be just like men.

But whence real men? What role do they have left in the socialist utopian world of perfect equality? Well, men are being degraded to the status of the dumb blonde. They sit around now playing video games in their underwear at their parents' house into their 30's.

In essence, there has been invoked a sort of Taliban of the Left. In Islamic cultures, women are mere chattle. And the totalitarian Left is doing the same to men. And for those who have been evangelized and made congenitally aggrieved because men supposedly have been the historic "oppressors," they absolutely love this idea.

But for the rank and file of our culture, it's thrown a monkey wrench into the works. Men have been marginalized, even infantilized, and that cannot be good for anyone. And women, according to Dennis Prager, are now suffering near epidemic bouts of depression. But at least we're all "equal." And there is no price the lunatic Left is not willing to have men or society pay in order to achieve that.

When will a bro finally catch a break?
Great article! The lefties don't care much about the health of society. They care about the perpetuation of their corrosive agenda. What do you expect from those who promote abortion?
Without abortion, there'd be even more single mothers. So which do we hate more?
In all the responses below there are none addressing that fact that contracting an STD (or more than one) is many times more likely than getting pregnant from unprotected casual sex. This can also affect a woman's ability to become pregnant when she actually desires to. There are so many negative ramifications to sex outside of marriage that it is amazing anyone ever considers it. It's not a religious issue. It's an issue of not being stupid.
Who the hell knows why people want to have sex? I'm totally stumped!

Maybe they can ask Mark Sanford to crack that mystery.

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