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"Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We had no idea that the ad was being aired during his show. We have made the call to Clear Channel to remove our ad immediately."
Such are the words, and very common sentiment, of the average ex-Rush Limbaugh sponsor. They are most fun to read - and receive. For over a year, many of his sponsors had one foot in the door and one foot out. They did the hokey-pokey, waiting to see who would win the election -- waiting to see what sponsors would actually leave. Nowadays, sponsors are running for the exists, as if they had hot coals under their feet.
The StopRush count for today - 2,629 Limbaugh have pulled ads
Hundreds more have left without letting any of the protest groups know. These 'sneaking out the back door' sponsors fear bad press or worse, the retaliation of the Limbaugh fans, also known as 'Dittoheads' (They call themselves that, they do.) And more and more companies are unaware their ads are being played to fill the empty spots of sponsors 'done gone.' Many are unhappy about this. Some companies are threatening legal action for the use of their ads on his show without permission.

I must disclose: I am one of the many, possibly hundreds of thousands, of people protesting Limbaugh. We're everywhere - in your grocery store, at the bank, in your Facebook 'Friends' list...There are petitions, a Boycott Rush Limbaugh Facebook Group (56,500 followers), FlushRush Fight Group, a StopRush Database, a ThinkContext Limbaugh sponsor browser app, poems, lists, there's even a Daily Kos Limbaugh petition now!... it's a virtual anti-Limbaugh candy store out there. Why? The American public is done with Limbaugh's blatant racism, sexism and lgbt-hating bigotry.

Protestors are now reaching out to radio stations, the FCC and iHeart artists as well. (iHeart is owned by Clear Channel run by Bob Pittman). To be sure, Pittman is feeling the bite. Clear Channel has lost hundreds of millions since the protests began. Cumulus Radio Network also complains of losing millions to Rush smut. A rep from the company says 49 out of 50 advertisers have 'No-Rush' clauses when buying air time. There is also talk that Limbaugh may have broken a few federal FCC Laws Telecommunications Act.

The public is not going to give up. They are going to find some way to end Limbaugh's reign of hate. You just don't get to call a woman a slut and prostitute on air, for three days, and not expect consequences. He compares same-sex marriage to pedophilia and animal sex, calls children on government assisted lunches, 'serfs and waifs,' mocked and accused Michael J. Fox of faking his Parkinson Disease... The list is long and documented thanks to Media Matters going back to 2006. Au Revoir, Rush.

More words from his sponsors: These are actual messages, with names removed:
"As it happens we agree with your analysis of Mr. Limbaugh and his message of rancor and hate, and have asked WSB to not air our ads during his show. This is, we might add, very unusual for us in that we firmly believe in the First Amendment and the right of all to speak their minds as they see fit. But Mr. Limbaugh seems beyond the pale in his ravings, and perhaps beyond what the Founding Fathers contemplated when framing the Constitution."("...pale in his ravings, and perhaps beyond what the Founding Fathers contemplated." That is rich?.)

"We do advertise on that station, but do NOT advertise on this show, we called the station today and they placed it there as a "bonus" spot without telling us. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
"No, we were not aware that our ad was being run on the Rush Limbaugh Show. I have called our ad rep to pull the ads. We in no way agree or support his show. We purchased an ad package from Clear Channel in support of XXXFM, and we didn't realize that we would also be on WXX. Thank you for bringing this to our attention."
"Your three are worthless f-cking c-nts.  Go f-ck yourself..."  

Oh my - how did that get in here. This was sent to me and two StopRush volunteers, just this week. It actually goes on and gets worse - with no dashes. A bit of pent-up anger and frustration, perhaps? Things are not going well for the true-blues. Such are the hateful words, mentality, and bad grammar of Rush's most loyal sponsors in the category of 'nasty tools.' (Literally - there is a StopRush 'Nasty Tools' category)

Alas, also just this week, one of the longest running daily sponsors - who refused to budge for over a year, pulled ads. That is a major coup. It was received by one of the hardest working and longest running volunteers/core members. The sponsor said:

"I am off the Rush can stop the madness!!!"

I choose to believe he/she wrote that with a smile.
Here are some ways to get involved.  

Sign: Limbaugh Petition

Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Group

Visit: The StopRush Database

Email: FCC Acting ChairWoman Clyburn

Here are some of the companies that have been the most loyal to The Rush Limbaugh Show during 2012/2013:

*Angie’s List, Capstone Direct, Lear Capitol, Lifelock, Dish,, Cox, Amberen,  Safelite, 800GotJunk, SodaStream, 800DonateCars,, ProFlowers, 800Flowers, Bayer, Advance Auto Parts, Ageless Male, D&B Credibility, Total  Transformation, LegalZoom, Regus, SweetJack, Income At Home & iHeart  Radio. *Some of these companies have gone back and forth like Angie's List and Quicken Loans. Captsone Direct recently left. All are subject to change.

Thank You, Richard Myers. We Are Finishing This. Rest In Peace.
(Sponsors messages are courtesy of StopRush Database)
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