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It's graduation season in much of the country, so today's edition focuses on education.

Unfortunately, most of the news is not good: disintegrating schools; declining graduation rates; disrespect of Indian students; disproportionate disciplinary actions. Even the "good" news — dollars for the American Indian College Fund — comes with a price tag attached.

And, as always with Indian news, none of the stories involves solely educational issues; they're all fraught with subtextual battles over history and identity and tradition and culture. I keep seeing the word "intersectionality" lately; it's a good one to keep in mind as you read about the colliding and competing needs and interests here.

Let's get to it.


 photo gallup_mckinely_schools_logo_zpsd7f6c5e6.jpg I know that I have written ad nauseum about the sequester's effects on tribal schools and education.

I'm going to write about it again.

Because while the school year may be over in many areas, some are still in session; others have summer school classes scheduled (or canceled for lack of funds); and all face a new school year in under three months. All, that is, that have not closed in the interim due to the ongoing budgetary crisis.

As I've noted previously, most of the problem stems from the fact that the sequester put a near-immediate halt to what is known as "Impact Aid," federal funding for schools serving disadvantaged populations — a constituency, needless to say, that does not enjoy the lobbying clout of air travelers or other, more privileged demographics. And unlike non-tribal schools, they cannot make up the deficit via property tax increases or other levies.

The sequester went into effect on March 1, so affected schools have already had to slash operating budgets in anticipation of losing Impact Aid at the end of June. According to the National Indian Education Association (NIEA), the sequester will cause cuts of more than $60 million to 710 mostly-Indian schools that serve some 115,000 Indian students.  

Here in New Mexico, the Gallup-McKinley County Schools, serving some 9,000 Indian students (about 75% of the school district's entire student population) is already suffering. After cutting $2 million from its budget on March 1, the district is now facing the loss of 35% of its overall budget at the end of this month.

"The bottom line," [District Superintendent Ray] Arsenault said "is why should the poorest people in the United States have to pay" for Washington's gridlock.

For rural counties, like Gallup-McKinley, the problem is particularly complex.

Distance between schools -- in Arsenault's case, his furthest school is 103 miles away -- means that consolidating programs is not possible.

In most rural school districts, students bus vast distances already.

"I bus three million miles a year to get the students to and from school," Arsenault said about his own district.

With just as many schools running but less money to operate them, cuts are being made to programs like library and vocational training.

Window Rock High School, in Window Rock, Arizona, is looking at huge staff cuts and even closures:
Debbie Jackson-Dennison, superintendent of the Window Rock Unified School District in Arizona, told the Washington Post in March that she would cut 65 positions by the end of May. All of the students at Window Rock High School, the district's only secondary school, are Native American and 56 percent are considered low-income.

The rural district also slashed school bus routes, and may shutter three of its seven schools, the Post reported. Almost 60 percent of the district's funding comes from federal aid.

"We may have to close those schools," Jackson-Dennison told the Post. "We don't have any other avenues at all."

And it's not just ordinary K-12 schools. Sitting Bull College, a mostly-Sioux post-secondary school in the Dakotas with programs for middle and high school students, faces similar problems:
Sitting Bull's three campuses, one in North Dakota and two in South Dakota, serve around 320 students a year, most of who [sic] are from the local Sioux tribe.

The college faces a cut of nearly $1 million under sequester, according to the NIEA.

Thompson said those cuts would force the school to freeze salaries and possibly close for summer recess, which means ending college programs for local middle school and high school students.

And that doesn't even begin to touch the physical plant issues at many schools, something I addressed three weeks ago: lack of heat; leaking roofs; buildings that cannot withstand winter weather; rodent infestations; plumbing and sewage back-ups; toxic mold.

Summer's almost here. Your congressional representatives will be in their home districts. It's time to start buttonholing them, demanding an end to the sequester, and a decent funding base and other necessary resources for tribal schools.


 photo DiplomasCount2013Cover_zpsd5393ec3.jpg According to Education Week's annual "Diplomas Count" survey of graduation rates by demographic categories, graduation rates are declining for one (and only one) ethnic group: American Indians.

