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Sorry I don't have much this week. Real life has been kicking my ass lately, so this week's post is late and bare bones.

Here's Ninotchka's Team Kaels Report:

6...6....13, there's a Number Of The Beast joke in there somewhere.

Team Kaels continues to work on Lei Shen despite cranky tank and various absences. We had him down to 13% on one pull last Friday, but we seem to have backtracked in last night's efforts. Ashblade and I are taking turns being flung backwards off the platform when we misjudge Fusion Slash timing. He figured out how to avoid doing it just about at the time I stopped remembering how to avoid doing it. We tried a changed-up strategy where we disabled Diffusion Chain first instead of disabling Static Shock first, then went back to the original idea. We've tried every variation on three-healing and two-healing. It's one of those fights which seems close to in reach, almost there. 13% means that there isn't that much further to go.

Here's Pamena with the Team RubiPam report, Saturday Night Massacre, and Barrens Bash:
Team RubiPam report -

Team RP, like Team Kaels but a few bosses behind them, continues to work on Megaera - we extended out lockout last Thursday, but after two full nights of working on him, have gotten close but no kill so far. Various people, especially Thanael, have had lag issues at critical moments, which has not made it any easier. So tonight we will go back in fresh and farm the first four bosses - I am beginning to think Horridon's healer trinket has been removed from the game, as I keep running that segment on LFR and so far nothing. We'll get there on Megaera though, I feel sure either this lockout or next.

Saturday Night Massacre

Saturday Night Massacre this past week devolved into just one world boss - Nalak - and a guild LFR followed. It's getting hard to get enough people interested in Sha and Galleon, and those are easy for people to tag onto during the week if they want. So we will continue doing Nalak as long as people are interested. I'd like us to consider going back to do some Cataclysm raids if folks are interested, as a change from LFR on Saturday night, since many people are doing those on other nights as well. Kikuchiyo had mentioned wanting to do some heritage raids - we've done Ulduar several times over the last 6 months or so, and ICC as well, and frankly at level 90, those places can largely be soloed. If people are missing stuff they want from Ulduar and ICC though - mog gear, achievements, mounts, pets - we could blast through those on 25 heroic. Also lots of people have never seen Tier 11, so maybe it would be fun to revisit that. Our guild has also never killed Ragnaros on 10 man heroic, so some people might want to look at missing raid achievements from the last tier and see what we can do about those. So we'll see what folks want to do on Saturday.

Barrens Bash

Friday night Barrens Bash continues to be useful for those getting into the Barrens resource gathering stuff - it's much more efficient to mob Commanders than tackle the areas independently. So we'll keep doing that, very informal, just hang in vent at around 8:30, talk and point each other in the direction of caravans, overturned or in need of escort, and Commanders. By the way, if you do any battle pet stuff, that pet you can get with a mojo you have no other use for, Gahz'rooki, is really a kick-ass battle pet, so that's one thing you can do with that stuff.

Finally, the Team Z Report from Moodyloner:
Team Z has begun the Heart of Fear. We have a gear and nerf advantage, and we have a good, cohesive team. But after warming up on Vizier God Damn Spinny Light Discs of Death, Fucking Hell,  we now face Blade Lord What the Fuck Tornadoes Everywhere Oh Shit Tornado Alley That I Never Managed to Survive, Even in LFR, What the Fucking Fuck.

I'm sure we'll be facing Garalon before we run out of epithets.

That's this week. For the Horde!
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