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This argument is highly (some may say, extremely) simplified, but I'm going to use it to make a point I think needs to be made...

We have a ruling class (I guess the .05 or .01 percent at the top).  Their power structure includes corporatist business cartels (i.e., ALEC), a vast network of propaganda operations (i.e., American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, CATO, and the myriad of Koch brothers and Pete Peterson funded astro-turf groups), and the entire mass media landscape in the United States.

It also includes the Democratic and the Republican party establishments, which are basically comprised of politicians on the take (revolving door, and all that), and opportunists at their sides.

A very, very large portion of our society has been dumbed down, and this has been done on purpose.  In fact, just being exposed to average U.S. TV programming does incalculable damage to our cognitive capabilities.

Within this sad reality, the Republican party, and the average Republican voter stands out as the most grotesque example of debasement of our entire society.

By and large, within their ranks (average Republicans), that's where you find the most extreme examples ignorance, hate, and almost every other anti-social attitude you could find in a crumbling society.

That's where you'll find the fire-breathing Bible thumpers, the racists, the ultra-nationalists, the climate-change deniers, the nativists, the homophobes, the hate-mongers, the creationists.

So here's the thing... It's not necessarily that I don't realize how despicable the Republican party elected officials and their electorate are; it's that in my list of priorities as a concerned and informed citizen, I see them as a trashy side show.

I don't know what' the best way to put it... Let me try this... It's like paying attention to a wild-eyed religious fanatic walking around with a big sign about the impending end of days--in the middle of a crowd.

I have no interest in analyzing what this loony-tunes is yelling and carrying on about.

That's one of the reasons I stopped watching MSNBC, cold-turkey.  And it is one of the reasons I've become very discerning about the news media, leaning more towards Democracy Now!, Thom Hartmann, Moyers & Company, truthdig, and Alternet.

To me, focusing on every single dastardly (hateful, ignorant) act these loony-tunes do every day, is a distraction from the real root of the problems we face: How Wall Street, and big corporate interests dominate and control the Obama administration, and the millionaires who make up much of the Democratic party establishment, as well as the fascistic Republican party establishment.

I have to pay attention and understand the dynamics under which the Obama administration appoints highly-compromised Wall Street banksters and other odious corporatist insiders to very important positions in governenment, including the FCC, and Department of Commerce.  Why does the Department of Justice refuses to bring indictments against Wall Street criminals?  Why do key people making these decisions to cover up these massive crimes were previously employed by the same law firm that focuses on protecting Wall Street?  Why isn't that officially recognized as a gross conflict of interest?

I want to know how money and favors are being dolled out from corporatist cartels to government officials in what is essentially a pay-to-play bribery scheme.

You see, all the problems we face, including privatization of public education, tearing down of the social safety net, the ongoing rapid build up of the next real estate bubble, the 700 percent increase in prison population in the for-profit prison industry during the last decade, the dismantling of hard-fought workers rights and benefits, have their genesis in the bribery system at the very top of our political power structure.

And at that level, party differences are only cosmetic.

But it's a nice arrangement.  It's a good-cop-bad-cop game.  The outright fascist Republican party stops the government from working (for the people), and they do it in a very in-your-face and blatant, what-the-fuck-you're-going-to-do-about-it manner.

Then the corporatists (on the take) Democratic party establishment cries bloody murder, and point their crooked fingers to the meanie Republicans as to why bridges are falling down, or why there is dysfunction in government, etc.

At the end of the day, politicians of both parties are going to move on to their next stage in the scam, which is to become employed by their corporate paymasters, thus increasing their salaries an average of 1,200 percent.

I rather talk about that; I rather focus on the actual reason we are being fleeced, robbed blind, subjected to increased levels of oppression, abuse, predation, and exploitation.

So, pardon me if I never, ever write about the crazy shit the Republicans do, and pardon me if I rarely read the latest accounts about this or that dastardly act or statement by a Republican governor, or Congressman, or Senator, or county official.

I consider that stuff side shows...

The real action, the real malfeasance, the real consequential stuff is happening at the very top of the corporatist one-party (two wings) system.

Now, that's my prerogative... Others have theirs.  Either way, you won't find me reading about the latest outrage that comes out of Louie Gohmert's mouth.  

Originally posted to Ray Pensador on Sun Jun 02, 2013 at 08:44 PM PDT.

Also republished by American Legislative Transparency Project.

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