The annual survey's records indicate that Indian graduation rates hit an all-time high in 2008, at an astonishingly bad 54%. Five years later, that number has dropped back to 51%, barely more than half. The reasons are legion, but it all comes back to one thing I've harped on my entire life:

"In many ways, our students are invisible," [National Indian Education Association director of communications RiShawn] Biddle says. "We're not the largest percentage of the population, so people forget for a moment that we're at the table."
Some states, of course, perform better than others when it comes to ensuring that Indian students graduate. In Oklahoma, with a significant Native population (9%), Indian students have a graduation rate of 63%. On the other hand, in South Dakota (a state whose population comprises an even higher percentage of Native students, at 15%), fewer than one-third of Indian students receive a high school diploma.
Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Hawaii and Massachusetts achieved the highest graduation rates for American Indian students in 2010. Those rates range from close to 69 percent in Florida to 64 percent in Kansas. The overall graduation rate in Florida was 72.9 percent, the report states.

"When a state is doing well by Native children, they're also, more than likely, going to work to do well by everyone," Biddel says.

You can read Education Week's press release for its "Diplomas Count 2013" report here [.pdf]. Coverage of the report as a whole is available here. An interactive .pdf version of the report is available behind a subscription wall here.
More "This Week In American Indian News" and Latest Updates on Kossack Regional Meet-Up News Below the Frybead Thingey


 photo VictoriaGokee-Rindal-UncreditedPhotofromashlandwidotcom_zpsa9dcf234.jpg After Bayfield (WI) High School valedictorian Victoria Gokee-Rindal called out the school administration for its treatment of Indian students, 15 of those students staged a walkout.

Ms. Gokee-Rindal (Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa) made her point during her commencement address last weekend:

"Even though we're 80 percent Native American, we have to almost check our 'Indian-ness' at the door."
It's a problem Indians across the country face, at any age and in nearly any context.

The final straw apparently was the school's refusal to allow Indian students to attend classes after having smudged themselves. Now, Bayfield High School Administrator David Aslyn has announced that his team is working on the state's first "smudging policy" to address the incident. No word, however, on whether it will be a policy that permits Indian students to engage in traditional practices, or one that seeks to justify denying them those practices. He did concede that there's an issue:

"I do view Victoria's speech and what happened with the school walk-out on Monday as examples of the fact that, while we've got some good work going, we still have some work to do."

Aslyn says 14 percent of their teachers are Native American, and they’re working to recruit more. And this week, they held their first meeting with Red Cliff elders. He says he got some good advice.

I hope that "good advice" pointed out the glaring problem of a school with a Native student population of more than 80% being staffed by teachers who are more than 80% non-Native. That needs to change — and fast.

Of course, the smudging issue was, as Ms Gokee-Rindal put it, just the "tipping point," allegedly after a long and continuing history of disrespectful treatment:

Gokee-Rindal said her main concerns were about "basic human rights."

.  .  .

"There is a lot of cultural insensitivity at the Bayfield School District," she said.

.  .  .

"[The smudging ban] is a concern, but there are many other concerns that are basic human rights that we are concerned about. The whole smudging issue is just the single issue that put people over the top," she said. "It seems to have gotten a lot of media attention, and it is giving the impression that it is the only issue at the Bayfield School, but its [sic] not."

Gokee-Rindal said a teacher had personally belittled her in a room full of people because she was Native American.

"They had no right, it was very unprofessional, very disrespectful, and it was not handled in the right way at all," she said.

David Aslyn's words notwithstanding, school administrators continue to profess confusion:
Meanwhile the walkout on the part of the students, who headed to the Red Cliff Tribal Center after leaving the school, where adult tribal members greeted them, was met with puzzlement on the part of school officials.

"We are unclear about the purpose for the walkout," said a news release issued by the District on Monday. "The School District has greatly appreciated the support and collaboration received from the Red Cliff and Bayfield communities. We are working with leaders in Red Cliff and Bayfield at this time to address the events of today."

The release said the district continued its commitment to working in partnership with all of the district’s stakeholders to address the concerns of students, families, and community members.

"Our goal at the School District of Bayfield is the same today as it is every school day: A safe, respectful and positive school climate for all," the statement concluded.

Despite community fallout, Ms. Gokee-Rindal is not backing down:
"I've taken a lot of heat for it, but I am proud of what I did. Even though I've lost friends and people in my community are coming against me, overall the support I have is so much more. I'm taking a step toward the right thing."
In fact, she did as her elders asked, and took on the responsibility for her generation:
Gokee-Rindal said she had been encouraged to take the stand by a number of women in the Red Cliff community.

"I was given an eagle feather and tobacco to bring up certain issues at graduation, to get the word out," she said.

And that is not just a "step toward," Ms. Gokee-Rindal. What you did was "the right thing." The loss belongs to those who would sever their relationships with you because you had the courage to do it.

 photo ChelseyRamerCreditWPMITV_zps9aa36294.jpg Chelsey Ramer, an enrolled member of Alabama's sole federally-recognized Indian tribe, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, last week celebrated what should have been one of the proudest days of her young life: her high school graduation. Instead, her diploma and transcripts are being withheld, and she has been assessed a $1,000 fine.

Her crime?  Attaching an eagle feather to her mortarboard.

Eagle feathers represent a common tradition among American Indian students of many tribal nations. The feather may be presented to the student in advance of or as part of the ceremony, it may be attached to a mortarboard, or both. As an example, see the photo of Victoria Gokee-Rindal in the story immediately preceding this one.

As a lawyer, I was initially a bit skeptical of this story. If the school district has a rule, universally enforced, that nothing can be added to a graduation cap and gown, that would seem to be the end of it — and at first blush, that was how the story appeared. I can think of several reasons why a school district might not want to permit students to "add" to their caps and gowns. [In fact, I can think of one from my own graduation year at the town's other high school, where a friend attached to the arm of her gown a pop-culture symbol that we all translated as a stand-in for . . . erm . . . well, sexual profligacy, to use a formal term. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I have no doubt that some in attendance were mightily offended.]

In the public sphere,  time, place, and manner restrictions are fairly regularly upheld, provided that they are reasonable and equally applied. I also suspected that the school might be a private institution, rather than part of a public school district. My own cultural traditions and affinities notwithstanding, there might be nothing to it, at least from the standpoint of the law (or even of fundamental fairness).

Then I saw the penalties.

They're disproportionate, to say the least. So disproportionate, in fact, as to raise the question of disparate application and impact. It's also come out that the underlying "facts" appear to be in dispute:

When Ramer and a few other Native American graduating students approached the school’s headmaster for permission to wear their feathers at graduation, the youths were warned not to do so.

The teens were also urged to sign a contractual stipulation that enforces a strict dress code for graduating seniors so that they could walk with their class at the ceremony.

According to Ramer, she never signed the contract.

So when graduation day rolled around on May 23, the 17-year-old walked across the stage, proudly sporting her feather for all to see.

Ms. Ramer also alleges that, when she and her fellow Indian students requested permission, "[the headmaster] told us 'no' and that if we did, she would pull us off the field."

Really, people?  "Pull [her] off the field?" Deny her the diploma and transcripts she earned through 12+ long years of work? Force her to pay one thousand dollars to ransom those earned credentials? A little perspective, please.

Did I mention that Ms. Ramer's school, Escambia Academy High School, is a private, "non-profit," Christian" school? One wonders whether the disproportionate response was truly about time, place, and manner restrictions or about catering to the prejudices of the headmaster and the "elected Board of Directors" and corporate sponsors of her "non-profit organization."

Ms. Ramer has announced her intention to seek legal counsel.



 photo TontoMinstrelShow_zpse0137e3a.jpg Finally, Disney seems to have become marginally aware that, with a lot of Indians, it has well and truly stepped in it with its latest minstrel show movie, a remake of The Lone Ranger. Seeking to head off any attendant bad publicity, the studio announced last week that it will donate the revenue from the movie's celebrity premiere on June 22 to the American Indian College Fund [AICF].

It could prove to be a sizeable donation: Since the studio is contributing revenues, rather than profits, it's committing to give the entire $1,000 cover price of each ticket sold. Stars are also slated to autograph a specially-commissioned Kawasaki Ninja at the event; the motorcycle will subsequently be auctioned and the proceeds likewise donated to the AICF.

Disney's official press release contained all the usual whitewashing by studio suits. It also contained the following statement from AICF President Cheryl Crazy Bull:

"The Fund is pleased to be the beneficiary of this event because our scholarships are an investment in a healthier, more prosperous future for tribal students and their families.  We are poised to serve over 20,000 American Indian and Alaska Native students attending the tribal colleges across this country.  Currently our scholarships serve less than 21% of those students so we appreciate any opportunity to bring resources into our scholarship program."'
So let's be clear: I'm very happy that the AICF will be getting a sudden influx of money, presumably with no strings attached. It will no doubt be put to very good use, and will provide additional opportunities for Indian students who would not otherwise have them.

Let's be equally clear that, for me, this does not absolve Disney, the movie's directors and producers, or Johnny Depp of their minstrelsy sins — particularly not since they're selling product tie-ins that include that ridiculous costume, complete with faux dead-bird headdress, and since Depp is capitalizing on his Tonto-speak soft-shoe in other venues.

If you want an Indian take on Depp, I recommend watching at the link immediately above for context, followed by Native comedian Tito's version.

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Wednesday, June 19th

Liquid Courage party to open NN13

Our friends at the Courage Campaign have announced that they’re throwing a party to open Netroots Nation 2013. Gov. Howard Dean will be there!

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Actor Michael Horse and Pennie Opal Plant: Michael was at Wounded Knee and participates heavily in the national American Indian Community. Pennie addressed the huge crowd at a climate change event in San Francisco this spring. Her activism focuses on protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.
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Corrina Gould: A member of the Ohlone tribe that inhabited the East Bay before the European invaders. Corrina fights to protect Glen Cove (Sogorea Te), a sacred shellmound burial ground and village site on the Carquinez Strait in Vallejo, CA from development.

Native Vote:
Why Winning Indian Country Matters to You

DATE: Thursday, June 20th
TIME: 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

This panel of Native Vote organizers and strategists will engage participants on why winning Indian country is vital to all people, not just one demographic. How do the political and public policy interests of Native Vote intersect with larger voting blocs? How can progressives ensure that Native issues and the Native community are addressed and well-represented?

Moderator: Prairie Rose Seminole
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WarrenS Invites Boston Kossacks to His 350ma Benefit

TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Emmanuel Church
15 Newbury Street • Boston

ORGANIZER: Send WarrenS a kosmail to attend.

Three dance companies representing diverse movement traditions will join together to draw attention to the global climate crisis. Featured artists are the Zoé Dance Company, the Navarasa Dance Theater, and Nani Agbeli & The Agbekor Society. Tickets are $20; $15 students/seniors. All proceeds will go to 350ma, the Massachusetts chapter of the environmental organization For information and online ticket purchases, please visit the event website.

Latest diary: Dancing For The Planet - 350ma Benefit Concert: Boston, MA, 06/21/13
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SFKossacks Hike Cliff House Coastal Trail, Muir Woods & Marin Headlands

TIME: TBD, start mid-morning
LOCATION: Cliff House Coastal Trail, Muir Woods & Marin Headlands  • San Francisco

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Tuesday, June 25th

SFKossacks take the Ferry to Tiburon for Lunch at Guaymas

LOCATION: Meet at Ferry Terminal behind Ferry Building
Embarcadero & Market • San Francisco

ORGANIZER: Send navajo a kosmail to attend.

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Glacier National Park
June 27- June 30th

Glacier National Park Kossack EPIC Meetup!

TIME: 24/7
LOCATION: Glacier National Park
402 9th St W • Columbia Falls, Montana

ORGANIZER: Send arizonablue a kosmail to attend.

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8. spottedbear
9. jakedog42
10. Oke
11. cooltraveler
12. Mr.cooltraveler
13. state of confusion
14. Lute the Norwegian
15. Josh Blue
16. Thinking Fella
17. Blu Gal in DE
18. NormAl1792
19. winifred3

Joan McCarter
Ed in Montana
BoiseBlue GF

Latest diary: Glacier National Park Check In! Glacier National Park Meetup - Part II w/ lodging and campground info!
Houston Area Kossacks banner
 photo 599282_438861756136516_1757147499_a_zps60de09d8.jpg
Saturday, June 29th

Houston Area Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Goode Company Taqueria and Hamburgers
4902 Kirby Drive • Houston

ORGANIZER: Send Chrislove a kosmail to attend.

1. Chrislove
2. nomandates
3. suesue
4. Mr. suesue
5. cosette
6. Delilah
7. MarciaJ720
8. jmbar2
9. mister mustardhead
Mr. cosette
Bridgitt (honorary Kossack)
Latest diary: Houston Area Kossacks: Meet-Up Scheduled for Saturday, June 29!
 photo kane-county-cougars_zpsc3876445.jpeg
Sunday, July 7th

Chicago Kossacks Go to a Ballgame!

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Fifth Third Bank Ball Park
34W002 Cherry Lane • Geneva

ORGANIZER: Send NormAl1792 a kosmail to attend.

1. NormAl1792
2. winifred3
3. figbash
4. broths
5. Mr. broths
6. edwardssl & her family
Jennifer Clare
Latest diary: Chicago(land) Kossacks Meet-Up July 7: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

New York Hudson Valley Kossacks

Saturday, July 13th

NY Hudson Valley Kossacks' First Meet-up

LOCATION: Hudson House
2 Main Street • Cold Spring, NY

ORGANIZER: Send boran2 a kosmail to attend.

1. boran2
2. thankgodforairamerica
3. betson08
Latest diary: [Coming soon!]
 photo Phoenix-Kossacks-BannerTEST.jpg
 photo 8579386768_666132c47d_zpsc2c8117f.jpg
Thursday, July 18th

Phoenix Kossacks Meet-up for navajo

TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Rancho de Tia Rosa
3129 E. McKellips • Mesa

ORGANIZER: Send arizonablue a kosmail to attend.

navajo's in town one day, even though it's a Thursday we hope you can make it.

1. arizonablue
2. Mr. arizonablue
3. navajo
4. Azazello
5. Mrs. Azazello
6. ninothemindboggler
7. Mrs. ninothemindboggler
8. thomask  
9. mrs. thomask
10. BluejayRN
11. Late Again
12. Mother Mags
Kane in CA
Kane in CA friend
cosmic debris
Mr PSzymeczek
Mr. Late Again
dewey in the desert
Latest diary: ATTN Phoenix Kossacks: Let's Welcome Navajo to the Valley of the Sun!
Dkos Asheville
Saturday, July 20th

Dkos Asheville, North Carolina Kossacks Meet-up

TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: The Bywater
796 Riverside Dr. • Asheville

ORGANIZER: Send randallt a kosmail to attend.

1. Randallt
2. Otteray Scribe
3. davehouck
4. Joieau
5. SteelerGrrl
6. SteelerGuy
7. Captain Sham
8. Smiley7
9. Burns Lass
10. DawnN
11. Gordon20024
12. Phil S 33
Latest diary: DKos Asheville Open Thread 5/18/13: Frogs and tomatoes and snakes, oh my!

Send navajo a kosmail if you post a diary about an event so we can update our round-up.
Okay. Floor's open.
Tell us what you are doing on this NEW DAY?

Originally posted to Connect! Unite! Act! on Mon Jun 10, 2013 at 07:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by Native American Netroots.

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